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Revamp F1’s Driver Academies: Peter Windsor-Inside Line (re-visited)
35 minutes Posted Jan 2, 2023 at 8:38 pm.
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Show notes

Happy New Year! But of course, we have to wait a few months before wishing each other a happy new season! 

Announcement - we're planning our first offline meet-up in Mumbai on 15th January. (More details to follow on our socials)

We start 2023 with one of our best episodes - yes, it's a re-visit from when the legendary broadcaster and award-winning journalist Peter Windsor was a guest on our show. 

Tune in to hear Peter narrate stories about the still-born USF1 Team, F1 in America & driver shoot-outs. Are they really a good way to assess driver talent? And why the current driver academies are in a serious need of a revamp. 

(Season 2023, Episode 01)

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Image courtesy: Google / Guardian