I Could Never Do That
I Could Never Do That
Carrie Barrett
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." How many times have you heard of a "dream job," an extraordinary athletic feat, or even a benevolent vocation that someone has and thought to yourself, "I Could NEVER Do That!" These people don't have superpowers, per se. These normal folks simply have a huge desire to do what it is they're doing and they ultimately have an unwavering faith that they can achieve their goals, no matter how big. Remember, courage isn't the absence of fear. Courage is "going in" in spite of your fears. These are the stories of people who have gone in and fought hard to achieve the unthinkable in spite of the fact that, yes, sometimes they are scared and do have some insecurities. Are you ready to go in? It's my hope that after hearing some of these interviews with thought leaders, artists, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs that maybe you too will go from, "I Could Never Do That" to, "I Could Do That."
60 Sara Gross - From Pro Triathlete to Feisty Media Titan
Sara Gross is a two-time IRONMAN Champion and holds a doctorate in women’s history. She founded Live Feisty Media as a way to celebrate fresh and empowered voices in triathlon and beyond. We can dream of owning a business or starting something big, but many get stuck in the “I Could Nevers” when it comes to actually doing it. Sara shares fantastic advice and her athletic mindset around doing the work. And, you guessed it, it involves being a little feisty, We also talk about the upcoming Womxn’s Performance Summit featuring Dr. Stacy Sims, Mirna Valerio, Strength Coach Erin Carson, Selene Yeager, and many more experts on all things womxn's performance. This on-line conference is THE place for education, community, and action when it comes to optimal health and performance. Womxn's Performance Summit     🎧 Track Info: https://youtu.be/rhV_DIoebmU Your Love by Atch SoundCloud: bit.ly/AtchSoundCloud Instagram: www.instagram.com/atchmusic License: Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music promoted by Ohzum Beats: https://bit.ly/ohzumbeats  
Mar 18, 2021
49 min
59 The Reality of Reality TV - with Kyle Klinger and Stewart Gill
Both Stewart Gill and Kyle Klinger swore they would never be on a reality TV show until, that is, they were approached, auditioned, and ultimately cast on Season 1 of Labor of Love on Fox as two of the 15 bachelors vying for the attention of one single woman seeking motherhood.  It sounds like a crazy premise, doesn't it? Who in the hell would say, 'yes' to something like this? That's what I wanted to know too, so we dug right in with some of the juicy questions: When did the reality of what they were doing on the show sink in? How much did they know going into production? Were they able to bring their authentic selves to the show, or was it all an act? What's it like seeing yourself on TV falling in love? Did you accomplish some of the goals you set for yourself? What has this experience given or taken from you? What role does social media play in your life now? What advice do you have for others who may find themselves in a similar situation? One thing is clear: these guys aren't your typical cheesy reality-show characters. They have depth, personality, integrity, and an overwhelming desire to make something good of this unique experience.  Follow Kyle Klinger on Instagram: @kyleklinger Follow Stewart Gill on Instagram: @stewart_e_gill   🎧 Track Info: https://youtu.be/rhV_DIoebmU Your Love by Atch SoundCloud: bit.ly/AtchSoundCloud Instagram: www.instagram.com/atchmusic License: Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music promoted by Ohzum Beats: https://bit.ly/ohzumbeats
Dec 17, 2020
1 hr 29 min
58 Selene Yeager - Refuses to Hit Pause on Work, Sport, and Life
There are those people with whom you come in contact in life and you know INSTANTLY, they’re going to have a lasting impact. I’m lucky that my guest today, Selene Yeager, came into my life when she did. Selene is a journalistic legend and consummate role model especially for those in the health and fitness space. Her work has appeared in numerous media including Bicycling, Details, Shape, O, the Oprah Magazine, Oz, the Good Life, Fitness, Redbook, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Runner’s World, More, Cooking Light, The Bottom Line, and Cosmopolitan. She’s also authored or co-authored over two dozen books, including: The Big Book of Cycling for Women, Gravel: The Ultimate Guide to the Gear, Training, and Grit You Need to Crush It, Rusch to Glory with Rebecca Rusch, and notably ROAR with Dr. Stacy Sims. Today’s talk with Selene Yeager dispels the myth that you have to have everything planned in order to succeed. In fact, you’ll hear that she never conceived that she would: Author or coauthor almost 3 dozen books Qualify to the IRONMAN World Championships at her first Ironman event Become a pro mountain biker racing and winning grueling multi-day stage races across the globe How? First of all, she wanted it, she did the hard work one step at a time, and she had people who believed in her to keep that unknown path doused in light. These days, Selene is lighting that path for thousands with her new "Hit Play Not Pause" podcast, where she interviews experts, doctors, athletes, and more about staying healthy and relevant in the perimenopause and menopause years. Episode Resources Hit Play Not Pause Podcast Feisty Menopause Facebook Group Menopause Feisties Private Facebook Group LiveFeisty.com Selene Yeager
Dec 7, 2020
1 hr 9 min
57 David Temple - Character Development with Author, Filmmaker, Actor, Podcaster and Voiceover Artist
David Temple brings characters to life on screen, on the page, and in the imaginations of his many readers and listeners.  After a wildly successful 25-year career in radio where he worked in large markets such as New York, LA, and Chicago, Temple returned to his first love - writing and making films.   For many years, he dabbled in making short films, until one day he decided to take his first self-published book, Discovering Grace, and turn it into a screenplay. After raising all funding, and hiring all the crew, he was lucky enough to turn this dream into the award-winning independent film, Chasing Grace. It sold quickly to Word Entertainment, and can now be seen on a number of streaming services like: Netflix, AmazonPrime and Pureflix, and in 119 countries around the world. Now, he is firmly planted in what he calls his “Chapter Three,” of life - an author of thriller novels. The Poser is the first installment of a new series of thriller novels featuring rookie detective, Patricia Norelli. The sequel, The Imposter, will arrive in early 2021. In the meantime, fans can enjoy his latest book set for release on November 5th called Devour.  In this interview, Temple shares his process and advice for aspiring creatives, he gives listeners a sneak peek of his new material, and provides an honest perspective on how he shows up to his pages every morning. David Temple Website   🎧 Track Info: Track: Your Love by Atch Genre: Electronic Mood: Happy, Bright, Fun Download: bit.ly/DownloadYourLove  
Nov 2, 2020
1 hr 26 min
56 Dave Jackson - Profit from Your Podcast
Dave Jackson is Podcasting Hall of Famer, Coach, and Author of the new book, Profit From Your Podcast: Proven Strategies to Turn Listeners into a Livelihood. Dave talks about the history of podcasting and his early entry into an unproven medium back in 2005. The word, "podcast" didn't really exist, so how did someone start an online business called "The School of Podcasting" and ever expect it to succeed? Fortunately, for those of us who have flooded the space, it did succeed and it paved the way for a new form of engaging communication. He discusses some of the money-making strategies in his book, why podcasting is so attractive and mainstream these days, some of the barriers to entry, and the biggest mistakes podcasters make when they start.  His advice? Know your "why" and remember: You don’t eat the fruit on the same day you plant the seed. Success takes time and I'm so appreciative he gave me some of his. Episode Resources: Buy the Book - Profit From Your Podcast: Proven Strategies to Turn Listeners into a Livelihood. Podcast Statistics School of Podcasting Libsyn
Oct 1, 2020
1 hr
55 Emma-Kate Lidbury of Triathlete Magazine - Register for "Hawaii from Home"
Emma-Kate Lidbury, Associate Editor of Triathlete Magazine, discusses their upcoming "Hawaii from Home" Virtual Challenge from October 5th-11th, 2020. Yes, you CAN do an IRONMAN from the comfort of your hometown either solo or with a relay team. Hawaii from Home Details Return to Swim Workouts from EK Lidbury Triathlete.com Triathlon Swimming Book from Emma-Kate Lidbury and Gerry Rodrigues
Sep 3, 2020
29 min
54 Jeremy Bhandari - Author of "Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top"
Carrie interviews first-time author and former ESPN staffer, Jeremy Bhandari, about his book, "Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top." Yes, most people think sports celebrities are super-human (and I swear many of them are), but how did they achieve such greatness? How did some of these athletes go from “lanky awkward teen” to MVP in the NFL or Olympian?  By adhering to strict principles - a few of which we’ll talk about today. There are also many who say, “I could never do that,” when it comes to writing a book, but it can be done and we’ll also talk about the process of book outlines, writing a manuscript, and finding a publisher - as a new author. So, if your goal is to get good -- nope --- GREAT at anything...Have a listen and let’s find out how the likes of Deena Kastor, Jimmie Johnson, Chipper Jones, Jason Kidd, and many others went about doing it.
Aug 3, 2020
1 hr 14 min
53 Sue Reynolds - From 335lbs to World Class Triathlete
Sue Reynolds, author of "The Athlete Inside" talks candidly about how, in her late 50s and early 60s, she lost 200 pounds and found an athlete hiding inside her body. From her first walk to the neighbor’s mailbox to finishing sixth (and first American) at the World Triathlon Championship, Reynolds discovered the joy of conquering fear and pride to find that the best version of herself had been there all along. 100% of the book proceeds are going to USA Triathlon Foundation to help those with disabilities pursue their triathlon dreams.
Jul 6, 2020
1 hr 29 min
52 Kelly O'Mara, Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine
Kelly O’Mara, Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine, has been a contributor at Triathlete for a while and you may know her “Salty Triathlete” columns - a hilarious, often sarcastic look at some of our type A idiosyncrasies. Kelly took over the helm of Triathlete earlier this year when…you know…things were normal. We were scouting races, people wanted pool workouts, volunteers were allowed to take your clothes off, see your naked smelly body, and help you change in a changing tent amidst the hysterical mass of sweat and all sorts of bodily droplets — not any more. Her editorial calendar? Out the window. Correspondents at races? Nope. As an athlete herself, Kelly was also thrown into the abyss with the rest of us. What do you do when you’re the leading voice of a sport that was essentially left rudder-less? You connect, you adapt, and you use the resources you have to keep people engaged. The result? A product that is better than ever. Triathlete Magazine - Here's How You Can Help Right Now
Jun 8, 2020
52 min
51 Adapting in Adversity - Jay Weber of Base Performance
While they should be at hundreds of races in 2020, Jay Weber, Director of Operations of BASE Performance, discusses how this sports nutrition company is adapting in adversity and covering (literally) the needs of many of their vendors with masks, hydration, and more.   Learn More about BASE Performance: https://www.baseperformance.com/    
Jun 1, 2020
1 hr
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