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The addition of Ashley Nicole Moss is a great idea for the banner show, but not for “Tonight”—I’m sure I’m not alone in this opinion. Not hating on her, but she needs to do more homework before hopping on these. One of the first shows she was on, she wasn’t aware of Shady’s hands-on experience and stance on why Bieniemy isn’t getting head coach consideration. This was particularly frustrating for an avid follower/listener bc instead of pushing the conversation forward, time lingered on that subject. A few shows later, she doesn’t pronounce DeMeco Ryan’s name correctly (after the days leading up to the show, his name had been mentioned so many times inside and outside of IAA). Last gripe is hoping Ashley’s go-to phrases expand (i.e. “go ahead and.” / “gone ahead to…” when she’s referring to an opportunity or continuation of a process). The Tonight shows have been great (she showed up differently in the first episode of season 4 than she had been on Tonight), but just offering up some feedback bc the show has so much more potential. Need more Auntie, Pac, and Shady. Would appreciate more creativity. Want more? Hit me up!
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Cowboys Dak conversation.
Ashley was talking about taking the ball outta dudes hands because he threw 2 picks, but Trevor threw 3 of them thangs in the first quarter and still came back and won his game. Ijs
Simple courtesy
They have good clips, but to listen to an entire podcast…nonstop talking over each other.
Outstanding behind the curtain point of view!!!
Thank you for your perspective.
MM Dixon
I love listening to this podcast with my husband. The conversation we have are so good!
Nadia Thomas
PAC Man. Shady Brandon y’all keep 1000 🔥
Let’s go Brandon
Brandon might be a cool guy but he’s a horrible interviewer smh
swole caesar
Ep 105.
Great show. Love the concept. Brandon Marshall don’t be hypocritical towards this Tua situation. Had that sack, an illegally slam of QB, had not happened we’d probably be talking about the Dolphins being 4-0.
Y’all gotta stop eating on the mic, terrible idea. The audio is already sub par, then to hear dishes clanging and dudes chewing is downright awful.
Love it when Brandon Isn’t On
Please stop bringing Brandon on. He messes up the flow of I Am Athlete Tonight. He’s fine for regular podcast that have guests but with Tonight??? No. I wanna hear about all the stats, breakdown of teams and which football team they’re highlighting that night but when Brandon’s on, he takes over and you move away from the actual conversation. It’s so annoying and makes me not want to listen if I hear his name in the lineup. Leave it to the other hosts and leave Brandon out of it
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Female Chocolate One
Shanahan a good dude! Good content Peeps!
Show is 🔥
I love y’all still
Idk if it is the Wi-Fi here but I could not hear you guys at all the other episodes were not like this at all so again idk if it is the Wi-Fi or something like that. Y’all make me laugh when I’m having a bad day and more I hope it is just the Wi-Fi
monkey is bi
Moving on
I wish I could support this channel and I tried but the whole reason I started listening was because of ocho now he gone and the Pivot is where it is best of luck
My new obsession
Love this podcast. They crack me up.
This Podcast is moving the conversation!
Brandon Marshall is becoming a new great voice in the podcast/broadcasting arena with athletes coming in and fitting in effortlessly.I subscribed after listening/watching the Cari Champion episode.Loved the themes and conversation.Keep this going and reaching for greatness.
Not a good host
No longer a fan of this show!!!
Since Fred and all the other guys left, this show ain’t nowhere near what it use to be….. guess I’ll go find me another podcast to listen to….
Horrible. Simple as that
Seriously, just a terrible podcast. Don’t waste your time on even listening to one episode. Plenty other sports podcasts that aren’t completely full of nonsense.
Shouldn’t have came at Steve like that, Brandon owes an apology
Horrible audio quality recently
Audio quality been trash trash
What a Joke!
This is embarrassing. Do a little research on someone… garbage prep and garbage performance
Audio horrible
You need to fixed the audio. Can’t even hear or enjoy the show.
this is just awful has no point on context has no idea what he talking about and just is simply just a clown!
Kevin Bolinski
Great show but…
Terrible audio. The worst. Everyone is on a different volume.
Top 7392
Get close to the mic!
The guests and topics are great. The only problem is you constantly have to turn up the volume to hear people (especially guests) speak and then when music or a commercial comes on, you get your speakers blown.
Dr. Coach U
They slander Steve the entire video and then ask him for advice on how to be YouTubers, they forgot the red nose and the big shoes. Bunch of weird individuals
Brandon Marshall is a joke
They need to do more research on the people they interview or try to cancel
BM is a clown
Clown show
Terrible waste of time
Horrible podcast, actually so some research you guys are literal garbage
horrible shi
Do ur research. Walking L. L Podcast. L person. L Cancel Culture
Cancel this guy!
Horrible host! Very boring!
Worst podcast ever don’t even waste one second on this podcast…
Snooze fest
If you need something to help you fall a sleep at the wheel and end it all, this is the podcast for you
Y’all needa chill do some more research on your people should be more like steve
natalie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Don’t even wast your time listening to this not worth a second would give it 0 stars if I could
zach hext
Trashhh podcast
Horrible podcaster unfortunately, don’t waste your time
Probably the worst podcast on this platform, horrible host, does no research at all and instigates fights with the guests, would not recommend at all.
Uneducated and selfish can’t believe dude gets away with this.
I may kill myself after listening to this
A Str3amerBTW
A millionaire that tries to cancel people for making it.
Unfortunate Podcast
this podcast can be filled with political ideology that I don't care to hear about- Some people struggle with content
Is this real? These guys are rude and fake.
sjcie ckwnjshy
This podcast is trash. Guys do no research on people and then have them on their podcast.
Trash 🗑
Educate yourself
Awful podcast
Don’t even bother. Slander and “wanna be” is present the entire time.
Actual Garbage
Horrible podcast. An actual clown that posts nothing informational at all.
These guys are fake
These guys are idiots. They are accusing steve of doing something for clout and yet they are using steve to confront him for views on there show literally doing the same thing. If these guys ACTUALLY cared they would have done this private. Fake as can be
abraham barnes
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