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HR Talks (by
Marc Ernst,
HR Talks #8 with Marc Noppen - CEO UZ Brussel (NL)
34 minutes Posted Dec 11, 2021 at 10:15 am.
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Show notes

Marc Ernst, founder and director of, talks in Dutch for about 34 minutes with Marc Noppen CEO at UZ Brussel.

Marc Noppen has been CEO of the UZ Brussel since 2006. The hospital is an organisation with almost 3800 employees, including 400 medical specialists. This year, the UZ Brussel was chosen by ZORG magazine (more specifically by a professional jury composed by that magazine) as 'Healthcare employer of the year 2021'.

Mr Noppen is a lung specialist. He studied medicine at Limburg University, pharmaco-economics at Antwerp University and management at Insead in France. Afterwards, he also obtained a doctorate in health sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels (Free University of Brussels).  Today, he is also a professor that university. Previously, he lectured in Boston, Canada, France and Australia. Marc Noppen sits as a director on various academic and corporate boards.

Recently, he published the book 'Gewoon anders' (Just different). Its subtitle is: An ardent plea for an unusual way of doing things. In it Marc Noppen shows himself to be a challenger of the status quo, an advocate of change and even of disruption. 

Marc Noppen is also a man with an opinion. In proof of this the interview with him this week in Knack magazine. In it, he argues against the excessive fees for certain specialists and pleads for a capped fixed salary, supplemented by a variable part based on, among other things, the quality and complexity of the care provided, for specialists and, by extension, for all doctors. It is a measure that he sees as part of the necessary radical changes in our healthcare system.

The following topics, among others, are addressed:

  • The attitude of the employers' organisations in the Covid pandemic with regard to teleworking
  • Whether the government was sufficiently evidence-based and science-based in this crisis
  • Teleworking as an opportunity for innovation that, under normal circumstances, would be much more difficult, delayed and slow to take place
  • Changing visions and attitudes of employees, in general and more specifically in the health care sector, towards work
  • The companies or other organisations that he looks up to, among other things, because of their HR policies
  • The books on business, management or HR that he recommends HR professionals to read and why
  • The future HR priorities of the UZ Brussel and how they will be achieved
  • Why he is a supporter of holacracy and self-directed teams
  • His vision on what he considers to be necessary thorough reforms in the field of work organisation in hospitals and in the extension of healthcare

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