Impeachment, Explained
Impeachment, Explained
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No collusion
Should have been the title for the last podcast.
Ending sucked
Ending was super obvious and annoying
Great but I wish the ending was different.
Enjoyed listening to this podcast, but the villain did not get his comeuppance.
Very helpful
Listening to a concise summary with some informed opinions greatly helped my understanding of this whole process. I certainly didn’t have time to read and watch every thing regarding this impeachment and having a guide was essential. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to accurate information!
Thank you
This show was very essential to understanding what’s going on. I appreciate everything everyone did in putting it together. Thank you everyone for explaining again the crucial and minutiae to American politics.
Was hoping for a breakdown focusing on facts, but turned out to be a few facts with a ton of opinions added on. Sadly this podcast mirrors the division in our politics. The majority of all impeachment podcasts are partisan; however, others tend to be more informative.
Dale Ragsdale
Thank you, Ezra and Vox 🙌🏼
A voice of reason, passion, and knowledge in our nation’s darkest moment. Thank you 💜
Thank you
Actually lost for words after listening to the last episode. Concise, yet emotional, analysis of the 1/31/2020 vote for no witnesses. Party loyalty has never made sense to me and no doubt has led to our country’s undoing. Agree-there is no going back. I pray we SOMEHOW find a practical and honorable way forward. Never have felt such apprehension.
Leftist drivel
Don’t wast your time
Informative and important!
I subscribe to several impeachment podcasts and this is the best of them all: well researched, challenging while still interesting and understandable. It’s not light or flippant - Ezra delves into history, precedent and law to help us understand how we got here and what might happen next. I especially like his reflections at the end of each episode- for us to ponder what it all means, and think about how and whether we can get beyond this very dark time in our nation’s life.
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What Great Journalism Looks Like
I’ve followed all episodes & this last one (#12) was especially captivating. Ezra’s discussion with Prof. Tulis explained a lot esp. heading into the muddy waters of a Senate trial. I subscribe to several impeachment-related podcasts. This one from Vox provides a good summary of the week but, more than that, it welcomes the listener to engage some fairly deep topics w/o championing a particular viewpoint. It’s obvious that Mr. Klein prepares for these reports & breakdowns & interviews. He’s quite able to think on his feet, a characteristic not always witnessed in today’s reviews of politics-based facts & the spin which morphs them into conjecture. Thank you.
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This is a very cererbral podcast. It's good but be prepared for deep conversations.
friendly woods
Thoughtful and Insightful as Ezra is want to do
I’ve been listening to Ezra’s main show for years now, so when he announced Impeachment Explained, I didn’t hesitate to subscribe. Ezra and his guests offer insightful questions and discussions on a critical event in modern American history. If you’re interested in the nuance, the precedent, and the likely outcomes of the President’s impeachment you can do much worse than giving this show a listen. Also, the theme song is really great.
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Impeachment Opined
This podcast does not explain impeachment. It just gives other opinions on this particular impeachment process.
Sarcastic SOB
Stop talking about this as a political win or lose
Im annoyed by this episode. What’s the point? Trump is a Criminal in the WH Running and Ruining our country. Destroying our position as a nation. This is more to do with who he is And that he should never have been sworn into office to begin with. I see Democrats as trying to protect our Democracy. That’s the point
Essential Listening
Klein offers excellent guidance for listeners interested in “making sense” of the impeachment process, history and consequences. There is hope that people of good will may be able to move past this dark chapter.
Simply fantastic
My first rating and review for any podcast. And that is because this one is well deserved. Listen, learn, and share.
Totally biased
Started listening to this hoping to get an unbiased look at the impeachment process. I was 12 during watergate and could care less. I listened to the first couple of podcast but 10 minutes into the first one you could tell that the authors were already biased and took all the false narratives as gospel. Too bad. Don’t waste your time!
Impeachment Explained
Best source for understanding impeachment. Ezra Klein does an amazing job explaining what the constitutional framers were debating and a clear over view of what is happening today. My advice: Skip the general media circus, and listen to Ezra weekly.
Tremendous podcast
Because of the stakes this is most fascinating, important, informative, podcast I’ve ever heard. I hope that Ezra will continue to focus future podcasts on our national existential issues. We’re going to need it as our country enters these frightening, uncharted waters.
Double Frank
Not what expected
I was hoping to learn about impeachment. Nights as well call it Anti-Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a true Trump supporter, but this show is one sided.
Fantastic insights and analyses
This podcast has vastly increased my understanding of the impeachment process. Wonderful historical context and analysis by Ezra Klein and his guests.
ss in seattle
This is a must-listen podcast. Clearly outlines what is happening in the impeachment inquiry process, and adds to the listener’s understanding of its implications.
Great characterization of the gop
The definition of chutzpah- the joke is so fitting here.
Must listen.
A perfect time capsule
I was born in 1985, so everything Watergate is in history books for me, and the Clinton impeachment went completely over my head. But I’d wager this podcast is going to be absolutely indispensable in thirty years. It’s a great balance of the week’s news, deep-cut discussion with an expert on some facet of the current situation, and a lovely meditation on the Constitution-in-practice. Like S-Town, I’d recommended saving each to your device, and happily re-discovering this show years from now.
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Clickity Klack
The 12/7 show was an incredibly shallow analysis, Ezra. You're better than this.
Love your in-depth explanations & questions!! Excellent interview with Brenda Wineapple about the striking similarities with Andrew Johnson! Wow, so interesting how history repeats itself... Her book should be required reading! So glad to learn about it.
I’m so grateful for the thorough, no holds-barred approach in Impeachment Explained. Ezra is, as always, an excellent host and interviewer. The guests offer the best historic and contemporary framing of these events that any engaged listener can hope for. I hope this show continues to deliver at the same level until it becomes irrelevant and we are operating in post-impeachment/conviction territory... then produces a sequel.
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Fair analysis, substantive interviews, helpful monologues
Excellent analysis. Everything Ezra’s involved in is worth serious citizens’ attention. My one complaint: he’s frequently emphatically said that Trump’s own call transcript shows he had a quid pro quo. It’d be both more persuasive to a hostile audience and more accurate to say a reasonable reading of the transcript pretty clearly suggests a quid pro quo. Rarely does Ezra use a word carelessly, but this is one instance where he slipped.
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Xavier University PPP Program
I can listen to Ezra and Preet discuss anything for hours. Good and informative episode as always.
Tremendous sobering close
Ezra’s close to the 11/30 podcast sums up clearly and without drama why this presidency is so alarming. I won’t miss any of these episodes. They are clarifying and insightful even for someone closely following the impeachment proceedings.
Awesome & thanks!
Great show with a super host and knowledgeable guests! Informative, timely and factual presentations of the ongoing impeachment process that is also well researched. Brilliant podcast!
This is the best podcast on impeachment
This is the most informative podcast on impeachment out there. It goes in depth into topics beyond the day-to-day reality show we’re watching on TV - to what this really means for our institutions, the parties and the country as a whole. Excellent all around.
Ashley pots
Very good
Neoliberal dribble
Can you imagine a slightly more competent version of Donald Trump? Yes, Hillary Clinton. How much coordination of the political class do you need to see before you stop calling every instance of corruption just a conspiracy theory. What is wrong with the Democratic Party Corporation that it can’t move along axis of class that attracts people to not vote for Republicans. Neoliberals think they just need to fix the other guys, that they have it figured out. If you want Democratic governance start with a democratic process. What do you think that is what the state, felony and electoral system are?
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Oh my goodness. What a revelation
The latest episode of this podcast (today is 11/25/19) blew my mind. Ezra’s interview reveals that the Newt-to-now evolution of conspiratorial “fringe-adjacent” republican talking points to full court press cult-like behavior is almost a necessary strategy to retain some power in an era where the big tent of democrats would swallow the republicans whole if not for this weird theory of the case that those loyal to the party hang onto. It’s really the first explainer of WHY the republicans have been acting the way they have acted for the last decade. In a way it’s sad, it’s also comforting, it’s also disturbing. I mean when Michael Bloomberg is running for president as a Democrat, one has to wonder - is being a democrat just another code word for “not insane” / less insane ? The sad part is, is being insane and void of reality the only way a second political party can distinguish themselves in “politically correct” terms? I don’t know. This episode has given me a lot To think about. It kind of makes one wonder, if there is no reality to which a democrat can appeal to in the other party in trying to act in a bipartisan manner, where does that leave us? Can the republicans distinguish themselves in a new way and still have the respect of their constituents? It seems almost so easy for a normal and sane person to just shake people’s hands and say they are republican without buying into any of this craziness and give comfort to those non-insane lifelong “small government” republicans and still win office. Why does supporting Donald trump have to be a part of it? It’s very dire. Anyway, if you have limited time, this most recent episode is worth a listen no matter what you have going on. Thanks, Ezra.
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C Hofbeezy
Great explainer
A clear look at the terrifying dilemma facing this country when accountability becomes too great a risk for one party.
Among the MOST Helpful Resources for These Troubled Times
I always get a lot out of Ezra Klein’s podcasts and am so glad that he is offering a weekly review and analysis of the impeachment proceedings. I have really appreciated the folks he has brought into the conversation and the clarity with the way the podcasts are structured and what they are trying to accomplish. This week’s podcast was especially impactful, given the attempt to provide objectivity. Ezra noted the complaints he’s gotten that the content needs to be more balanced. How can this be achieved when the reality on the ground is so skewed and counter intuitive in terms of how Congress should be holding the executive branch accountable? Keep up the good work to Ezra and the team.
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Most Trenchant Podcast on Impeachment
The latest episode, released on 11/23, with Thomas Mann provides the first deep and convincing explanation of our current assymetrical polarization, as manifested in the unbalanced impreachment hearings conducted in the House, that I have heard. To reap the full harvest, listen all the way through to Ezra's comments after the interview with Mr. Mann concludes.
Consistently high quality
Ezra Klein offers thoughtful, insightful conversation at a consistently high quality. He is an artful facilitator: he has a breadth and depth of knowledge, the skills to ask excellent questions and guide a conversation, a spirit of inquiry together with humour and humane compassion. I’ve learned a great deal from him. When asked for podcast recommendations, his podcasts are generally my first suggestion.
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Guy Mendilow
Thoughtful and deep
This podcast goes deep to enrich our understanding of the process and context
If you listen to one impeachment podcast, make it this one.
Hands down the best podcast covering impeachment minute by minute, day by day. Nothing less than I would expect from Vox and Ezra Klein (especially Ezra Klein). Thank you for producing this important program.
( ˘ ³˘)❤ love it
love it, 𝕘𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕚𝕟𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 (´∀`)♡
The podcast I’ve been looking for!
This is the podcast I’ve been hoping someone would do! It breaks complex concepts down so that non-wonks can understand them. Thoughtful and honest. Each week, there’s an update of the news and a mini-lesson on aspects of the process. Highly recommended!
Definitely listen
This is a very helpful show to understand the issue of impeachment and a balanced one as well. It is kind of funny that the theme music reminds me of the TV show “Trial and Error”.
Good stuff
Sane, articulate people such as Ezra and his guests are truly needed right now while so much Republican [feces] is being hurled at the wall in the obstruction of an investigation of this president. Thank you for sorting it out clearly.
Great, high quality podcast
This podcast explains to me everything I want to know about the impeachment process, in a very thought out way. It brings just the right amount of gravity to the discussion as well. Ezra is a great journalist! Thank you Ezra.
Stunningly helpful
This is a fun and informative podcast the provides context and facts. Listen to deeply understand what happened, what is interesting, and what is absurd. I particularly appreciate the historical comparisons.
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