In the Moment with Kaitlyn Luckie
In the Moment with Kaitlyn Luckie
Kaitlyn Luckie
I’m 14 and southern and I have type one diabetes. I wanted to do this podcast to spread positivity around like confetti Hope y’all like it!!!
podmas day three. Why I Love Christmas
lol sorry this was terrible stay tuned for tomorrow tho it will be better i promise
Dec 4, 2020
5 min
Podmas day two. My Favorite Christmas Songs
sooo today Kaitlyn lets y’all in on her pleasure of the month of december... and november... we’ll all year really. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. we love some good christmas jams tho
Dec 3, 2020
21 min
Podmas day one. My 2020 Christmas wishlist
today Kaitlyn is just a little bit hyper on caffeine... but here’s her christmas list lol
Dec 2, 2020
12 min
Episode five. Meet my bestie!!!
hey y’all!! so today i have a very special guest!! my bestie amelia!! hope y’all enjoy!!
Nov 12, 2020
21 min
Episode four. Spill the Mtn Dew sis. (What’s my favorite____ friendship test) (feat. JT)
So in today’s podcast I had one of my best friends come over and we took the friendship quiz. And the Mtn Dew got spilled sis (inside joke tehe) hope y’all enjoy this!! It was so much fun to do. xxx -Kaitlyn
Oct 11, 2020
20 min
Episode three. Q&A
Hope y’all like this podcast, it was sooo much fun to do!!!! And a special thanks to everyone who sent in questions!! xxx -Kaitlyn
Sep 30, 2020
28 min
Episode Two. My diagnosis story
Today I am going to be talking about the day my life got turned upside down, shaken and turned sideways then right side up again. Hope y’all enjoy!!
Sep 30, 2020
25 min
Episode One. Intro to this Podcast
Today I’m going to be talking about why I got started with podcasts, my intro, and a lil bit about me!! Hope y’all enjoy!! :)))))
Sep 23, 2020
11 min