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Inside the Disney Vault
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Jett Jackson: The Movie (2001)
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Sep 24, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

A kid who has a tv show has a tv show about a kid with a tv show that gets turned into a movie based on the tv show and in the movie decides to continue the tv show (from the show) but ALSO from real life. Ya dig? It's a freaky friday prince and the pauper 17 again the other me kind of wild body/ place switch ride. We stumble through with little recollection of the endearing The Famous Jett Jackson TV Show we recall loving, while trying to remember which Jett is Jett and what we should have known from the Disney show this movie was based. Tell us if you prefer Jett Jackson's TV show, his other TV show, or the movie @ITDVPodcast on Twitter.



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