Humans of Music
Humans of Music
A Jaxsta Podcast with Rod Yates
Former Rolling Stone editor Rod Yates sits down with some of music’s biggest stars and behind-the-scenes players and asks: How did they get where they are today? What made them who they are? How have they navigated the ups and downs of life and their career, and what have they learned along the way? The results are frequently funny, occasionally heartbreaking, often educational and always very, very revealing. Come behind the scenes and discover what makes these music-makers human.
Richard James Burgess (President & CEO, A2IM)
Richard James Burgess is often credited with creating the terms New Romantic and EDM. He also invented the world’s first electronic drum kit in the Simmons SDS-V; produced the first two LPs by Spandau Ballet, amongst others; worked with artists such as Kate Bush; and forged his own successful career as a musician. Now Richard is helping promote growth and awareness of independent music in his role as President & CEO of A2IM, the American Association of Independent Music.  He talks about it all here
Nov 4
1 hr 7 min
Conor Mason (Nothing But Thieves)
Since forming in 2012, Nothing But Thieves have become one of England's biggest musical exports.   But it’s not all been smooth sailing. Frontman Conor Mason suffered a breakdown during an early tour of the US, unsettled by the divorce of his parents, the rigours of the road and a mind that he says would not slow down. Here he talks about how he learned to tame those impulses, as well as the early days of the band, why they struggled to be accepted, and his formative years singing at school.
Oct 21
50 min
Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer first gained widespread recognition with The Dresden Dolls in 2003, but it was in 2012 that she really captured the world’s attention when she raised $1.2 million through Kickstarter to record an album. Since then she's had a love-hate relationship with the internet – she’s been able to connect directly with her fanbase via Patreon, but has at times been viciously attacked. Throughout Amanda has never shied away from following her artistic muse, as she explains in this interview.
Oct 7
59 min
David Ryan Harris
David Ryan Harris's list of credits is long and populated with hits, having written songs for Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy, played guitar on albums by Alicia Keys, James Bay and John Mayer, and produced records by India.Arie and Hanson, to name a few. He was also John Mayer’s long-time touring guitarist, all while forging his own career as a solo artist. He’s learned lessons every step of the way, which he shares in this interview.
Sep 23
57 min
Frank Turner
Frank Turner first found acclaim fronting British hardcore band Million Dead before reinventing himself as a singer-songwriter. At the time his friends all thought he was crazy, but Frank had a plan. That plan has worked out pretty well, given that his past four solo LPs have debuted in the UK TOP 5, he sells out venues like London’s O2 Arena, and tours the world playing to packed rooms. But there have been scrapes along the way, including death threats and issues with mental health and addiction.
Sep 9
1 hr 7 min
Adam Briggs is the ultimate multi-tasker. As a solo artist and with A.B. Original he’s become one of Australia’s most respected rappers, but he’s also an actor, scriptwriter, children's book author and activist.  As a student growing up in the regional Victorian town of Shepparton, though, he was told he’d never amount to anything. So how has this man who was told he had no prospects, who’s had to fight for every opportunity, got to where he is today? That’s what we’re here to find out.
Aug 26
1 hr 1 min
Thao Nguyen
For many years, Thao Nguyen lived what she calls a divided life. As a young performer she played down her ethnicity, to the detriment of her sense of identity. And though she was openly out in her personal life, professionally she never really addressed her sexuality, for fear of it harming her family. For years the shame festered, finally bubbling to the surface on Temple, the latest album by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. It’s an album of catharsis, as she explains in this heartfelt interview.
Aug 12
55 min
Michael Franti
Over the years Michael Franti has become synonymous with hope, positivity and social activism. It’s there in the music he makes with Spearhead, it’s there in his new album Work Hard & Be Nice, and it’s there in his lyrics, which offer a beacon of light for millions of fans. Michael has, however, long dealt with the emotional trauma of being given up for adoption at birth, an act that left him searching for his identity and helped shape the course of his artistic career, as he discusses in this inte
Jul 28
47 min
Brett James
Brett James was heading for a career in medicine before moving to Nashville in the early '90s to pursue music. But after seven unsuccessful years he returned to his studies. Within three days of re-starting university, however, Faith Hill recorded one of his songs. Fast forward to 2020 and Brett is now a Grammy-winning songwriter with multiple Number One hits. We talk about that rollercoaster ride, and how Brett went from (in his words) a has-been to one of the world's hottest songwriters.
Jul 15
53 min
M-Phazes is one of Australia’s most successful producers and songwriters, having worked with artists such as Noah Cyrus, Ruel, Madonna, Demi Lovato and Eminem, with whom he won a Grammy in 2015 when The Marshall Mathers LP 2 won Best Rap Album. Despite this success, Phazes still battles self-doubt and insecurity, as he explains in this interview. He also discusses how moving to LA helped him deal with these issues, and charts his path from Gold Coast rapper to internationally-renowned producer.
Jun 30
46 min
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