I Thought I Knew How: A Podcast about Knitting and Life
I Thought I Knew How: A Podcast about Knitting and Life
Anne Frost
I Thought I Knew How is a podcast about learning what you thought you already knew in both knitting and life. Visit our website at IThoughtIKnewHow.familypodcasts.com.
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I so look forward to new episodes. Anne delivers content that is both educational, creative and enjoyable with a mix of eclectic music, that I might not have heard otherwise but I find easy to listen to. Anne speaks clearly, sticks to the pertinent topics, inspires and challenges us in our craft and is overall pleasant to listen to. So glad I found her!
Cynthia in Ohio
Joyful Peace
I love listening to and learning from your conversations. Your calm clear presentation style leaves me feeling joyful and peaceful.
After a years long hiatus from knitting podcasts, I am overjoyed to find a newer podcast to center my mind while I knit. It is always a joy to find a knitter with similar tastes! Looking forward to following along here for awhile.
This podcast has been so great to listen to. Anne frequently adds little tidbits of information that I find very useful, and I have also enjoyed learning about the conservation initiatives she brings light to. Keep up the good work!
Thank you for talking about the Master Knitter program, I've taken in a great amount of information. I listen to this podcast while on the job and your voice relaxes me.
Great podcast for knitters
I listened to I Thought I knew How last summer then it kind of fell off my radar. I’m really glad I found it back. Anne’s voice is very soothing. Even if you don’t knit, this podcast is worth listening to, to calm your nerves. I’ve binged all the episodes I’ve missed and can’t wait until the next one. I also appreciate the things that Anne recommends. It feels like she really puts the time in to make sure the products are things she will use. Anne has a lot of good advice and more than once she’s made me look at things a different way. Definitely worth adding to your “subscribe” list.
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Interesting, entertaining and informative!
I just recently started listening and I love the combination of knitting, music, product reviews, and very informative commentary. Her Online International Fiber Festival that was recently held virtually was so well done and so much fun. I am looking forward to the next Virtual Fiber Festival while planning on listening to all the previous podcasts. Highly recommend!
One of the best!
I am a new knitter so I’ve taken a deep dive into lots of knitting podcasts. This is one of my very favorites. I love the interviews and the explanations. Even as a new knitter, I don’t feel like she’s speaking a different language, only that there are some new techniques for me to explore. I also really love the music she plays through out the podcast. There are always new-to-me artists to add to my playlist!
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I LOVE this podcast!
I’ve only recently started listening to podcasts and I always look forward to this one. I’m a life long knitter - about 60 years worth - and still learn and love hearing Anne’s stories. She keeps me up on yarns, techniques, shows and more. I originally found her when 3 of us were planning to go to Shetland Wool Week this fall. Instead, she took me around the world with her virtual international fiber festival.
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Soothing, fun
Anne is an excellent storyteller and narrator. Her thoughtful observations and soothing voice helped me focus on and connect with my knitting when I was going through a difficult time and felt unable to focus on pretty much anything. Now that I know the podcast is here, I eagerly look forward to following Anne’s progress through the Master Knitter Program.
Hidden Gem
This is a thoroughly enjoyable podcast. It is time well spent- and I even enjoyed her musical interludes!
woolly tamales
Great Fiber podcast
I really enjoy listening to the podcast. Anne has a great soothing voice and her topics are always interesting. I enjoy the Master Knitter updates (or not) 😉than you so much for podcasting!
Spinning Buddy
Life and Knitting
Discovered this podcast during a long auto ride...& found Anne lives near where I spent most of my adult life. I have a dearth of LYS here in South Carolina so this podcast fills a need for wool chat. Anne is a editor and it shows. Episodes are well constructed and she speaks at a perfect speed. If you love yarn, like to reflect on life, and yearn to visit Shetland, you will not regrets listening. I suggest you begin at #1 so you don’t miss a thing! I am currently listening to January 2020 & am anxious to hear her take on Covid-19. Thank you, Anne!
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Great podcast
I love listening to this podcast! I usually listen to true crime so this is the perfect palate cleanser. Being local to many of the yarn shops that Anne talks about, gives it a more personal feel. The only negative I have is that every time Anne talks about the projects she’s working on, my knitting to-do list gets longer.
A joyful companion for knitting
This podcast was suggested for me when I was actually looking at another. The other podcast was not my style so I thought I would give this one a go. What a delight!! Anne’s eclectic group of stories, thoughts and songs bring a smile to my face and happiness to my heart. Her method of passing on valuable information is effective and pleasant. Great job!! I look forward to listening to them all🤗
The only podcast I look forward to
I’m so glad I found this podcast. I love knitting and am prone to meandering thoughts on life as well. The music breaks are fun, Anne is great, and I just really enjoy the time I spend listening. I’m still catching up on episodes released before I started listening, but that’s how much I like it—I want to hear them all. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, some even for multiple seasons, but none I’ve ever kept track of when the next episode was being released, I just listened in bursts for something to do. Thanks Anne for putting yourself out there!
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The voice we need right now
Ann has such a soothing voice quality but also a gentle way to present knitting/life. I also love her music selections and as a result I have downloaded the ones available on iTunes. You will also enjoy past episodes about her travels in the Shetland Islands.
Excellent knitting podcast
I enjoy having audio podcasts to listen to while knitting. If I’m knitting something that I need to pay attention to, it’s a constant distraction to look at a screen. I found this one by accident and subscribed after listening to several episodes. Anne has a soothing and friendly voice and her programs are informative in content and professional in sound.
She is so fun!
I really like this podcast. She is upbeat and sounds sweet.
Anne’s podcast are simply amazing! I start out thinking I’m going to learn something about knitting, crochet or yarn and learn so much more as in life lessons and lots of 🤔 moments that make me stop and think about my life. Can’t thank you enough Anne for your wonderful podcasts and glad I finally figured out how to rate and leave a review!! Xo
Shaveem2saveem. I thought I knew how
Ann has taught me so much about knitting. Even more important, I have learned how tightly bound together so many people are by this fiber. I feel a part of a strong and supportive group. May it be as enduring as the wool
So much fun and inspiration!
I just recently found this podcast and have binge listened from episode 1 - worth every second! I enjoy knitting and have appreciated the insights on life, knitting, travel and everything in between. I highly recommend listening to this podcast. Enjoy!
Sara from Charlotte
Knitting Ambassador Extraordinaire!!!
Anne’s podcast is a wonderful extension of all that she does for the knitting community. Her heartfelt love of all things knitting related shines through in her well-prepared, informative, fun episodes, and her calm, soothing voice is a delight to listen to. The format of her podcasts is well thought out, including a song break for knitting along to some great tunes she selects. A nice little pause in the action. She’s working her way through the Master Knitter Program and shares her experiences in that journey. You’ll also love hearing about all she does to highlight, promote, and raise awareness in the worldwide community. It might be reviews, interviews, attending festivals, conferences, or supporting charity events, but there is no doubt that Anne loves all things knitting related!
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Learning Experience
From her eclectic taste in music to her travel reports and reviews of many kinds, Anne’s podcasts are a delight to listen to. I always finish listening to an episode having learnt something and with a host of things I want to look into. This podcast was originally started as a way for Anne to review and chart her progress in the Master Knitter Programme and, after 23 episodes, it has become so much more. I would recommend any knitter/ crocheter/ fibre enthusiast to pick up their craft and settle in for a listen- you will not be disappointed.
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Refreshingly different
Anne brings a fresh perspective to knitting podcasts. Her voice, both delivery and content, is a delight to listen to. I’m glad that her progress with the master knitter program is going slowly, because I fear that she plans to stop podcasting when she completes it.
Great podcast
Thanks for your personality that comes shining through in all you have to talk about knitting and otherwise!
Great “knitting world” insight
I. Love. This. Podcast. I’ve so enjoyed listening to the interviews and overviews of overseas knitting experiences and the info on the master knitters course is valuable. Thank you!
A new to me favorite
While it’s been around for a while, I just discovered this podcast today. I started from the beginning, have listened to 2 episodes, and am really enjoying it. Anne’s voice is pleasant and precise, and she presents lots of info and insights interspersed with musical interludes.
CAPS Grammy
Refreshing podcast
I really enjoy listening to Anne’s podcast. The personal touch of the musical interludes plus interviews and commentary on all things fiber is great. I recommend giving it a listen.
I recently discovered Anne’s podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes! I’m a little sad that I’m all caught up and now have to wait for the next episode. Looking forward to it!
Purl Together
Learning so much
I really enjoy learning things I thought I knew but didn’t. Anne has a lovely approach to explaining things in a clear but not condescending way. She has an infectious joy of learning. And she does s great job of picking a wide variety of music each week.
I love this podcast! I found it while I was on bed rest from a major surgery, and it has become a knit time favorite! I live in a knit deprived area, and I miss having a knit circle. This podcast has become my circle as I have learned some and enjoyed much!
Gentle, easy, comforting listening.
It’s a treat to listen to Anne while stitching. It’s like knitting with a friend.
A nice relaxing listen.
Lovely knitting podcast. Anne has a kind, soothing voice. I’m Impressed by anyone who takes in the Master knitter program. I’m happy to live vicariously through this podcast
Now I know!
Interesting, informational and loved her shared insights, great eclectic mix of: knitting, reflections on life and upbeat music to knit by. Great book review!
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