In Search of the New Compassionate Male
In Search of the New Compassionate Male
Clay Boykin – Author – Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men's Groups
The New Compassionate Male is emerging as the New Archetype
Ep62: Don Frick on Compassion & Servant Leadership
We never know where the gold will be when we tape our conversations. Sometimes it surfaces during the informal conversation after the taping. Here’s a clip that I decided not to toss. The complete conversation filed with more nuggets of gold will be out in a few days.     About Don Frick: On the day when he first read Greenleaf’s essay The Servant as Leader in 1986, Don Frick decided to dedicate the rest of his career to understanding and teaching Greenleaf’s ideas about servant leadership. Since then, he has written books and essays about servant leadership—including Greenleaf’s biography—made presentations, conducted workshops, taught graduate seminars, and consulted with corporations on the principles of servant leadership. He is currently working on another book that offers details about how various organizations have implemented servant leadership. Before encountering Greenleaf’s work, Don engaged in multiple careers, including: managing departments at a university and museum of art; university teaching; television, radio, and film writing, production, and performance; trainer; specialist in advertising and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, plus an entrepreneur. His formal education includes a B.S. in Education, Master of Divinity, and PhD in Leadership and Organizational Studies. Don is based in Indianapolis and can be contacted at:
Nov 21
19 min
Ep61: Matthew Hayes on Courage, Compassion & Depression
Matthew Hayes is a transformational results coach from Southern California and he affectionately describes himself as a Son, a Sun, and a Son. A son to his loving mother Robin, a sun (or light) to the world, and a Son to his creator. With a firm belief in the human spirit and the power we hold when we lead with love- he has dedicated his life to helping those who crave more. More peace. More joy. More passion. More connection. He believes that ‘in order to take people to higher ground, you must first find common ground’. Because of that, he is not shy with what he has been through and hopes that if he can’t help someone directly, his story can stand in as a reminder to keep believing in what’s possible.
Nov 18
1 hr 2 min
Ep60: Ann Smith on the Power of Circles
Ann Smith loves to teach circle facilitation and the New Leadership and Organization based on Circle Principles.  She is teacher/learner, mentor, coach, illuminator of Divine Feminine, advocate for women’s equality and empowerment, author and community organizer.  She speaks from forty-years of experiences where she has listened, observed and learned from women around the world.  She is co-founder and director of Circle Connections, Millionth Circle Convener, Regional Coordinator of Gather The Women Global Matrix, Co-Associate Companion of Happehatchee Chapter of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross and SARAH Advisor.   She is married with two daughters, three grandsons and one cat.  She lives next to Everglades  nature preserve in Naples, Florida.     Women’s Uncommon Prayers Our Lives Revealed, Nurtured, Celebrated – edited by Elizabeth Rankin Geitz, Ann Smith, Marjorie A. Burke Looking for ways to be strong yet tender, independent yet intimate, women today strive toward ever greater understanding of themselves, their relationships with family and friends, and their place in the world. Written by clergy and lay women from all around the country, this compilation of prayers and poems is the collective wisdom of contemporary women who base their search for such understanding on the belief that all of life must be seen against the backdrop of a vital faith. Offered in a spirit of sharing and encouragement, these prayers and poems are as rich, intricate, and complex as the women’s lives they represent. Women’s Uncommon Prayers covers the full spectrum of emotions from desperate pleas for compassion in times of despair to quiet gratitude for the simple blessings of everyday living, to raucous praise during moments of celebration. These prayers touch on an amazing array of topics organized under the categories of identity, daily life, stages of life, spirituality, and ministry. Also included are comprehensive sections of seasonal and corporate prayers.  
Nov 11
49 min
Ep59: Dennis Patrick Slattery on  A Pilgrimage Beyond Belief
Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D., is Distinguished Emeritus Professor in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. He has taught there for the last 26 of his 52 years in the classroom. He offers riting retreats and workshops in the United States and Europe on exploring one’s personal myth through the works of Joseph Campbell and C.G. Jung’s Red Book.   He is the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of 30 volumes, including seven volumes of poetry: Casting the Shadows: Selected Poems; Just Below the Water Line: Selected Poems; Twisted Sky: Selected Poems; The Beauty Between Words: Selected Poems of Dennis Patrick Slattery and Chris Paris; Feathered Ladder: Selected Poems with Brian Landis; Road, Frame Window: A Poetics of Seeing. Selected Poetry of Timothy J. Donohue, Donald Carlson and Dennis Patrick Slattery; and Leaves from the World Tree: Selected Poems of Craig Deininger and Dennis Patrick Slattery. He has co-authored one novel, Simon’s Crossing with Charles Asher. Other titles include The Idiot: Dostoevsky’s Fantastic Prince. A Phenomenological Approach; The Wounded Body: Remembering the Markings of Flesh; Creases in Culture: Essays Toward a Poetics of Depth; and Bridge Work: Essays on Mythology, Literature and Psychology. With Lionel Corbett he has co-edited and contributed to Psychology at the Threshold and Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field; with Glen Slater he has Myth and Metaphor. His more recent books include Our Daily Breach: Exploring Your Personal Myth through Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick; Day-to-Day Dante: Exploring Personal Myth Through the Divine Comedy; and Riting Myth, Mythic Writing: Plotting Your Personal Story. With Jennifer Leigh Selig, he has coedited and contributed to Re-Ensouling Education: Essays on the Importance of the Humanities in Schooling the Soul and Reimagining Education: Essays on Reviving the Soul of Learning. With Deborah Anne Quibell and Jennifer Leigh Selig he has co-authored Deep Creativity: Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit; with Evans Lansing Smith he has co-edited Correspondence: 1927-1987 on the letters of Joseph Campbell. His most current book is a series of essays: An Obscure Order: Reflections on Cultural Mythology published by Mandorla Books. He has also authored over 200 essays and reviews in books, magazines, newspapers, and on-line journals. For recreation he takes classes painting mythic themes in both watercolor and acrylic. He also enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle with his two sons, Matt and Steve, through the Hill Country roads of Texas. *** Continued from home page: Through the publication of over thirty books that I have authored, co-authored, edited or co-edited—as well as hundreds of articles and book reviews in journals, newspapers, books and on-line venues—I have given shape to many of my ideas on this subject. Through the dozens of workshops, writing retreats, and presentations in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland, I continue to explore the relationship of narrative, mythology, and the shaping of personal identity more deeply. But what are these arenas of exploration in service of? I think that their fundamental goals include: a deepening of self-consciousness; cultivation of a coherent life of meaning; compassion for the suffering and struggles of others; a deepening practice of contemplation and meditation to enrich one’s spiritual life; and a further understanding of the mysteries and miracles of the human imagination. I invite you to explore my writings and future plans as well as to consider joining me in one of my programs that will allow you to explore your own myth, including an awareness of the webbing that relates all of u...
Nov 5
36 min
Ep58: Simon Cohen on Compassion-Honoring Women-Changing the World
Simon Cohen exemplifies the essence of the new compassionate male and shares his views on the suffering of women, from childbirth to the ancestral and the strategic suppression of women by the patriarchy. Simon shares from his own profound journey and his awakening to a greater purpose. Faculty for the Amani Institute, teaching and training social entrepreneurs from around the world in ‘Marketing and Open Leadership,’ in Sao Paolo, Nairobi, Bangalore Host, Chief Storyteller and Facilitator at the Just Peace Summit – a global mentorship programme – with Nile Rodgers and the We Are Family Foundation Keynote speaker on leadership and entrepreneurship for various national and international organisations, including Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, United Nations, Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, and many others   Devised and led global communications campaigns for TED, HH the Dalai Lama, UNESCO, HRH The Prince of Wales, Gandhi’s grandson, and many others – reaching hundreds of millions of people with positive social stories At the age of 24, set up Global Tolerance – an international communications agency that only worked with people committed to positive social change. Built it over the next decade to be a global leader in social change communication ‘Pause for Thought’ contributor on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, the most popular broadcast show in the UK, for two years Multi award winning entrepreneur and leader; Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts; Global Brain Trust, Boma; Senior Advisor, Purpose; writer for Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post; voted one of the most influential people in the PR industry; voted Interfaith Visionary by the Temple of Understanding; UnLtd level 1 and level 2 funding First person in the UK to place an entire company on a one year sabbatical; first to give away his £1m company through a new exit strategy, the Open Leadership Exercise, to reflect the value of non-material values Manage the global communications for a Buddhist master (lineage holder) based in India, and an Indigenous leader in Australia  
Oct 28
55 min
Ep57: Clay Boykin on “Candid Conversations” w/host Will Rucker
  Clay Boykin is In Search of the New Compassionate Male. Since the fall of 2018, Clay has been on a quest to connect with men all over the world in the belief that a New Compassionate Male is emerging as the new archetype; and this quest has taken him across the U.S., Canada and into Africa. Clay founded the Men’s Fellowship Network in 2012 which has grown into a global constellation of men and women. Clay’s podcast, In Search of the New Compassionate Male, has recently been ranked #4 out of over 300 podcasts related to men and men’s health. Clay has over forty-years’ experience as a change agent transforming cultures within organizations. He is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps and, throughout his career, has been described as a servant leader. In 2007, at age 53, a mystical experience and heart attack led Clay to leave the business world and begin pursuing his spiritual path towards inner healing. Clay is the author of the book, Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups, published in August 2018. In addition to founding the Circles of Men Project, Clay is developing the global Men & Boys Initiative for Charter for Compassion. As well, Clay is working with International Peace Initiatives-Kenya and United Religions Initiative (URI) to bring his counter-intuitive approach to men’s circle-work to Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and elsewhere along the Nile River Basin. He is also in close collaboration with Gender Equity & Reconciliation International in the area of deep healing between women and men which addresses many of the issues raised as a result of the #MeToo Movement. Clay is an international speaker and conducts workshops on the topic of The New Compassionate Male, which is the subject of his next book. As well, he is a strategy consultant for organizations and mentors individuals applying a uniquely counterintuitive approach to finding clarity, direction and purpose.
Oct 24
49 min
Ep56: Neil Feiereisel on A Course in Miracles in Today’s World
Neil Feiereisel grew up studying Christian Science for more than 20 years, including stints as a Sunday School teacher and a leader in his Christian Science college organization. After a 10 year exploration of all things spiritual, through many books, workshops and classes, Neil and his wife were led to Unity Church of the Hills in 1995 and have “grown up” there spiritually, along with their children.  Neil has grown through service to others as a leader in the Family Ministry, a Sunday School teacher and by serving on the Board of Trustees. For the last 20 years, Neil has studied and facilitated study groups for A Course in Miracles, bringing him a greater sense of peace as he learns to listen to God’s guidance and see the best in his fellow man.  By day, Neil is a Chief Software Architect at National Instruments, where he masquerades as an engineer, but really serves as an instrument of joy and cooperation.      
Oct 23
58 min
Ep55: Paul Higdon, Author – Hope and a Future
Paul Higdon, Author – Hope and a Future: Life, Survival, and Renewal on the Streets of an African Slum I thoroughly enjoyed my 36-year career in international finance. During that time, I had the honor of serving for six years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a children’s welfare operation in central Kenya. Based on that work, I was presented a Global Volunteer Award by Bank of America.   Since I retired from my professional banking career, perhaps the most rewarding endeavor has been composing my first book, Hope and a Future: Life, Survival, and Renewal on the Streets of an African Slum, which chronicles the true story of a street boy, John Maina, who lived in the slums of Nairobi. Eventually, John and I became so close that in an African sense, we are now father and son. On its launch in April 2020, the book rose to the rank of #1 Hot New Release among Amazon’s African biographies. In conjunction with its publication, I created a public charity, Little Boost Children’s Fund, whose mission is “Giving vulnerable kids a little boost.” All proceeds from the book go directly to the fund. I hold academic degrees in philosophy, politics, and economics from Cornell, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins and continue to enjoy a wide range of intellectual pursuits, especially early Christianity, and modern history. My wife, Linda, is a classical pianist, an award-winning filmmaker, and now runs a tour company offering a unique “Women’s Journey to Kenya.” We are proud parents of two sons—Lars, and his wife, Brei, are environmental scientists, and Nils, is a professional jazz drummer. Linda and I live north of Chicago on the edge of the Kettle Moraine forest in the southern lakes region of Wisconsin. We share our home with five cats, who graciously allow us to serve them.  
Oct 22
51 min
Ep52: Sara Jamil on Compassion, the Harder Skill
Sara Jamil is a Muslim Woman, born and raised in Denmark, of Pakistani heritage, and she currently calls Toronto, Canada home. She is a Mother, Mentor, Author and Spiritual Activist. She is a skilled intercultural communicator, navigating various cultures as a world citizen. She engages with ease in interfaith dialogue and bridge-building. Sara uses her agency in disrupting stereotypical narratives and advocating for several initiatives near and dear to her heart. Sara holds a Bachelor of Education and has 20 years experience of mentoring women and girls.  She is the proud Founder and Visionary Leader of CompassionFirst, a mother-daughter venture on a mission to create a better world one woman at a time. Sara lives compassion by modeling the affirmation, which she coined: “A Better World Starts With Me“. Lastly, Sara dedicates many volunteer hours as Co-lead Facilitator of the Charter for Compassion International Women and Girls sector.  
Oct 15
53 min
Ep42: Dr. Karambu Ringera – Kenya
  “The longest journey I will ever make is the journey to the heart of the person next to me.” – Born and raised in Meru, Kenya, Dr. Ringera earned her Ph.D. in intercultural communication in 2008 from the University of Denver. She earned a Masters Degree in Media from Natal University, South Africa, as well as a Master of Theological Studies (with a peace and justice emphasis) from the Iliff School of Theology in Colorado. She received her Bachelor of Education degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Ringera is also a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. (cont’d below) About this podcast: I am in Search of the New Compassionate Male. I am convinced that amidst all the turmoil in the world a New Compassionate Male is emerging, and this New Compassionate Male is emerging as the New Archetype. ~ I am on a journey to every corner of the planet. I am on a journey within; a journey of self discovery to learn what it means to be a compassionate male. ~ I do not have the answer, but I know there is a spark of compassion emerging within every man and within every woman. Regardless of sexual orientation, nationality or religious tradition I invite you to join me. Let’s travel together and find answers to questions like: Who is this man? What makes him compassionate? Is he born this way, or how is compassion learned? Is there a place or time where compassion is not relevant? How many ways does the compassionate male show up in the world Together, we can find him. Together, we can hold a mirror up for one another and find the compassion within ourselves. ~ The more adversity there is in the world, the hotter the ember of compassion burns within. It may be smoldering and unrecognizable at the moment, or burning brightly lighting and warming others. ~ Who is the New Compassionate Male? Join me in our search. Creator – Clay Boykin Producer – Dennis Tardan Follow me on Facebook: In Search of the New Compassionate Male Twitter: @ccboykin Write me at: Free On Amazon: Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Men’s Groups Compassionate men gather differently. – “With this book, Clay Boykin has created a spiritual blueprint for men around the world. Not only does this book provide a detailed guide for starting and maintaining a men’s group, but it also contains rich insight into the struggles and challenges of being a spiritual male in today’s western culture.” – Review on Amazon More on Dr. Ringera: Dr. Ringera is a 2016 Cordes Social Entrepreneurs Fellow; a 2015/16 Next Generation Leader Fellow of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, USA; the 2015 Life Achievement Award and 2015 Master Scholar Award winner, University of Denver, USA; and the 2012 African Achievers Award, UK – for her cutting edge work in innovative and sustainable models of development & peace building, women’s human rights and global leadership programs around the world. She has used her extensive academic background and international experience working in many countries to design and implement models of effective community engagement, women’s grassroots organizing programs, collaborative problem solving models, preemptive and post conflict reconciliation, and proactive health campaigns. She has built a successful, working model of “Amani Homes,” community homes of peace for orphans and vulnerable children in Meru, Kenya. Near the Amani home, she has also built Tirigi (“the place of abundance”), a permaculture center that trains people in the community how to develop and sustain successful food sovereignty projects. Tiriji has become a training center for peace and leadership programs.
Oct 14
55 min