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Learning from lived experiences
Immigrantly provides a deep dive into issues not commonly discussed in our society. These stories provide a counter narrative to what we often hear shared by mainstream media. If you live in an area where you don’t get to see the vastness of the immigrant experience or have the opportunity to learn about the issues that are most important to immigrant communities, then this podcast is an excellent resource to expand your understanding and knowledge about communities outside of your own.
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A must-listen
Immigrantly is the podcast we all need in our lives! It is informative, insightful, and mind-opening. I learn more from each episode and guest.
Give this podcast a try, you won’t regret it!
Even though I’m not typically big on podcasts, Immigrantly is always an easy choice. Between its creativity, the depth they explore each topic and the guests they manage to bring on, I highly recommend this podcast to anyone! It’s so informative and such a fun listen!
Amazing podcast!
This is such an informative and interesting podcast, and it really shines a light on the immigrant experience and how diverse it is.
One of the Best Podcasts Out there
I wouldn’t consider myself a “podcast person” but after listening to Immigrantly, I have gained a deeper understanding about the immigrant experience. If there’s one podcast to listen to, it’s this one. Saadia has created something that manages to highlight the many nuances found in daily life, while keeping conversations engaging and meaningful. The guests are always spectacular and the conversations never disappoint. I have listened to every episode to date, and I’m so excited for what’s next to come!
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Happy being me!
I love the rawness of this Podcast. Being a black woman working in Corporate American has not always been welcoming. Listen to others talking about their experiences let’s me know that I’m okay in my own skin. Thank you Saadia.
Black Queen 27
Love this!
Great for cultural insight and perspective. Learn something new each episode!
Entry for cookbook
Hi Yara and immigrantly web page . I follow you and this podcast. So much fun
Persian/ Italian
As a women in her 30s, I have heard many stories from my father about his experience immigrating from Iran over 40 years ago. I am proud to listen to this podcast and hear the different stories.
Brave and Brilliant
Saadia has created a space that allows for truth to be spoken, in a time where such havens are scarce. She is a brave, intelligent and empathetic host, with the talent and ability to delve into sensitive dialogue with mastery.
Amazing Podcast!
I loved hearing Parnaz Foroutan’s interview- I read her work of fiction and am very excited to read Home Is a Stranger.
H. Massey
Wonderfully Wide-Ranging
What I love about Immigrantly is that it can't be defined. Yes, it's a podcast about the immigrant experience, but each episode covers topics from politics to art to spirituality. It has something for everyone. Saadia is a wonderful host who navigates the conversations with ease, keeping it engaging. My favorite episode is "An Insider-Outsider Perspective" with the artist Saks Afridi. Hearing Saks talk about the connection between Sufism and science fiction was mindblowing. Immigrantly's strength is that it is inherently interdisciplinary. Love this podcast!
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Sarah Doh
A Platform for the Humanist
This is a podcast for the immigrant, for the culturally curious, for the humanist who seek to hear their experiences cared for and resonated in others’ stories. Every episode is it’s own unique journey where to laugh, to wince, to rethink are only some of the reactions elicited in the listener. Saadia is creating a platform that challenges the status quo around immigrant narratives, uncovering peoples’ truths in order to reconcile with fraught systems and bring out what’s common.
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Yudi Liu
Culturally Woke
This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts. I have listened to many interviewers and Saadia does it right. She asks in depth questions and provides a unique perspective on many topics that I’m personally not as informed in. 100% recommend listening to!
A welcome listen in all the present chaos
This podcast is built on such a simple and beautiful point: when we talk to one another and hear about each other’s lives, we find commonalities and understanding that breaks down stereotypes and misconceived notions. Thank you for creating this space for stories to be told and for others to listen to them.
Loved it
Beyond expectations. The host of this podcast has taken the controversial topic of immigration and immigrants and has created and informative as well entertaining series. Highlighting stories from around the world different walks of life. It is very captivating and makes my commute more fun. I highly recommend it.
Passionately Curious
Saadia Khan has taken on the most universal of stories, that have somehow become margenalized in the US today. The courage of immigrants to find a new life, to negotiate new cultures, to both hold on to one's self, and allow for new influences, is captured so beautifully in these interviews. These are human stories and Saadia is creating a treasure trove of individual courage and human resiliance.
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Aviva G
Spirited, Empathetic & Sincere
Spirited, empathetic and sincere. This podcast shares the real life day to day stories, realizations, accomplishments and challenges faced by today’s US immigrants . Reflective and exuberant, Saadia involves each of her talented speaker to bring to life a unique story or perspective. The sincere efforts of connecting different cultures and bringing people of all communities together through this platform are surely commendable!
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Platform for sharing personal stories and experiences of Immigrants to USA
Saadia is a great host whose insightful and thoughtful questions posed to American immigrants give hope and voice to their personal struggles and triumphs during their individual journeys. The whole world is experiencing a horrifying and hostile attitude towards immigration and we need more platforms like The Alien Chronicles to share those important life life changing stories. Well don’t Saadia! Bravo!!! Keep up the good work!
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These interviews really talk to the heart of the some of the issues immigrants face as well tares down the stereotypes we are always bombarded with in social media. It’s really beautiful to see this. I started listening because of a challenge from my poly Sci teacher here in SF and I am so addicted! Love it! Thanks!
Love The Alien Chronicles podcast!
What an amazing contribution this podcast is making to the national conversation on immigration and to enriching our world with these beautiful, poignant, fascinating, insightful and brave immigration stories. Saadia is a deeply intelligent, engaging and all around fabulous host, and her guests have just astounded me with the breadth of their experiences, achievements and insights. I love hearing the diversity of voices, accents, and perspectives on this podcast. It is a truly unique creation, and our society needs it. Bravo Saadia!
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Lisa Genn
Immigration stories
Wonderful podcast highlighting the struggles, experiences sometimes good some not so good of people from all walks of life and cultures trying to amalgamate in the country we all love and our familiar with as the melting pot of the United States if America . Sometimes we forget to connect to people at a personal level and this podcast shares exactly that ... looking at things on a micro level for the individuals perspective . Immigrants add color and flavor to this land of opportunity as we all know it . Great effort !
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A kanwal
Wonderful idea for a podcast and so important, especially in the current political climate. It’s a safe space for immigrants to share their stories. Saadia’s graceful yet challenging guidance provides the listener with a thought provoking experience.
Very interesting
This is a very interesting podcast. We get to hear about the experiences of people who moves to the US from all over the world. I really enjoy listening to this :)
Great Collaboration
Recording this podcast was so much fun but it's even better to see everything put together like this. It sounds amazing! It's definitely worth a listen.
Steph Munn
The host is great!
This podcast is amazing! Very interesting and insightful. As an immigrant myself, this podcast really has a place in my heart. definitely recommend!
host is great
Stories that take you on a journey across the world
Each episode transports you to a different part of the world as you accompany each guest on their journey to America. We learn about different cultures, cuisines, customs and the shared love they all feel for their new home in America. The host makes her guests feel comfortable and open up about their lives sharing their joys and fears.
Best perspective on immigrants
Saadia is very knowledgeable and chooses great guests. Her podcast is very unique. Must listen.
The complex nuances of human experience
The interviews gave me so many insights for reflection. Is there anything more relevant than looking at the beautiful diversity of experiences around us, and feel we all share something?
Great Host!
I'm going to be a little biased, having been a guest on the show, but it was really a pleasure. Saadia asks thoughtful questions, gives her guests time to tell their stories without rushing them, and most importantly, she is covering a topic that we really need to be highlighting as much as possible in an age where xenophbia and anti-immigrant sentiment appear to be surging. Immigrants make America and other nations great. One of the most effective ways to make that point is to simply let immigrants speak for themselves. Thank you for providing that platform with this show!
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The Alien Chronicles
Raw, honest, poignant and entertaining ! Well done approach to bringing the voices of diverse backgrounds sharing many common experiences and emotions. A brilliant reminder that we are all more alike than different ! Keep up the good work Saadia!
Alien Chronicles is an amazing podcast focused on stories of immigrants in the United States. It gives a voice to diversity around us. Each week a guest is introduced who narrates stories of his or her culture and traditions, and the journey they undertook to become part of the fabric of American society. The podcast is beautifully done and something I look forward to each week.
Honest, heartwarming, engaging and insightful discussion on what it was like for a child to immigrate to America in the 90s!! Looking forward to hearing more!
I’m so excited for what’s to come! Yay immigrants 😄😄
Peace08 for all
This podcast sounds so amazing and interesting! I’m glad someone is giving immigrants a voice!
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