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Influent Podcast
Bob Fraser
52 minutes Posted Sep 25, 2018 at 1:56 pm.
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Show notes
On this week's episode of InfluentLIVE, we continue our series, Rich Veins.
As we just entered the New Year on the Hebrew calendar, Bob Hartley shares a word he received about what we can expect this year, referring to it as The Shepherd's Rod- The Year of Grieving.
With testimonies and wisdom from their own lives and experiences that have brought about grief, light is shed to bring a new perspective on why we actually need to experience grief.
"“Grief is kind of our lot as pioneers and is part of our earthly walk. It really is part of the package. Its a wonderful, deepening, strengthening, centering part of the package. But it is so important how we process. That we prices through the hope- that grief doesn’t become an end in itself.” -Bob Fraser
“I wish I could go back and change all of the laced language that comes along with the word ‘grief’ because its an invitation to understand the heart of our God, the heart of others, and to feel the pains that they felt.” -Bob Hartley
We pray as you listen you'd be encouraged and feel an invitation to not suppress emotions accompanied with grieving, rather, embrace and work them out that we would be able to have our hearts transformed.
“You just have no odd against man. Once you go through grief there’s nothing that you want but for others to be prospered in this life and you become an agent of mercy.” -Bob Hartley