Impossible Podcasts - science fiction, fantasy & Doctor Who fan commentaries
Impossible Podcasts - science fiction, fantasy & Doctor Who fan commentaries
Impossible Podcasts
Lively Doctor Who fan commentaries, plus reviews and discussions of science fiction and fantasy on television, in books and in films, by a group of Cardiff-based fans!
BristolCon 2012: My first science fiction and fantasy convention
Last year, I attended my very first science fiction convention! And they say you never forget your first time… I decided to go firstly because I’m a reader and fan: to meet authors whose books I’ve enjoyed, such as Philip … Continue reading →
Oct 25, 2013
19 min
Doctor Who Commentary – 7.07 ‘The Bells of Saint John’
Happy birthday to us!!! It’s been five long years since our very first Doctor Who commentary and, to mark the occasion, here’s our latest – ‘The Bells of Saint John’. Caleb and P.G. find plenty to talk about as Clara … Continue reading →
Apr 7, 2013
1 hr 1 min
‘The Trinket’ – a story of mystery, magic and murder
We’re pleased to announce that Psuedopod – ‘the world’s premier horror fiction podcast’ – have published The Trinket, a short, dark fantasy tale penned by our very own P.G. Bell. And it’s yours to download FREE, right here or listen … Continue reading →
Mar 15, 2013
50 min
Doctor Who Commentary – ‘An Unearthly Child’ – The First Doctor
We start counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in November by looking back over the history of Doctor Who, from 1963 down to the present! In this episode, Caleb and Swithun go right back to the very beginning, to … Continue reading →
Feb 10, 2013
1 hr 43 min
Doctor Who Commentary – 7.06 ‘The Snowmen’ Christmas Special
After something of an extended break, Caleb and Sarah are back with our verdict on The Snowmen, the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special! With a new title sequence, new TARDIS and above all new companion, the feisty Clara, ably played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, there’s plenty … Continue reading →
Jan 6, 2013
1 hr 19 min
Why are Apocalypses so popular in Science-Fiction? BristolCon Panel
It’s the end of the world… again. Whether it’s a zombie outbreak, nuclear war, alien invasion or just some unspecified Terrible Event, it seems that many of us love a good apocalypse. But why the obsession with the destruction of … Continue reading →
Nov 11, 2012
47 min
Author Discussion: Diana Wynne Jones
Join us for a spirited discussion of one of our favourite fantasy authors – the late, great Diana Wynne Jones! Author of Howl’s Moving Castle, Archer’s Goon and the Chrestomanci series, among many others, Diana was described by Neil Gaiman … Continue reading →
Oct 23, 2012
1 hr 19 min
The Cape and the Cowl 2 – X-Men Death, DC “0” issues, Secret War and more
James and Olivia return to the world of comics in the second edition of The Cape and the Cowl! With the much-publicised death in Avengers vs X-Men, we stop to ask – wait, you mean Xavier was still around?! We also consider DC’s 0 Issues, … Continue reading →
Oct 15, 2012
1 hr 6 min
Doctor Who Commentary – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’
Time runs out for Amy and Rory Pond, as The Angels Take Manhattan! Caleb, Sarah and Suzie try not to blink as we discuss Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s exit from Doctor Who, as well as the return of the Weeping Angels … Continue reading →
Sep 29, 2012
1 hr 3 min
Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Speculation – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’
The Weeping Angels are back! No episode preview this week so Caleb and Sarah discuss what they think The Angels Take Manhattan may mean for The Doctor and the departure of Amy and Rory. They also discuss some of your … Continue reading →
Sep 27, 2012
24 min