In the Arena: The Debates and Lectures of William Lane Craig
In the Arena: The Debates and Lectures of William Lane Craig
Dr. William Lane Craig
This podcast features the debates and lectures of Dr. William Lane Craig.
Theology, Origins of Life, and Woke Culture
William Lane Craig joins James Tour and John Lennox to answer questions on the integration of philosophy, theology, and science, as well as commentary on current culture.
May 17
1 hr 10 min
"The Absurdity of Life Without God
Dr. William Lane Craig discusses life and meaning if God does not exist.
May 10
42 min
Big Bang, Evolution, and the Bible
Dr. Craig is interviewed on the Judaism Demystified podcast on rational arguments for God's existence, the Big Bang, evolution, and the Bible.
Apr 26
51 min
The Origin of the Universe
Dr. Craig shares the evidence that the universe began to exist, and then tells the story of a physicist who came back to God because of this research.
Apr 19
8 min
Objections to God's Incorporealtiy
After presenting a case for God's incorporeality, Dr. Craig considers common objections presented against it.
Apr 5
31 min
Divine Incorporeality
William Lane Craig explores God's incorporeality as part of a course on God's attributes.
Mar 29
40 min
What Evidence Do We Have For God?
Dr. Craig presents lines of evidence for the existence of God at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.
Mar 15
55 min
Trinitarianism vs. Unitarianism
William Lane Craig joins a panel discussion on various views of the Trinity.
Mar 4
1 hr 28 min
The Life and Ministry of William Lane Craig
Dr. Craig is interviewed on his faith journey and distinguished career.
Feb 23
43 min
Divine Aseity
Dr. Craig lectures on God's 'self existence', platonism, and related topics at the University of Birmingham in the UK.
Feb 16
58 min
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