In The Chair with Justin Anderson
In The Chair with Justin Anderson
Dear Media, Justin Anderson
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More please!!
Such interesting and great conversations, love this podcast! More please, soon!!
Come Back!!
Ugh who doesn’t love this man? I really hope this comes back in 2021. Can’t get enough Justin.
Miss This Podcast
5/5 star, love this podcast - 🤞🏽 for season 2!
Love listening to Justin. So relaxed and real during his conversations. Hoping he will find a way to continue now that he is in Nashville
bubbly sparkles
Justin is my favorite. So hilarious/smart/interesting. Love all his content on here and Instagram!
Don’t eat an edible
I love all the conversation you have with people in your chair. But, the episode with Caitlin has been my favorite!
soon to be mrs cox
The best
I’ve been following Justin and his career forever! He is SO talented! And so real! I love his humbleness and vulnerable! He makes me want to be a better stylist. Great podcast
Love Justin!
I just always appreciate how positive Justin is!
This is the first podcast I listen to on Friday mornings. Love the episodes with guests but I could also listen to justin and malia talk to each other each week. Love this pod!
Love that!
I can’t remember what podcast made me find Justin but I’m loving the guests and his genuine heart!
Colorist’s World
Thank you for educating me on all things BEHIND THE CHAIR and DPHue. I’ve been able to embrace and share your passion for your trade with my Salon Team. You solidify what the guest experience should be ALWAYS. I’m so on fire for DP Hue products because of you!! You’ve educated me on the products in a way that I can’t wait to share with my store’s guests. Thank you ❤️
Feels like visiting with an old friend
I absolutely love this podcast. Justin has such an amazing personality and can instantly click with every guest. It feels like going to see an old friend and chatting while she does my hair. Keep it up Justin!
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👏👏👏 love your laugh , real time uncensored approach . 💛
Kathryn aka 💛👩‍👦
Such a positive podcast!
Love listening to Justin’s episodes, he is so genuinely positive and it always puts me in a great mood
Love this show
I have miso phobia real bad but the fools don’t bother me. But in the latest episode with Leslie grossman, I legit thought the foil was a typewriter noise 😹 it happened at the perfect time in her part of the convo.
Seriously the best podcast! Justin is so funny, and seriously has some amazing advice for hairstylists, relationships and just life! Thanks for making me laugh every morning and giving me motivation for work! Appreciate you!
Abby Mrazek
Thank you Justin!
Seriously, thank you for bringing so much light to this world. I get so much out of each and every podcast you do and always come out of it feeling so great like I can take on the world! Just want you to know that you are amazing and I feel like you’re my soul sister from far away. Thank you for giving me something fun and positive to look forward to each week, with the perfect little sprinkle of harmless gossip and sass :) keeping doing you, love you!!!
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Couldn’t be more obsessed
I love In The Chair like Justin loves Britney Spears.
h a l e s
I absolutely love listening to Justin! My favorite has been his episode with Bob Harper. I definitely related to that hairstylist life of needing a “minute” after work! He’s such a positive guy as well. His podcast leaves me smiling and so does his insta!
Love love love
Nothing but love for this podcast. So funny and uplifting.. leaves me feeling inspired to be the best version of myself. Justin is everything and so are his guests.
Love your podcast! Love your personal Instagram page! You spread so much love and light into the world! 🌈 Cheers to you, buddy.
Real and fun!
Listened to the episode with Jenna Elfman and loved it! So real and refreshing!
Lo P.
I’m officially obsessed and in love! Justin radiates kindness and positivity! His energy is absolutely infectious. He is truly a rarity. You don’t come across people like him that often! We need more people like him in this world! I discovered this podcast just last week and was blazing though episodes. I have forced myself to slow down, savoring each one, because I don’t want to run out. Please keep up the amazing work. A new fan forever, Kim.
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We have to Stan. But honestly this podcast reminds me of great convos I have with my best friends and I’m here for it! <3
Feel good podcast!
I really enjoy Justin’s energy and positivity towards life! I especially love how he brings clients to his podcast in a casual setting so that you get to know them better. The conversations are not forced and are full of laughter and happiness! The added hair tips in the beginning are awesome too❤️
I am a podcast junkie. I fell in love with Justin when he was a guest on the Ladygang and quickly downloads “In the Chair”. By far my favorite episode is the one with Leslie Grossman. I’ve already listened to it twice!!! Keep it coming Justin!!! And I get so excited not only when a new episode drops BUT I’m a loyal instagram follower of yours!!!
I could listen to Justin all day!
This podcast is so perfect. Makes me laugh, so inspirational, and gives great beauty tips and advice! Justin is such a genuine person and I just love him so much!
I love you and Leslie
This is the BEST podcast episode to date! I loved every minute, Leslie you are everything!!
Leslie Grossman Episode
I could’ve listened to every minute of the entire appt. with her (so sad it wasn’t three hours). I am OBSESSED with this podcast. This podcast, especially this episode, makes me so happy and calm, and eases my anxiety as I sit at home and at work. I do not have the words to say how good this podcast is, and EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE should listen to it.
Awesome podcast!
Love it!! Bring Scoot on the show 🛴🛴 Lauren from Texas
Real podcast
I love the honesty of this podcast. I am the same exact way when I get high Justin!! I love how people aren’t afraid to be real in this podcast.
The best hair experience
I loved the Chelsea Handler episode! I totally agree men need more sensitivity and to be raised that sharing your feelings is a good thing! Love Scoot and Justin’s relationship! Lauren from OHIO
Whenever I’m sad I listen to the Trisha episode
I love love LOVE this podcast. It’s like
The realest of the real
This podcast is so raw and real and I just love that. It’s refreshing seeing someone not ‘sticking in their lane’ and just doing what they want and feeling the way they feel about stuff and being unapologetic about it. Being a stylist myself it’s so relatable and honestly it’s always a good laugh! Keep them coming Justin! 💜
tc skipp
Bring Scooter on!!!
After listening to another one , I’ve changed my mind . Now I’m Obsessed !
Not only is he handsome with great hair but he has such a vibrant personality! I love how he doesn’t take life too seriously but it also seems like he would be a supportive shoulder to lean on if you’re being emo, whether you’re his closest friend or his client getting their hair done! Highly recommend!
Two of my favorite people!
Really enjoy both of you on Instagram. You both bring light to my life and I’m grateful as heck! Enjoying you both in a podcast was AWESOME! Thank you!! ❤️🎉
Small town love
I have been in hair for only 3 short years and live in West Virginia. Sometime when I’m needing a creative pick me up I turn to you and your platform. You and your team inspire me everyday to do better in my field and reach for the stars. I appreciate so much the hard work you and everyone puts in. Keep the awesomeness coming!!!!
Love JA content
JA is very authentic and always makes the audience feel seen. He only wants to spread love and support and we need people like him to brighten up this world. Love you dad! Xo Chicago
Justin the the best!!
Justin is so natural and I find myself so engaged in all of his interviews. Favorite day of the week when the new episode comes out!
Loved this- really feel this podcast is shedding a light on how important it is to be authentic. Grateful to have people like Justin pushing the boundaries on reality and being proud of who you are. I also LOVE the way he shows he cares about those he works with, you can tell he genuinely is invested in his clients and friends and wants them to do/feel better. We need more of this in the world! ❤️ @bianca__leone
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Makes me feel like I’m in the salon.
This is a great podcast for hair pros and laymen's alike, anyone can find inspiration in the topics discussed. Hearing the foils being placed as (some of) these conversations transpire make me feel as though I am listening from the chair next to them. It makes me nostalgic of my time behind the chair and the wonderful discussions I was fortunate to have with my clients. I also like how Justin goes over the color process he’s doing for each guest. I would love a bit more in-depth break down of each color process, but I’m nerdy like that.
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Gotta get the nuggs...
Not a mean bone in his body, and genuinely interested in his guests Justin created a safe and fun place for his guests to really reflect on their experience in life. Justin masterfully directs the conversation while he also is foiling his clients’ hair! Bravo for a fun look inside of the minds of many wonderful people! A great lighthearted, informative, and fun hour or so! Cheers!
Benjamin P.
Love love love
Love each and every podcast! I think they are genuine and fun! Can’t wait till each none comes out
Mr gabe is ready
I’ve been following Justin on Instagram for a while and have to applaud him on how raw and real you get both professionally and personally about life. I am also a hairstylist and always love following other stylist who promote positivity and call our negativity when it gets in their way. I’ve only listened to a few of the podcast but have enjoyed them all so far and will continue to laugh out loud while driving to and from work.
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Justin is da best podcast
He speaks from the heart with his clients on topics that actually matter to him and to others. He has a gentle soul and a quick wit and we could use more Justin’s in the world and no, I wasn’t bribed or bought. I just fan girl the hell out of him. 💙🖤
Love the podcast
I follow all of Justin’s instagrams, because he just keeps it 100 all the time. So of course I listen to his podcast! It’s always good! Looking forward to more episodes! #coolblonde @topher.vii
Love him!
Justin Anderson has the best positive energy that is real and authentic! Listening to his podcast always leaves me feeling happy... and wanting to be more blonde 💁🏼‍♀️
The best
I have followed Justin for years ever since I was in hair school. His humor , whit and charm has really pushed me through so much. He responds like 90% of the time to his DMs answers my questions and is always so funny. This podcast was what really got me into podcasts and I highly recommend
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