I Bet You Think This Podcast Is About You
I Bet You Think This Podcast Is About You
We are two women. Two normal, regular, ordinary women just like you. And just like many of you, we have loved monsters. We have felt the shock, the confusion, the heartbreak, the trauma, and, yes, the overwhelming shame of ever letting these perpetrators get to us. But the thing is, the more we decided to share our stories, the more we learned that we are a legion. Almost every single person we have shared our stories with, has a similar story. The same story. It turns out that the Cluster B personality disorders - the psychopath, the sociopath, the narcissist, the borderline, and all the other antisocial personality disorders - are far more common that we knew. Devastating, but common. We are not alone. You are not alone. We started this podcast to share our truths and listen to yours. To share heartbreak and shame, to tell cautionary tales, to encourage, and to love. We are here to change ourselves and our communities, because we know the antisocial personality disorder cannot be cured, much less treated. And we are here to laugh with you - because, frankly, once you see this “thing” for what it is and you escape it, looking back can be pretty funny. Trust us. This is our story. It is your story too. We hope you join us. S&M
The Divorce Bitches
Divorcing a toxic person
Nov 19, 2019
38 min
The Tangled Web
Liars, lying, and what happens when you discover the truth
Oct 2, 2019
1 hr 5 min
I Hate Dating...Nevermind He Just Texted Me Back
Toxic Dating and the Narcissistic Dating Pool
Sep 10, 2019
39 min