I Didn't Know That!
I Didn't Know That!
Reasons To Believe
Where RTB scholars offer unscripted answers to your questions
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Syncretistic Crap
What do you get when you mix a hearty portion of the Devil’s lies with some religious talk? This podcast! Good riddance.
Questioning the Authority of Gods Word
Found their discussions trying to be more philosophical than biblical and science lacking and their proof is in science that can't be proven. The discussion is lacking the proof from a Young earth creationists perspective about science actually confirms the Bible. Once u start to question Genesis why believe the salvation of Christ?
Excellent scientific thought mixed with theology
Interested in metaphysics, cosmology, origins of life? Then this podcast will likely have a lot of very interesting and informative episodes for you. The format is that there are 3 questions and experts which answer. You can see what the questions are in the episode title. If you are NOT a Bible believer, then you may want to skip over the questions which pertain to Christian issues. But even some of those are relevant, like "If God exists, why do bad things happen?", because it relates to whether causal entities might exist outside spacetime. You can skip past the first 2 minutes to get to the first question. When you hear a question, if it is not interesting, then fast forward to the next question. The last 6-8 minutes of every episode are what is called "Stump the Scholar" and I always skip that part. I have been studying metaphysics and science for years and learned a lot from many their answers. Pretty much every episode had at least one question/answer that was scientifically well-thought-out and informative.
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Best Podcast on iTunes
I loved this podcast for so long, i still go and listen to it once in a while. Oh the memories!!!!
Excuse my Point of View.
Science (?????)
This is a RELIGIOUS podcast. You can't mix religion and science. One is about faith and the other about reality--totally incompatible! Why is this podcast listed under "natural sciences" ?
Not for the informed
These guys believe a personal God exists and base their science around it. It's just really frustrating bc I was hoping there would be a fair discussion here but it's not.
Not solid exegesis
If you enjoy hearing men debate who sound very intelligent, then you may like this podcast. If you are an atheist who likes to hear Christians undermine the authority of God's word with secular science in an attempt to do the opposite, then you might like these guys. I'm a young-earth creationist, evangelical with a degree in biology from a Big 10 secular university, and I was annoyed with these guys in under 25 minutes. It would have been sooner if they had stuck to a topic long enough for me to be certain they interpret Genesis timelines differently than the Adam to Abraham closed-genealogy method. They switched topics quickly enough that I had to hang on longer to be sure they were really saying what I thought they implied. They give good advice and suggestions regarding viewing the world through the lens of scripture and how to analytically exegete a text, but I fail to see where they have consistently applied those methods in their own exegesis. They emphasize evaluating a scientific or theological publication for its assumptions, then they readily put stock in carbon 14 dating, which makes assumptions we can't prove, and is demonstrably flawed in certain circumstance (ie., not reproducible with great reliability). In summary, they were annoyingly self-contradicting in 25 minutes, and I had to shut them off.
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Faith and science can play nice together
If you are a person of faith, a skeptic, or an atheist, this podcast offers a lot. A key part if critical thinking is understanding the other side's arguments. So many atheists seem afraid to do this.
Like Hugh Ross
I really like Hugh Ross. Very interesting and insightful. Non-creation people get so tragically bitter (as seen in some reviews here) it's hard to enjoy the sciences. These guys stay open minded, which, is the only way science can move forward. That's where these guys live. Question everything. Stay open-minded.
cs lewis
"Facts? What are facts?"
This podcast is more or less gibberish. You listen to it and you'll know fewer things than you did at the beginning. Bald, baseless assertions and lies. If you hate reality and scoff at evidence and you use the bible to locate missing socks, this is the show for you.
This really shouldn't be in the natural science section. It's not a bad show and the guys who don't deny the Big Bang and or evolution are ok but god is not science it's theology
Love it!
Very thoughtful intriguing podcast!
Illogical and dishonest
This podcast is has many problems. I hoped to bring balance to my exposure to different ideas regarding the natural world. Instead, having listened to the last ten or so episodes, I have realized that a biblical understanding of the natural world is simply not credible. This podcast hasn't bolstered or affirmed my struggling faith, it has essentially confirmed many of the suspicions that continue to make a Christian faith unbelievable. Poor logic, misinformation and a dishonest understanding of science and theology make for a podcast that supports a religious ideology that encourages hate and bigotry rather than a faith that reflects the heart of Christ. I would think that "scholars " could make a better case of a scientific support of the bible or a biblical support of the natural world. Perhaps a biblical understanding of the world is simply not possible.
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A podcast that tries to tie two opposites together
There's three kinds of answers I've identified when I listening to this podcast, depending on the experts and the questions asked. 1) On science questions that are specific to the expert's fields you get great, detailed and very knowledgable answers that you'd expect from science podcasts. 2) Questions outside their fields will get decent answers that will at times turn into total B.S., where their lack of knowledge and willingness to twist any information back to a Christian perspective becomes glaringly obvious. 3) Questions from a theological perspective will, at times, showcase the expert's cognitive dissonance — at once describing how an alternative view commits a logical fallacy while at the SAME TIME committing that exact fallacy in their own points, or their willingness to blatantly contort or disregard information to emphasize their Christian perspective. Overall this is a well produced and entertaining podcast that does some very odd contortions to get a strongly scientific perspective to meet up with a strongly Christian message. Those twists can be entertaining, frustrating and confusing at the same time.
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Hugh Ross is amazing
I love this program more and more. All of the scholars are so well versed and refreshingly fair. I love their golden rule style of argument. Treat the other person's argument as you would want them to treat yours. My favorite podcast.
I'm unbiased as far as proven someone's point of view right but I so agree with a few that they do seem to self determine parts of scripture. Still enjoy listening
Reason, faith, & science
Informative, thoughtful dialog and fun too. Dr. Ross is very knowledgable and humble.
Thanks for strengthing my faith
Reasons To Believe is amazing!
I love downloading these podcasts and putting them on my ipod and listening when I'm at work. It's great to know that very educated people take our questions and give us answers. I'm so thankful that they are creationists out to fight the good fight against athiests, while providing answers that the every day Christian can understand. Yes, this is from a creationist stand point so of course he will talk about angels and other things that may be put in the "religion" category but he doesn't talk about science too. And that's what I love about it!
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Excellent Podcasts!!!
Don't let atheism or close minded people fool you, this podcasts are very informative and educational... You don't have to hold a theistic
A Follower of The Son of GOD
Don't let the apologetic Christians fool you...
This is a hybrid of science and Christianity that chooses which parts of the Bible are metaphorical and which parts are not despite the fact that Christians believed certains things for years until science corrected them at this rate evolution will be accepted just as a sun centered solar system was eventually accepted. One day Jesus will be looked at in the same light we look at Zeus. Think about it.
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Good content, format problematic
These guys present solid science and theology in explanation and defence of the Christian worldview. When they discuss atheism, evolution, and naturalism, they are fair and do not misrepresent or set up straw men. The "apologist in the field" feel that they try to obtain is a neat concept but sometimes catches the scholars flat footed, leaving the listener wanting more.
Very very good
Very good for Christians and non-Christians alike
So Good
These guys are so good at what they do, their science checks out and they are driven by their beliefs. I would recommend this podcast to anyone.
Solid theology/science combo.
Don't let the dogmatic Atheists fool you, this is a legit cross section of science and theology. Numerous PHDs coming together to discuss a wide range of topics.
I enjoy listening and learning.
PhDs on the fence
Neither taking the word of God, nor the theories of man. These men try to fit the theories of bad science and a creator god together without a thought to what it says about a heavenly creator who uses death and pain to make things, or that with no perfect world to start with and no fall there is no need for a savior. In short they believe we are nothing more then animals and God is unjust and severe and not worthy of our worship. They are not creationists.
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Very interesting podcast
Whether you are a theist or not, it would be worth your time to understand how and why a bunch of PhD scientist see that the best explanation of ongoing scientific discoveries in the areas of astronomy, biology, and physics is a creator.
Bad reviews are from people who didn't bother to listen
Very interesting and informative.
What a great scientific podcast. You will love these.
Apple, please remove this from Science & Medicine.
This should not be in the science category -- let alone near/at the top! Put this BS in the religion section... I wouldn't suggest listening to a single episode. But you can if you need a laugh.
Hmmmm not all science
I knew something was up when Rey started talking about life and how there is angelic life, dec 13 ep. This confuses me as should e in religion category
Very misleading...
This podcast does not belong under Natural Sciences, Let alone Science & Medicine Catagory.
The Deedz
Fair warning
This podcast does have a Christian element to it, so be forewarned.
It's great to listen to! Very informative and I recommend it to everyone
daniel bultman
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