ICU Rounds
ICU Rounds
Jeffrey S. Guy, MD, FACS
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Dear Burn Doc, These are helping me so much I am so very thankful to have found these as I am heading overseas to work in the ICU for the first time ever, and with only covid patients as well! These are priceless for me to wrap my head around everything before I arrive, and I’m sure I will keep listening once there. Please please update with anything new that can!! Your speech and teaching style are truly great. Thank you! -Paramedic Girl
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Coach Cynthia
Keep ‘em coming!
Dr. Guy, Great hearing from you again! As NYC area RN your COVID-19 lectures were very helpful. Thank you again.
Awesome podcast!
I listened to ICU rounds 10 years ago as a nurse and started listening again now as a nurse practitioner starting an acute care NP program. The content is always relevant and up to date. Thank you for starting it back up! -4/2020 I am a critical care nurse in Texas and have found this podcast an excellent resource, and is great to listen to during my daily commute. Thank you for all hard work Dr. Guy! -2010
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Cream of the crop
I’ve been listening to these since I was a nursing student then as a RN and then CRNA school and now you’re back!!! Downloading both new episodes and going for a bike ride to learn about COVID critical care! Please keep recording!
Listened to every epo
Im a nurse anesthesia student and former icu nurse. Listened to everyone of his episodes. I simply cant recommend these more! So much learning in a relaxed atmosphere
I’m the most excited
Good to have you back.
You’re back and it’s fantastic!!!!
Dr. Guy, you were a wealth of information for me as an undergraduate nurse. I would listen to your episodes while running, driving, cleaning the house. I gained a really good foundational understanding about IVF, shock, lactic acidosis, trouble shooting ET cuff leaks, pulmonary wedge pressures, central lines and ventilator management. I learned so so much! I took all that information to my senior practicum in the PICU and wow’d my preceptors and myself. Now over 5 years later, I’m in graduate school learning to be an NP in pediatric acute care. It was such a pleasure to open my podcast app today to find you’re back. Thank you immensely!
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Welcome back
Very happy to have you back.
juhnior jayjay
Welcome back!
So glad to have you back Dr. Guy!!
Welcome back!
Great update. Nice to have you back, the information you put out is incredible helpful! Keep it up.
Glad you are back
Glad you are back
I really loved these but where did they go?!? Come back!!!!
Please do some more shows
Dr. Guy, I think we can all agree we need you to do some 2018-2019 podcasts!! We miss your great teachings. I want to know updates on the topics you’ve already covered and more.
critical care nurse hou tx
I love these podcasts and learned so much from all of them. What an amazing teacher.
Dr. Gerber
Amazing and still relevant
Ever since my first taste of the ICU environment I’ve been looking to expand my knowledge. This podcast is THE ultimate talkie from one expert who was also the associate professor at a university medical school. Unfortunately, it cuts off at 2012 and I’ve found no hide nor hare from him ever since. Everyone knows that critical care medicine changes rapidly and you have to keep up with it. But this podcast serves as one of the best launching points due to his evaluative and entertaining analysis as well as his empathetic views on colleagues such as nurses and pharmacists. Definitely one of my faves. If anyone knows where I can subscribe to anything else this man has done please let me know!
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This guy got me through paramedic school at the top of my class with the “pharmacology for prehospital providers” book.... I listened to his podcasts during my 2 hour trip to and from class. I loved reading the book, but was amazed by his podcasts!!!!
Great podcast
Great lecturer. Interesting. Relevant.
Where is Dr. Guy?!
Great teacher and want to hear more about current literature!
There is NO research that shows albumin is worth a dam. It’s expensive, a blood product that has its own issues. If albumin did what you state it could be titrated for urine output. Lasix with albumin proves only lasix works, a trial would have to be done to if either or both work. There are many IV fluids that can be given for volume expansion that are cheaper and work. ATLS, ACLS recommends good fluids for volume use that are cheaper and safe. There can be very narrow reasons to us albumin but volume expansion is not one of them.
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Love this podcast!
I'm not sure what happened to Dr. Guy, but I love these podcasts! I've learned so much from him. My fingers are crossed someday he'll resume this endeavor and release new content!
Great podcast
I'm an intern in Internal Medicine currently rotating through the ICU department. You've helped me greatly in understanding the concepts! I began listening however when I was on the medical floor so your concise and easy to follow podcasts has boosted my knowledge in all areas as well. Most of the time it gets hectic to learn everything so having this podcast to pick up what I've missed is really nice. Thanks!!
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I am a Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist, absolutely love this podcast. Information is presented in an easy to understand fashion, perfect for any health professional who wants to learn something new or brush up on existing knowledge. Highly recommended!
Excellent Resource
If you have a quest for continuing your studies on the field of medicine this podcast is for you. So much relevant information is conveyed through Dr. Guy, that you are guaranteed to leave each podcast with a new view on a case or condition. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone in the critical care or emergency medicine field.
Thank you
This has been a great resource throughout school. I appreciate all of the hard work you have done doc!
PA student Matt
I have listened and re-listened to these lectures throughout my last 2 years of medical school. These are easy to listen to and to follow. I wish Dr. Guy was still doing these!
Makes me wish I went to Vanderbilt
This is without a doubt the best medical podcast I have ever come across.
John Ruston Asfar
Such an awesome review that you can take everywhere. I would recommend these podcasts for all training in any field of medicine! It is easy to take on-the-go.
HANDS DOWN the very best podcast for brushing up on critical care pathophysiology from a clinical application standpoint. no other podcast even comes close. im a crna who covers an icu during nights every other week/weekend.
Very accessible, but also very accurate
I'm a virologist, not a clinician. I got hooked on Dr. Guy's podcasts while doing some molecular scutwork, and I've been hooked for the last several hours. Our lab has been hooked, and it's a great way to bridge my (research) background with some more clinical applications. I really appreciate the in-depth descriptions of not just what to do, but WHY. Very nice.
Mike R (Tucson AZ)
Excellent podcast. Great evidence based practical knowledge. Love the way he explains it down to a cellular level, but in a way that is applicable to day to day clinical care.
I LOVE this podcast--It has gotten to the point that it is the only thing I want to listen to while I am in the car--extremely informative.
Where's Jeffery?!
I loved these podcasts! Where have you gone Jeff? Come back and make some more podcasts.
Great source for advanced knowledge
I'm an ICU RN in a CV-ICU, MICU and SICU. This podcast breaks down complex concepts and fleshes them out in a manner most professionals with some experience in the field will understand. Many times while working in the ICU as an RN you will know that A+B will equate to the C result you are wanting but you may not know in depth what is happening on a micro level. This podcast gives you the answers to those questions and will enhance your care and role in the team that is required to care for ICU patients. Thank you and keep it going.
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Great podcast
Very educational podcast based on the latest evidence! Thank you Jeff!
I LOVE listening to these podcasts! Dr. Guy gets right to the point and gives excellent, simple explanations. Thank you so much for this service, I learn and my patients benefit.
I just accepted my first NP job in the ICU. I feel the podcasts are a great way to get and stay prepared. After studying for certification, I'd rather poke my eyes out than open another book. I can listen to this while walking my dog. Love it!
Medical Student
ICU rounds is a fantastic learning tool! As a third year medical student, these lectures are an amazing way to learn outside of the books. A must have for Medical Students!
just wanted to thank you for this pod-cast --very helpful and on target!
Great stuff, who's the audience?
Dr. Guy is a fabulously knowledgeable guy, clearly enthusiastic about his field, and good at relaying pertinent info. HOWEVER, as a nursing student, I find that his level is inconsistent. About 25 to 30% of it is interesting and pertinent to me, while another 30 to 40% is probably of value only to practicing physicians. What gives, Guy?
Roadtrip buddy
I'm a MS4, I had a big commute each day to one of my rotation sites, and this was the perfect podcast to make use of my time on the road so it wasn't a waste. Super easy listening and well thought out explanations of otherwise complex topics. Love love love this podcast.
I feel cheated that I just now found out about this I wish everyone was required to listen to these. Great teacher that really gets back to the basics and keeps it simple.
ICU podcast's Review
Thank you Dr Guy, I am doing my PG in Anesthesia, your podcas have been very informative and helpfull, I have leanred allot and still learning more from your podcast's, Dr Guy have a very good scentefic understanding that is well reflected in his teachings, I mostly like his podcast's because they reflect his scentefic in depth understanding and his respect for sceintefic detailes and logical understanding and presentation. Highly recomended Thank you Dr Guy
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Dr K.H
can't download
Heard very good things about podcast. I wish more physicians who have the teaching gift would do the same. however unable to download. is anyone else having the same problem? Other podcast are downloading fine.
Great med student resource
Nice podcast to listen to at the gym. Seems very accurate and through. I feel that the information is accurate and complete.
Excellent information. Explains Svo2 well.
Great podcast: Dr. Guy hits all the important topics, goes through them in a systematic manner, doesn't rush through, has great delivery. Now I can go for a run and not feel as guilty that I am not studying. I am a 1st year resident and found the information I got from this podcast useful not just in my ICU rotation, but also on med and surg wards. Unfortunately, Dr. Guy stopped posting new ones...
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Keep it up!
This is by far the BEST podcast I have encountered on itunes. I am currently a third year medical student and the amount of teaching and information provided on this podcast is incredible. Dr. Guy is an incredible teacher and makes difficult subjects easy to understand with evidence based medicine seamlessly woven in. Thank you Dr. Guy!
Jeff Hassan
you just blew my mind!
ICU Rounds Rocks!
I discovered this podcast 4 years ago or so and I'm still hooked. Dr. Guy picks great topics, explains them well, and is knowledgeable about the material. I love listening at the gym and in the car. Thanks Dr. Guy, you are awesome, keep up the good work!
Nurse Ginny
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