Hunting Gear Podcast - Sportsmen's Nation
Hunting Gear Podcast - Sportsmen's Nation
Dan Johnson
The Hunting Gear Podcast covers just what the title implies, hunting gear and equipment. Host Dan Johnson interviews a variety of companies within the hunting industry as well as hardcore hunters who rely on their equipment to be successful in the field. From discussions on archery and firearms to clothing and accessories, if you are a hunting gear nut, this podcast is sure to hold your attention. Dan is also is joined by co-host Bob Polanic as they share their own experiences with the hunting equipment they use every season.
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Thank You!!!
Love the podcast!! Great guests and product insight. Keep up the good work!
Top Notch!
I am a hunting gear nut, so this podcast is right in my lane. Great interviews!
10-1 Fingers
Educational With Great Content
I listen to many hunting and outdoor podcasts, several in the Sportsmen’s Nation network, and Dan does an outstanding job of identifying industry product experts. The episode with Bryan Broderick was a tremendous session jammed with awesome information and insight regarding what makes a great arrow and more. Very engaging and educational. Thank you Dan! Keep up the great work! Check out his Nine Finger Chronicles podcast as well, it’s outstanding!
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Gerald Mathis
Two thumbs up
Great podcast to learn about new hunting gear.
Super Helpful!
These dudes have a lot of experience, and they’re actually normal people who have budgets and families and whatnot. As a new hunter this is a real valuable resource to me