HR Talks (by
HR Talks (by
Marc Ernst,
HR Talks #4 (by with Raf Seymus, Koen De Waele & Frederik Tibau - Panel discussion (NL-FR)
38 minutes Posted Feb 23, 2021 at 2:04 pm.
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Show notes

Suyin Aerts (a freelance event host & TV presenter, including for Kanaal Z) talks in Dutch an French for 40 minutes with Raf Seymus (Founder & CEO @ Stellar Labs), Koen De Waele (Venture Partner @ Volta Ventures & mentor @ The Birdhouse) & Frederik Tibau (Expert Digital Innovation & Growth @ Agoria - conducted a study last year on the Belgian HR Tech landscape).

Topic of the discussion: Why are investors in Belgium so reluctant to put money into HR Tech companies? And why and how did some manage to get substantial funding?

The following questions were raised:

  • What are the characteristics, especially the strengths and weaknesses, of the Belgian landscape of technology investors in general and HR Tech investors in particular, both private and public (LRM, Vlaio, W.I.N. etc.)?
  • What would need to change, among HR Tech companies and among technology investors, to achieve a better fit between the two (structurally, in terms of method, mentality, ...)?
  • What should be the specific role of accelerators, incubators, banks, VCs in that story?
  • Why does the Belgian Bio Tech, Health Tech and Fin Tech flourish so much, especially compared to HR Tech ?
  • What does the Belgian HR Tech sector have to do to really break through, internationally as well? Because deep pockets, scale and speed are key in the tech business.

This episode of HR Talks is a recording of a panel discussion that took place during the recent Virtual HR innov & tech Day(powered by HRMinfo). 

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