Inside Line F1 Podcast
Inside Line F1 Podcast
Inside Line F1 Podcast
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Just opinions & crude jokes
Save your time, it’s mostly about opinions sprinkled with some crude “humor”
Enjoyable and informative
I look forward to this podcast every week during the season. The hosts are very knowledgeable. I find them to be witty and unbiased. I especially enjoy the segments with F1StatsGuru. Give it a try!
Great listen
Fan in the USA here. Love this podcast, very informed and enthusiastic hosts, pleasure to listen to! Enjoyed the recent mini series on the history of Force India as well.
Too opinionated in the same direction
If you need yet another podcast that sides with Lewis Hamilton on literally every controversy, have at it
Difficult to follow, Too opinionated. No thanks.
Mayis Meg
Dan Vargas
Listening to Dan speak was a privilege. That man is blessed with a wonderful broadcasting voice. Obviously highly intelligent and well educated on the sport. I enjoyed listening to this podcast very much
Some thoughts
The humor paired with sports analysis is excellent! Some of their critiques of DTS are valid, but it is to the point now where they are turning off new North American fans to the pod as a result. Also, the audio quality sometimes is catastrophic.
Ruined by audio problems the entire podcast
Audio problems. They have to get on top of the Tech
Shocking nonsense
Garbage. How is this a podcast??
Great pod
Passionate and informed news from the F1 World
All opinions and no facts.
Music addition has ruined the podcast
I used to enjoy the podcast but addition of the constant repetitive background music has made the podcast unlistenable.
Entertaining and fun
Their enthusiasm for the sport shines through. As someone fairly new to F1, podcasts help boost my knowledge & appreciation of the sport. Entertaining and fun.
Fun and entertaining
Love the energy in this show!
This is cute. Best I can say.
Zero knowledge about the sport. They're two arm chair critics sitting on their sofa and talking of formula 1
F1 Podcast with a lighter side
I love listening to Kunal and Rishi. Great podcast about Formula 1 with a dose of humor. Kunal is very knowledgeable about F1 and racing while Rishi knows a lot about dentistry :)
The best
These guys are my favorite f1 podcast and I have a bunch. They make it so much fun and informative at the sane time. Im addicted. Wish they would update daily.