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Absolute garbage
Imagine being brain dead enough to listen to this trash whine through his nose for 30 min.
Fan since 2015
Done after your switch on Trump.
Housewives expert
Could listen to Michael all day talk about the housewives. He’s witty and real. All the negative reviews are from people who don’t like Jews. Those people can be so mean. Michael is a good person and so very talented.
bay area lady
The one and only
Keep being you Duke love the show!!! But the Dust Brothers need to stay all the way off the mic!
Love love love
Keebe and Michael Rapport are amazing! So funny and love the banter . Want more shows!!!! Great couple and great opinions .
Adriane Drago
Michael loves the g*nocide happening in Gaza right now. He deserves one-star for everything he does for the rest of his miserable life.
Funny and interesting
Very funny and interesting. Michael Rapaport is always hilarious and his wife is lovely. They are very good together. They have a great rapport with each other. Whenever they go off on a tangent, it is quite funny and enjoyable.
My favorite podcast!! Yeah dingo
Best podcast, never disappoints and always speaks TRUTH!
Review bombed
IAR is getting 1* reviews from pro-Palestinian folks recently. Scroll back a year if you want to see more unbiased 1* reviews from DJT cultists. This is a very well produced podcast. I don’t agree w Mike’s politics all the time, but maybe because I’m gen x and not a man-baby I can still respect the work.
Love Kebe and Michael Together!
I love the addition of Kebe. I was always a fan of the podcast, now I’m a bigger fan. 💙
Aubrey Sagalovich
Trying way too hard
Not one funny moment found throughout all episodes…anyone can have a podcast but not everyone should. This guy needs to pack it up already.
If you like to waste your life on nonsense, this is it
Ruined his own career
No one likes a genocidal freak. Posting videos about there being no innocent Palestinian. News flash that’s what Hitler did to ya’ll. Dehumanized you. Him and his wife are trash 🗑️.
Just trash!
Racist potatoe head
This old potatoe is extremely racist. He has no shame in that too.
Man of principle
A great podcast by a man of principle
Elissa Golan
Liver Spotted Racist
While Rapaport aims for a raw, unfiltered edge in his commentary, this often comes off as less than tasteful, with jokes and remarks that can be perceived as insensitive or overly provocative. The podcast delves into a variety of topics, including some discussions on cultural and political issues. However, Rapaport's handling of sensitive topics sometimes appears to lack the depth and respect that these discussions deserve. This approach can alienate listeners who prefer a more nuanced or considerate exploration of such issues. Moreover, his alignment with certain controversial beliefs, such as his outspoken support for Zionism, is presented in a manner that some listeners might find dismissive of valid counterpoints or perspectives. This could detract from a holistic discussion and feel exclusionary.
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Rappaport reality
Love the new episodes of Rappaport reality. Kebe and Michael are great together, mixing gossip about reality tv with interesting tidbits from their life, love this new addition to reality tv podcasts!
Lost a fan
Use to love this podcast. But nowadays I can’t support someone who fully supports the death of children and who is incapable of understanding that people can want the hostages released whilst they also want the innocent to not be murdered.
Love Kebe!!
Kebe and Michael are magic together! Love her personality and perspective!! And team Ariana for life !!!!
TETE Combs
so funny , so brilliant and well spoken
I listen to so many podcasts but this one is so smart, funny and truthful- Amazing comic, truth teller and actor- He and his lovely wife have the best chemistry- So loving and fun together-
If they hate, let em hate and…
You know the rest Mike Rap and crew. You and Dean are a dynamic duo but Mrs Rap keeps all the madness on track.
Pittsy RITZY
Big fan! Always have been, from a fellow New Yorker!
USF Hillel
Thank you for giving a voice for us students!!!
Simone c p
This White Boy is Thorough!
My Man, Mike Rapp! You looked out for my cousin when he got out, and thats not forgotten! Cypress Projects will ALWAYS hold you down Son! October 7th is a disgrace! Keep fighting for your peoples, My Man! 💯🗽🇺🇸🇮🇱
deuce pacino
only listen when the young shooter is on
tuggin mcgroin
Tel Aviv
Michael, I cannot thank you enough for hosting Dr. Einat as she explained the history of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This contribution will serve all of us and hopefully lead to a solution for the crisis we find ourselves in. you have done an amazing job here.
October 13 2023
He is the funniest!
I love his podcast! He is honest, funny and very smart!
You are the king Michelle! Best podcast you can find this days!
Keep doing what you’re doing!
I know that you know!!
Loving Rappaports Reality
I'm not a Bravo viewer but beeeen all my entertainment podcasts I can figure out what's going on so I'm enjoying the podcast with Michael and his wife Kebe , keep it up
rappaport is like the scandoval of bravo commentators right.. but just like ugly, racist and vile. go talk about special ops or AIPAC or something
Review bombing from the alt left
It’s the same show from before 10/7 but suddenly it’s getting review bombed. Why? Revisionists, anarcho-communists, far left TikTok professors and others who don’t even know what they’re mad at. They don’t have static facts but instead feelings that change from moment to moment. And they channel this limitless rage at anyone speaking the truth (which is counter to their narrative). Simply: right now hating the truth about the Middle East - and anyone who espouses that truth - is in fashion. Stay mad. We’ll stay on the right side of history.
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Keep it coming MIKE 🇵🇸
Amazing to watch this racist moron chimp out in real time. lol he’s def going to have an aneurysm doing one of these. It’s cool Mike we know what’s going on we know your family doesn’t talk to you anymore🤣 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Says it like it is.
Not concerned about being politically correct. Just Correct! Love him
This guy is a revisionist of his own story. He is a joke You are wack dummy
Long time listener
Spitting truth
Sinai fun
I used to watch him in a lot of shows forever ago came to see what he was up to now and I’m just disappointed, just not funny and makes racist comments
Love this podcast!
Serious and funny and unfiltered.
bell noir
What a clown narcissist
Zionist cheerleader plays victim, do google for when he got hit in the face with a snowball last year. It’s a classic. Zero stars for this podcast.
Incoherent Garbage
This guy is a muppet that can’t string two sentences together. Absolute racist freak that enjoys harassing women and college students on twitter.
Love Michael
Funny and smart👌🏼
Clown behavior
If I could rate this zero stars I would. This foo is an absolute joke and tool.
Bad, just bad
He should have stopped at True Romance and called it a day. If you like grating blowhards this is for you!
Weird Old Racist
Only come to this podcast if you want to hear an odd old white guy rant random racist and sexist things. This dude needs some therapy not a podcast.
Great podcast
Amazing podcast, straightforward, wise and witty. Interesting topics.
It’s just a boring podcast with guy who thinks he is a comedian don’t waste your time
It’s just a boring podcast with guy who thinks he is a comedian don’t waste your time
Top 5 Podcasts
Top 5 and it ain’t 5 boy
Like nails on a chalkboard
The over aggression used to be endearing, then it turned weird, now it’s just revolting. He goes after randos on social media, telling people they have learning disabilities and that they stink. He’s getting more unhinged and it’s scary he even has a platform to spew his hate on.
Used to be a big fan
I was willing to overlook the constant repetition of his well-worn catchphrases and overall windbag-ness of MR. But at this point he just sounds like a nutjob. Unlistenable and not funny at all.
Just cringey
Bro has gone off the deep end, un hinged and racist now, typical has been behavior
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