Idea Hamsters
Idea Hamsters
Dave Merheje & Mark DeBonis
Comedians Dave Merheje and Mark DeBonis are trying to quit stand up but they realize they have no real job experience. So they imagine what it is like to have normal jobs.
Ep9- Start Strong, talk Idea Hamsters and Postering Jobs
Dave and Mark fall apart right off the top. After they get back on track they talk about how it would be to hang posters up for concerts and more!
Dec 3, 2016
30 min
Ep8 The Sweatshop Biz
This week in the cage Dave and Mark talk about if they could own a sweatshop and how they would change the sweatshop game if they did and more!
Nov 26, 2016
30 min
Ep7- Dave sings we talk owning an arcade and things get dirty
This week in the cage Dave and Mark talk owning an arcade and things start to get a little dirty!
Nov 19, 2016
30 min
Episode 6- Windowed Pickle!
In this episode Dave and Mark talk about starting a window cleaning company but Dave may be affraid of heights... How do they get out of this windowed pickle.
Nov 12, 2016
29 min
Episode 5 - Idea Hamsters get Their Groove Back!
We considered this the episode where we got our groove back... We talk bike, Santa, Rudolf and more!
Nov 2, 2016
30 min