In Bed with Dr Sue
In Bed with Dr Sue
In Bed with Dr Sue
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Please invest in professional gear. Whatever mic you are using is not cutting it. It almost sounds like you are recording this on your phone. Other than that not the worst thing to listen to.
Trump? Seriously?
So you’re disgusted that you sounded like Trump? You mean the Trump who has created the greatest economy ever? The Trump who is securing our borders? The Trump who has made us energy self sufficient? The Trump who has gotten 2 million low income people off of food stamps and welfare? You mean the Trump who has created 500k manufacturing jobs when Obama laughed at the notion? You mean the Trump who has created and reworked trade deals that has saved us hundreds of billions of dollars? You mean the Trump who has brought peace to Korea? You mean the Trump who has stood up to China, like past Presidents have not? The Trump who has created the lowest minority unemployment in history? The Trump who created criminal justice reform? I can go on if you’d like. I have many more. So his tweets are asinine. I hate his tweets. I think he should delete Twitter off his phone. But that doesn’t dismiss all of the great things he has done for this country. He’s your President for 5 more years. Get over your hatred. If he does well, it means the country does well. Isn’t that what’s important? The country’s well being?
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Love your show! Wish I found it years ago. Reviewing each and every title of interest
Love it
I love Dr Sue and her personality! I can listen to show after show without getting annoyed or bored like I do with most fetish/kink talk shows (which is hard to achieve with me lol)
Just not my cup of tea
This is far too conversational and not nearly informative enough. I heard terms misused and the ideas of differing gender identities ignored. Both the host and the callers seemed lacking in the verbal skills required for a 'talk show'. And lacking in the proper knowledge base to even guide a discussion, let alone broadcast that discussion. All my personal opinion and completely subjective.
Dr Sue is hilarious and very informative! I can't miss a show without quickly finding it here so I don't miss out.