In Bed with Dr Sue
In Bed with Dr Sue
In Bed with Dr Sue
Welcome to In Bed with Dr Sue with your host Sue Storm. Dr. Sue brings you her own bold style of education about fetish and BDSM to de-mystify and advocate for tolerance in the differences both sexual and non-sexual in all of us. Dr Sue is retired professional dominatrix and holds degrees in sexual psychology, counselling and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist among many other certifications including life coaching and several additional hypnosis modalities.
OnlyFans and the Marquis de Sade How Are They Linked?
OnlyFans™ ruffled a bunch of feathers over the last week by deciding to abide by alleged payment processor demands and removed from the OnlyFans™ site. This after it was sex workers who basically made the site what it is.  Although OnlyFans™ has since reversed their decision to ban from it’s site for now it’s not clear on what they plan to allow and not allow. But how does this tie in with the Marquis de Sade one of the most twisted minds of the 18th century? That’s exactly what we plan to explain on this show. And it’s not just OnlyFans™ there are many other sites and providers that are shockingly catering to what can only be described as sexual deviances. What do you think? Are you a provider who found yourself in the middle of the OnlyFans™ shit show?Are you going to stay with a platform that is clearly trying to get rid of your content?Are you a provider who caters to sexual deviance (aka taboo topics)? CALL IN THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW 657-383-0031
Sep 14
1 hr 19 min
Bitch Talk - Is Porn Addiction Really a Thing?
Welcome to the premiere episode of Bitch Talk with my co-host the Sissy Whisperer herself Ms. Amelia Divine. Where a wide range of topics including sex, BDSM, current events and news will be discussed and bitched about. Think of it as The View for Sex.  In tonight's show we'll talk about Addiction. Is it a real thing or is it just hype?What is the psychology of and what are its effects on relationships?Why do some women find some threatening?Is there such a thing as positive ? What do you think? Be sure to call in during the show with your opinion. Can't make the show? You can send in your story, comment or question right HERE. CALL IN THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW 657-383-0031 ***Blog Talk is removing "that word"
Aug 10
1 hr 37 min
Becoming a Sissy Baby
On this show we are all blessed to be able to hear the story of J a man who has had to come to terms with who he is deep inside. And why are we blessed? Because it’s not easy to discuss these feelings in a public forum but J was more than willing to discuss his journey of self-discovery and the realizations he has gone through. You’ll hear how J has gone from a man who thought he might be a little femme to a man who realized that it was so much more. J is kind enough to allow you to learn about yourself through his story and you don’t want to miss his story. You’ll also hear how he has taken the quarantine isolation and turned it into the opportunity to write stories for other sissy babies under the name Christine Kringle. Read Christine Kringle’s many short bedtime stories HERE.  Already in volume 3!
Dec 14, 2020
1 hr 18 min
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
I was asked by several people to do a show on depression, anxiety and motivation. Then I posed the question on Twitter to see if anyone else was dealing with these issues and did they want me to address them?  Well, there was a resounding YES! So what better time than right now to learn some new coping techniques right before the holidays during a pandemic and overall heightened tensions in the world?
Nov 23, 2020
1 hr 9 min
Halloween FreakFest 2020
And once again my favorite time of year is upon us which means my annual Halloween FreakFest where I bring you tales of the truly weird and twisted. Once you fall down this rabbit hole don’t be surprised if you turn in to the Mad Hatter himself with all the insanity I’m going to be bringing you including: Fake or Fact – Tales of the paranormal sent in by listeners but can you tell which one is real and which one is fake?Peculiar ParaphiliasAnd more What the Sweet Fuck stories to make you wish you weren’t human
Oct 29, 2020
1 hr 14 min
The Kinky Question Show 2
Another fun show answering your questions about kink, sex, BDSM and fetish. And once again you guys didn't disappoint. The ladies really served it up this time with some great questions about submissive hubby behavior. PLUS! Two fabulous real life stories by Duane!! We catch up with Duane after I scolded him for leave us hanging on the last show with those tantalizing tidbits. Well let me tell you he delivered and then some! Wait til you hear the whole story about his first gum job and his first pegging. Not your average sessions I can assure you!
Oct 4, 2020
2 hr 33 min
HELP! My Husband has a Fetish NOW WHAT?!
One of the most important keys to a successful relationship is communication. But sometimes the things you want to communicate just don’t come out right. And anything to do with sex will be some of the hardest conversations you’ll have as a couple.  So imagine being in the situation where you not only want to talk about sex but more specifically you want to discuss your fetish or kink. Putting yourself ‘out there’ even with the partner you swore to love to the end and who you trust over anyone else is still very difficult. The risk of being judged can cause even the most open of partners to clam up and try to hide how they feel. Now combine all of that with the fact that you’re a male of our species with certain sociological pressures of what ‘being a man,’ is and if you go outside of those societal norms you are considered a freak regardless, that’s not an easy position to be in. One of the hardest things a man can do is to tell his wife, girlfriend or significant other about his kinks and sexual desires beyond Wednesday night missionary. Because this is a difficult conversation to have and in many cases men horribly fuck it all up causing their partner nothing but grief, because of that I decided it would be better if I spoke for them. I’m going to explain to you everything you need to know to not only understand your partner but to hopefully learn to accept them and their desires AND indulge those desires in such a way that YOU have fun playing with him. I’ll be discussing: What is a fetish?The difference between a fetish and kinkYour husband is submissive; the psychology of male sexual submissionWhat is he really saying?AND MORE!
Aug 24, 2020
1 hr 25 min
Disability & Aging in BDSM and Female Supremacy
Many of the issues I talk about on the show are some of the more popular subjects. But perhaps some of the hardest subjects are those that make us face our own issues and perceptions. In this show I’ll be discussing three different topics: Aging and BDSM – in Western society we discard the aging and think of them as disposable. This attitude is even greater in the sex industry.  Many men believe that a woman is only viable if she’s under 30 and let’s face it, men are the primary consumer of ography and sexual services so once you slide over that 29 year old benchmark does that mean your business is no longer viable?Disability and BDSM – just like againg we tend to disregard or even ignore those who have disabilities as not having a sex drive let alone a kink or two or four. Those who are disabled and in some cases confined to wheelchairs are epidemically ignored in BDSM as if they are too fragile to interact with. I’m joined by Duane Smith for a discussion about disability and BDSM and how many Dommes/Doms are leaving this segment of the population to fend for themselves.Female Supremacy – I’ll be discussing the logistics of female supremacy and how it applies to where we are in society today. PLUS ALL YOUR KINKY QUESTIONS AND CONFESSIONS ANSWERED!
Jul 20, 2020
2 hr 54 min
Cuckolding Pitfalls
Cuckolding as a lifestyle can do one of two things for your relationship. It will either make it or break it and much of that is dependent upon your own knowledge of how it should work. Too many times men watch a shit load of cuckold and think that’s what cuckolding is all about. But the problem with basing your lifestyle on a movie is that you’re basing it on entertainment. It would be the same as if you based your lifestyle on an Oscar winning movie. It’s not realistic. In this show I’m going to discuss some of the things that can and WILL come up if you choose to implement cuckolding in to your relationship. It’s always smart to go in to something new with your eyes open, not blurred by the stiffy in your pants. PLUS I’m answering all of your spectacular kinky questions and revealing all your naughty confessions.
Jun 22, 2020
1 hr 29 min
The Kinky Question and Confessions Show 1
Yes, I know I was going on hiatus BUT I had so many listeners ask me not to leave I decided to bring In Bed back earlier than I expected but instead of LIVE it’ll be in podcast form. So Tues May 26 I’ll be dropping the first of what I hope are many Kinky Question shows. I am answering all of your questions on sex, kink, bdsm and fetish along with revealing all of your naughty confessions. And boy did you guys not disappoint. And in the primiere of Kinky Questions & Confessions I’ll be discussing such subjects as: Age Play or Ped*philia?I’m the Melon with the BandIs Cuckolding Still a Viable Relationship?Look, Under that Skirt, it’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, no, it’s a CockAchy, Breaky, BallsTo Do Your Sister or NOTIt SOUNDS Like a Urinary Tract Infection to MeAlways Let a Domme Sniff Your Hand First“Honey the SpitRoast is Done!”The Accidental TriggerJust What IS the Kinkiest Thing You’ve Ever Done?and MORE!
May 25, 2020
1 hr 36 min
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