I AM Athlete Podcast
I AM Athlete Podcast
Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Fred Taylor, Channing Crowder
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HBCU Quarterback
Steve McNair -Alcorn State University Jerry Rice- Mississippi Valley State University Doug Williams- Grambling State University Walter Payton- Jackson State Univeristy I don’t get what y’all are saying!!!
JOseph Ushi
Love the dynamic between these guys. I truly laugh every episode
The In-Law Suite
I love this podcast, but if these guys (other than Brandon Marshall) were in charge of the civil rights movement of the 50’s & 60’s, we’d be in big trouble.
Funny and informative
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s funny and full of useful information from health to finances. Ocho VS Science is always entertaining. Please get AI on the show! I look forward to every episode.
Funny, Real, Interesting
I am a new listener! I am a NASCAR fan and first listened when Bubba was on. I really enjoy the questions you ask your guests, your humor and especially your passion for mental health!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Keep up the good work!
Real talk with raw emotion from the perspective of real black athletes! Great show!
What else could you ask for
The GOAT of podcasts
This podcast has been inspiring to say the least..great listen every show.
This is the type of content that should be featured on network television. There is a niche for this type of product for real sports fans! Well done fellas!!!
Love the show and the guys. Chad the goat buttttttt HATE that into rap. I’ll pass a lie detector test before I pass class?!?🤷🏻‍♂️ air it out like I passed gas?!?! Who’s mans is this? He gotta be one of the homies they know🤣
Love it.
I love this podcast. Chad is dope AF but the only think I don’t like is B Marsh literally thinks he was a all time great receiver lol. That bothers me and it bothers him when ppl tel him that lol.
Brendan E
My mother-in-law loves when I watch and listen to these men because when Im tuned in and laugh it comes from deep down. The range of topics and humor brings a lot joy to my heart. Keep up the great work. You are legends.
Mazi Anyi
We don’t even deserve this podcast, but I am so glad it’s a thing! I wish I could crawl through my phone and sit in the room! Such richness in these conversations. It’s like the new age version of Tom Joyner’s, “Real Fathers, Real Men Live.” Love it!! Thanks, y’all!
Music City Cutie
Funny AF
These dudes be having me and may lady rolling!! But also has opened up my eyes to a lot of things and I love everything they talk about!!
Refreshing, different, and funny
Well done men - Thank you
One of the best
I love the honesty of this podcast. It’s one of my top 5 favorites that I listen to weekly.
Excellent podcast
The honesty and courage to be vulnerable on a public stage is inspiring and refreshing. It’s also fun to listen to ex professional athletes talk about the realities of their world. This is topnotch.
Great pod
Great athletes
Heemie man
Authentic conversation
Recently started listening so I am playing catch up on the episodes, but the conversations make you feel like you’re in the room. Authentic conversation that is engaging.
tart tartn
Real Men Cry Too
I have listened to a few of the shows and enjoy the stories and the conversation. Real Men Cry Too definitely made me think about my closest friends and how I have to check in more often. Keep doing what your doing...it’s great.
Fire love it!!
shakey w
Amazing and entertaining content from some of the best professional athletes in the world. Much love the the “I Am Black” and “I Am Woman” series
Big Papi Negro
Great podcast
So well done. Relaxed conversation but the flow and content are so polished. The Cam Newton episode was incredibly insightful, but honestly the wives episode was just as enjoyable. A new go-to pod for my commute to the hospital in the morning.
I love the dynamic and positive energy between these women!! I look forward to the next episode. YES! to the I AM WOMAN conference!
Love this podcast
Nothing but free game!
Nana Ankamah
Great Content
Best organic podcast out there hands down, what I like is the conversation just goes wherever it goes staying on or off topic following a script or not. It’s great conversation from different perspectives. New listener and I look forward to it weekly, have also gone back and started from the beginning.
Turf Guy #1
Great cast, great conversation
Let me start by saying I love Tom Brady. It’s Super Bowl time. Secondly, love this podcast. Great conversation, great topics. Well done! Well done! #gocanes #goblue
Great Content, Legendary Conversations
I found this podcast accidentally but it was a happy one! The conversations are thought provoking, funny and inspiring. All of the host bring some great insights to the conversation. I’m a woman and not at all a Football fan, which is testament how relatable the content is. I can’t wait until season 2 and I An Woman podcast comes.
Authentic, Thought Provoking & Necessary!
I absolutely love the chemistry and conversations on this podcast. It’s so needed in our culture. As a female, I’m able to gain insight from the male’s perspective. I appreciate that!
Mesha P.
Brought politics to sports
This is the sports podcast I don’t wanna hear politics, Made me frustrated and now I can’t listen to it anymore because politics do not belong in sports there two different things keep them separate, especially hatting on President Trump just divides America even more they talk about unity and how much division is in our nation and then hate on Trump that’s not unity that divides us more! Love TO and chad but keep politics and sports separate!
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Codey 2$00000
Dope Podcast
Dope to see successful black men who can be vulnerable and show a high amount of self awareness
Love it
Amazing podcast. I love and salute the black positivity.
Theme song.
Man who’s that artist on the introduction,? I need this to find that song. It slaps in my basement.🔥
Ray Cutty
Great Podcast and even better Youtube show!!!
A different and really authentic perspective of an athlete. With high quality production!!
Recently, I came across the show on YouTube and binge watched it. You guys are smart, funny, opinionated and very knowledgeable. I love watching the genuine brotherhood. Keep up the good work and inspiring everyone. God Bless!
Southern Black Mamba
This Really is the best Jawn I love Fred Taylor he speak like true O.G and Channing is super Smart and Chad is Chad this jawn has great balance love this podcast 🙏🏽
Love this Podcast
Love this Podcast. Great panel of athletes and great discussions!
Top 5 podcast of the year! thoroughly enjoy it.
Chad Johnson request
Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson you have been my favorite player since day 1 of watching NFL. So much so that my nickname among friends is “Ocho” and I even wear #8 on the back of my soccer jersey. I host my own podcast about soccer, specifically Champions League, and would love to have you come on and spit some game to our listeners. Our next episode we are going to build a soccer team out of current NFL players. please reach out @footyfetishshow “where the fetish is real, and the footy is soccer”
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Hugh Ocho
I Am Athlete
This is by far my favorite podcast. I’ve had a cpl favorites but this is the ONE for me. I’ve put many ppl on and they ALL love it. Everything shuts down when I get the notification of the new episode. Respect, Love and safety to everyone involved. Appreciate all the knowledge and the wisdom from you successful black men. Crowder WHAT UP!!!!!!! #besafetho
Chadwick K
The best sports podcast hands down
Authentic and informative!
Man I love this pod! Gives the vibe of 4 good friends sitting and eating at a restaurant having a good time and having an interesting conversation. Look forward to it every time
Hursh Karkhanis
Great Content!
Dropping jewels from beginning to end. Always a message with every episode.
Jigga City Jack
Well-Rounded and Unapologetically Great
The mix of friendly/brotherly conversations, reliving/reminiscing old days, genuine concern for helping inspire younger generations and sharing information so many others choose to keep secret comes together beautifully on this podcast. 4 very different personalities that don’t always agree but are always unpredictable, I love it and tune in weekly. Sometimes I even rewatch!
D3 Baller!
I’m a D3 College student athlete (football). The content shared with me has gave me tremendous insight amongst my passion and career interests! Also the commentary is relatable and humorous. Thank you B mar, Fred, Chad, Wayne , and Crowder! Y’all are amazing! peace. prosperity. blessings.
Best sports podcast
I absolutely love the knowledge these guys drop. I hope this podcast has tremendous longevity.
This has quickly become one of my fav. Podcast
Keep going
Love it brothas keep it up.
One of the best podcast out
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcast.... Channing Crowder takes on things are the best...
Cool podcast
This is pretty good. Worth listening
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