I See What You Mean with April Kae
I See What You Mean with April Kae
April Kae
Avoiding Burnout, Creating Confidence From Loss, and Finding Beauty in a 99-Cent Meal — Chinae Alexander, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
54 minutes Posted Nov 10, 2020 at 10:00 am.
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Show notes

Chinae is one of those people who possess an endless well of creativity—and more importantly, the courage to share that creativity with the world every single day. Where do all of her fresh ideas come from? How does she avoid getting burnt out? What is her approach to overcoming fear and sharing her work with the world on such a consistent basis?

I talk with Chinae about all this and more as we explore her journey from growing up with a single mom in Texas, to building a successful marketing career in New York City, and finally getting fired from that marketing job—catapulting her into a wildly successful multi-faceted career.

Chinae is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and the host of advice and lifestyle podcast “Press Send.” Really though, she’s a world-changer, igniting real conversations to support people in being their best selves. You certainly don’t want to miss her game-changing advice on this week’s episode!