Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders
Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders
Meatball Fulton
Like a modern day Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders is five hours of humorous fantasy adventure. Metaphysical adventurer Jack Flanders discovers a green velvet overstuffed chair. Each night at the stroke of midnight, Jack sits in the soft, comfortable chair which comes alive, luring him onto its velvety realm. Everyday reality fades away, and Jack finds himself in a strange, other-world of magic, pirates, and sorcery where huge puffballs cling to ceilings and walls, masted sailing ships with wings fly the skies and islands float in the air…
The Velvet Realms
This is the final episode. Captain Jack sails to the Velvet Realms, where he discovers the Celestial City. Descending into the Pearl Dome, his Frombork spirals down to the marble floor below. Within the translucent pillars, angels and demons swirl like carbonated bubbles. And at the base of each pillar, is a green velvet chair.
Jul 9
26 min
The Land of The Talking Totems
The bickering Talking Totems tell Jack he must meet Mad Merlin Mazoola in a dream contest. The challenge is accepted, and Jack finds himself with Mojo and Dr. Marvin Mazoola in a “Festival of Demons,” where cast iron monsters, flatulating foul smoke and belching balls of fire, crash & bash one another!
Jul 2
27 min
Captain Jack & the Pirate Queen
Using a whip, cutlass, and curses, the Pirate Queen teaches Jack how to be a “Captain!” Attempting to free Little Frieda, they attack the sorcerer Mad Mazoola’s castle. Jack “far-sees,” putting himself in a whirling dust devil, but winds up in one of the sorcerer’s bubbling glass beakers.
Jun 25
27 min
A Fine Day for Fromborks
Jack tries Old Arts' "far-seeing" and winds up in the mind of a wild Frombork. The Blue Swallow is attacked by the Pirate Queen, the Black Mona Lisa. Captain Swallow catches a cannon ball with his tummy, and with the Pirate Queen about to board, Jack is voted the new Captain.
Jun 18
27 min
Bad Day at Dragon's Breath
The sky ship, the Blue Swallow, encounters an ice storm, plus pirates, and are forced to land on the misty isle known as “The Dragon’s Breath.” While the ship is being repaired, Jack and Little Frieda discover a cave with paintings of giant eggs. And then, they discover The Dragon!
Jun 11
27 min
Let's Kill Mazoola!
While on the Blue Swallow, the alchemist, Dr. Mazoola, causes an explosion that also injures Little Freida. Both are fading fast. Captain Swallow convinces Jack to bargain with the Lords of Death for their souls. But when Jack finds he’s standing before the Lords, with nothing to offer, they insist he dance for them. But when he tries, wearing the Marquis’ tap shoes, the Lords of Death boo and hiss, it’s thumbs down all around.
Jun 4
27 min
The Marquis of Carumbas
Jack dreams that he is on the back of a Frombork, but he awakes to find he is in a punt being poled by a man wearing a cape and top hat. This strange fellow introduces himself as the Marquis of Carumbas (a name he stole from someone who never existed). The Marquis offers to take Jack across the borders into the realm of, “The Nevermind.”
May 28
28 min
Beyond The Merple Mountains
At midnight, the green velvet chair calls to Jack. As he sinks into the seductive cushions, he finds himself back on the Blue Swallow, sailing through the night sky. Standing in the bow, smoking a cigar, is a little girl with pigtails, her name is Little Frieda.
May 21
27 min
The Jungles Of Zamburrha
As a church bell tolls the midnight hour, Jack can feel himself being drawn to the green overstuffed chair. When he sits in the soft, velvety cushions, he finds himself seated upon the back of a Frombork, a fierce winged reptile.
May 13
28 min
The Green Velvet Chair
In the dead of night, a large shipping crate is delivered to the home of our hero, Jack Flanders. Opening the crate, Jack discovers a green velvet overstuffed chair. When he sits in the chair, his everyday reality fades away, and he finds himself in a magical realm where three-masted ships sail the skies.
May 7
28 min