I Turn My Podcast On
I Turn My Podcast On
Tyler Darling
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This podcast is produced by Tyler Darling, a fan like YOU! Join me and talk all about SPOON!
8. Travis Higdon of Peek-A-Boo Records and When We Go FM
The very first bonus episode! I talk with Travis Higdon about his indie label Peek-A-Boo records that released Spoon's 30 Gallon Tank EP. We also talk about some first hand Spoon history, the prankster that is Britt Daniel, and we play a special song at the end of the episode! Please follow along with the show! Email me at iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com
Sep 28
49 min
7. A Series of Sneaks Fan Responses
On this episode we go through all the fan email that I received with great reactions to the "A Series of Sneaks" episode! The episode goes through 17 different responses from old fans, new fans, and everyone in between! Email the show at iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com Thanks for listening!
Sep 16
1 hr 11 min
6. A Series of Sneaks with Britt Daniel Interview
A Series of Sneaks!!! What an album! We go over the 14 tracks, as well as the singles, EP, and rarities of the time. 22 tracks in all! Then I talk with Britt Daniel of Spoon about the recording process, rarities he probably never talks about, and why I think "I Could Be Underground" is so great. Email the show at iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com to be included in the next fan episode! Also follow on Twitter @turnmypodcaston and Instagram @iturnmypodcaston. #digitizeanticipationsingle #makeicouldbeundergroundnumberone
Sep 2
1 hr 39 min
5. Soft Effects Fan Responses
On this episode we discuss what YOU, the fans wrote in to the show! These are reactions to the previous episode all about the Soft Effects EP, as well as a few other responses. Please continue to follow along with the show and enjoy! Email the show at iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com
Aug 17
37 min
4. Soft Effects with Britt Daniel Interview
In this episode of I Turn My Podcast On we are talking about Spoon's EP called "Soft Effects"! It is the follow up to their debut LP "Telephono" and already they are developing more as musicians ans song writers. I also talk to Britt Daniel about some of the lyrical content, the history of this recording, and the artwork!
Aug 2
53 min
3. Telephono Fan Responses
The first fan response episode of I Turn My Camera On! Fans like you wrote in with some great responses, so I read them all and talk about them! Thank you to all the listeners that took the time to write in! I would not have a show without you! Remember this is show by fans for fans so email iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com to get your response read!
Jul 20
1 hr 10 min
2. Telephono with Britt Daniel Interview
Here is the first full length episode of I Turn My Podcast On! You get to hear my opinions on the album, then after hear an exclusive interview with Britt Daniel of Spoon all about the Telephono era! Remember this is a show by fans for fans so please email iturnmypodcaston@gmail.com to get involved in the fan episode that will be after each main album epsiode!
Jul 1
1 hr 32 min
1. Introduction Episode
The introduction episode to the only podcast dedicated to the best band of our generation SPOON! Keep listening!
Jun 12
7 min