I'll Leave You With This with Dustin Chafin
I'll Leave You With This with Dustin Chafin
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Authentic host, great content
As a comedian and comedy fan, I love this podcast. Dustin Chafin has an authentic voice, and his love for standup is evident. Plus he's as honest and though provoking as anyone on air. Listen and enjoy.
Matty B Game
Required listening for comics
As a newer aspiring comic I consider this required listening. It’s so valuable to hear stories about the struggles comic went through during different stages of their careers. Listen with a pen and paper so you can capture the nuggets of wisdom about how to be a successful professional comedian. I look forward to each new episode! Thanks Dustin!
Episode 50 Steve Marshall
Thanks for a wonderful time -
Don't Behave
The Rootinest Tootinest Gun Slinginest podcast
Cowboy Dustin is the Original New York City Comedy Cowboy! And he brings the cream of the crop of Comedy guests! The hard hittin interviews with the best To ever hold a mic. A must listen for all Comedy fans. Yippee Ki Yay!
For any fan of comedy
Great for any fan of comedy interested in the scene here in NYC. Funny and engaging.
Helllz yeahhh, Dustin!
Smart, funny & great guests! Great podcast!
Hell Yeah
This podcast is really good and definitely stands out in the comedy world.
Made for fans of Stand-Up Comedy
This is a must if you're a fan of standup as Dustin is a veteran comic who interveiws other veterans so the perspective is unique. If you're not familiar with stand up comedy - this is a great podcast to remedy that.
Gene Perone
Just listen now
Fans of comedy will want to subscribe to this show early to avoid having to marathon it later. Great guests, great host.
Pat Dixon
Excellent podcast!
For comedians and fans of comedy, this is a great podcast to listen to for insight into what makes comics tick. Dustin Chafin is a terrific host. Check it out!
Take a listen!
Entertaining podcast. Dustin is hilarious.
Liz Barrett
Funny and engaging!
Dustin Chafin's take on everything from politics to human interest stuff is hilarious. Makes driving a lot more fun!
J.J. Cashman
Great Stories!!!
Must listen to podcast!!! Great stories from various comedians. Extremely detailed and hilarious!!
Great Show!
Funny, insightful, wish it was longer!
Dustin is HuhLarryUs
I can't say enough about one of the funniest people I know. I'm laughing as I type this review. You MUST check it out and subscribe.
Listen to this podcast!
Dustin is one of those guys that knows everybody and has a story about everything. You'd want to listen to a podcast that was just him, but there’s the bonus of interesting conversations with some high quality guests. Hit that subscribe button now!
Something smells Smurfy
Dustin is fantastic!
Dustin is entertaining as hell, has a unique perspective and knows everyone in comedy. This podcast is a great listen, I highly recommend it!
A must listen
Great podcast!!!!
An inside look at comedy with all the fun of a great comedy show to boot! Definitely worth the listen!
Taking Chances
Just when you thought every comedian has a podcast, Dustin Chafin finds a way to be original with a new twist. Proud to be behind this podcast and the fact that Dustin is taking chances! This podcast is a must listen! Keep up the good work, brother
Joel R. Richardson
Great Podcast, love your guests!
Great Podcast, love your guests!