I See What You Mean with April Kae
I See What You Mean with April Kae
April Kae
April Kae knows what it’s like to feel stuck as a creative. And after working jobs from Public Radio to Wall Street, building a six-figure freelance business, and cultivating careers in music and modeling, she’s here to help you get unstuck. On I See What You Mean, from tech entrepreneurs to yoga teachers to supermodels, April asks creatives in a variety of fields to share their stories and secrets to success. Join each week for candid, enlightening, and witty conversations on creativity, personal growth, and finding meaning.
How Dropping Out Of College Prepared Me To Start A Makeup Company Fit For A Fairytale — Tai Ceme, Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur
This week, we’re joined by Tai Ceme. Tai is a makeup artist and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work as a makeup artist has been featured in Office Magazine, Preme Magazine, Vogue Italia, Hypebae, and more. She is also the founder of...
Nov 17, 2020
52 min
Avoiding Burnout, Creating Confidence From Loss, and Finding Beauty in a 99-Cent Meal — Chinae Alexander, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
Chinae is one of those people who possess an endless well of creativity—and more importantly, the courage to share that creativity with the world every single day. Where do all of her fresh ideas come from? How does she avoid getting burnt out? What is...
Nov 10, 2020
54 min
Walking the Walk From East Siberia to Playboy — Khrystyana, Model and Activist
The premiere episode of I See What You Mean features Khrystyana, a model and activist originally from North East Siberia. Her early years as a model were tough. After immigrating to the United States as a teenager, she moved around the country from...
Nov 3, 2020
42 min
This Song Saved My Life — with Kayla Maay Brice
On this bonus episode of I See What You Mean, we welcome Kayla Maay Brice! In addition to being a massive music-lover, Maay is a yoga instructor, the Imanigold mind body specialist, founder of “Literary Cinema,” and a genius on all things related to...
Oct 30, 2020
30 min
Introducing I See What You Mean with April Kae
Since relocating from Austin, Texas to New York City, April Kae has worked a dizzying array of day jobs from Wall Street to Public Radio, grown a six-figure freelance business, and built an industry-shifting modeling career, all while making music with...
Oct 18, 2020
1 min