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Brendon and Denise Burchard
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I am so grateful for HPX Life and all of the resources you provide to help us improve ourselves and get to “the next level” in our life- whatever it may be. Wow, what a deep level of quality products you make available to us. I have not found anything like what you offer, and you offer your training at affordable (and therefore reachable) prices. I also believe what you teach- that serving others is one of our highest purposes. Helping people to improve their life so that they can find their purpose and fulfillment is what I think you do. I get so excited when I hear you both talk about being extraordinary and then using what we have learned to help someone else in our circle of influence. I am so grateful for all that you do to help us in our journey climbing upwards and outwards. May almighty God bless you richly in your work.
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Top High Performance Coach in THE WORLD
Brendon and Denise can change your world - starting on the inside and then IMMEDIATELY moving to your goals, plans and schedule!! I honestly did not know how to properly set goals, and I had reached a point where I just did not know how to up my performance. Brendon and Denise helped, this changed my life. My business is growing and I’m confident. I could not possibly recommend the podcast (and the book too) more highly.
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I want to thank you for doing all that you do. It has been a tremendous help to my mindset. I know want to live with purpose. Between you and Jay Shetty my life has been transformed! Keep up the amazing work and content. I love the planner you have as well.
Love your intention and delivery.
Your work is amazing and I thank you for being so generous by sharing so much. I’ve done the Transformation Week and worksheets and assignments, it is wonderful to recognize clarity in my life, own it and move on. I got the High Performance book and was listening to the audio book while reading as I have a brain injury and the combo helps me comprehend best but the episodes of the audio book disappeared from the podcast library. Is it not available anymore? Thanks for helping me make my life feel so much more magical and creating hopefulness. Peace Be With You! ❤️
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Awesome Podcast!!
Brandon & Denise, hosts of the HPX Podcast, highlights all aspects of business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
I’ve been listening to the HPX podcast for about 7 months and it’s developed my mindset to be focused & successful as I go into grad school next week. Thank you to everyone who has made HPX a reality!!
Always something I can relate to
I always like to listen to Brendon and Denise. When I don’t listen I get lazy and complacent. So glad I found out about Brendon when he spoke at a conference. I hope he comes back next year!
Brain slipping
Fast becoming a favorite!
I listen to several personal development podcasts. It’s the way I fill my cup. That being said, the HPX podcast is fast becoming a favorite. The content is relatable, actionable, and has a way of gut punching me right where and when I need it most. I truly look forward to each episode.
FOUR Kinds of Freedom
So on point about not needing to curse to get followers. TY for this!!! I’m SO TURNED OFF by the “F” word. And Zig Ziglar once said that he would not have speakers who cursed. That if he had to get that kind of person, it would be like digging thru the garbage to find a doughnut. I found you thru Dean of whom I’ve bought his REIAH program last year and still religiously learn from him. He will curse once in a while (I wish you could get him to stop that😁) But I follow himBC his co tent is so valuable and he highly respects his audience and is authentic. I’m a natural writer, currently work as a professional LPTA. I’m about to open my first AIRBNB & am delving Into REI wholesaling. Gonna get your HPX PLANNER. Thanks for all you do!!!!
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Rich Rhonda
I finally feel some guidance...
I would say that I’ve been a student of transformation for many years but the problem experience so often is information overload. High-performance habits and HPX for me has simplified it so I feel like I know where to put my energy. This is huge for me. I imagine this could be huge for other people. I challenge you to at least listen so you can determine for yourself If it will improve and encourage you to be the human being you want to be. Thank you Brandon and Denise.
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Real and actionable
This podcast is amazing! They give sooo much value and share such amazing ideas! I would suggest anyone listen in!
So much great info
For years I’ve been a Brendon follower (Experts Academy, High Performance Academy, Experts Industry Association, all of his books, etc...yeah, I’m kind of a groupie). I’ve always loved how he referred to his wife as his lady. It’s awesome to now see Brendon and his lady, Denise, doing HPX together! It’s obvious why they work so well together - she’s just as brilliant as he is!
So informative, helpful, practical, healing
Wow! I have always enjoyed Brendon’s podcasts and videos, books, etc. But, to tune into this latest series with his beautiful and intelligent wife! Well, I’m just blown away with the quality and quantity of information and generosity and openness of this beautiful couple! I’m just about overwhelmed. It’s come at a time in my life when I really need this. Recovering from PTSD and battling depression. I’ve really needed a plan, in order to move forward. This program seems doable. Thank you! So much. Unbelievable to have this opportunity. #transformationweek.
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On my Instagram!
I can’t seem to show a screenshot here, but I uploaded a screenshot of hpx podcasts with a comment saying, “This podcast is awesome! If you’re interested in getting specific coaching on how to bring your dreams, or more importantly, God’s plan to fruition, check out this podcast — it’s outstanding! Thank you for this podcast!
Love, love, love!
I cannot but help love this podcast! Brendon brings together some of the best podcasts out there. I literally feel myself growing and changing as I listen through them, and share them of course, like a maniac, haha. Major props to both Bruchards, exceptional as always!!!
Great Day Chiropractic
Exceptional podcast!!
I love all things from Brendon Burchard and this is no different. I like the addition of other voices and perspectives. Some of my favorite podcast episodes so far. Nailed it!
Lisa P Fuller
Quality Info
Tiny tweak to consider: Denise says we are so happy you are hearing our voices. It would sound more like the Podcast is more a gift and labor of love to your audience (that it is) if it said something like: we are so happy to have this time to talk together or to share this time together or so happy you are here to ...be built up ...invest in yourself ...fill in the blank. If it’s just me that thinks it’s coming across like it’s all about you then disregard this feedback. Obviously, we, your audience, love you and your educational content! Thank you for all your hard work!!
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It’s a Best of the Best Podcasts
I’ve been diving deep into Brendon’s work and loving it. I have learned so much. What I love about his particular podcast of his is that him and Denise give great insights but also share some of the best episodes from some of the best podcasts that there are out there. There are so many beautiful things to learn in life and Brendon and Denise are sharing that with us.
Love it
Always positive, meaningful, and great to listen to.
High Performance Podcast
I thoroughly enjoy starting my day each morning with this podcast! I like how well rounded the topics are and how they get me to really contemplate what my personal goals are and how I am going to reach them. Great content!
Micki Pyper
So Grateful for the BURCHARDS
Thank you to Denise and Brendon for spending their time to put this podcast together to share with the world and those open to listening and learning how to live a high-performance life. This podcast is a thoughtful collection of conversations that causes me to THINK BIGGER and POSITIVELY helping me to maintain hope and faith now and the future.
Finding your Voice- Rachel Hollis
This is my first Podcast I’ve listened to . I’ve heard great things about you Brendon. My first but definitely not my last . It may take awhile but I will definitely listen to EVERY one you’ve ever done . Thank you
C. Severance
High Performance at its Best !
Congratulations on your new podcast Brendon & Denise! I really enjoy listening to you both. This podcast is so motivating and by far one of my faves! Thank you for all that you do for this community :)
My daily motivation
I love you both together! I followed Brendon for years but this new podcast rocks!! Thanks for all you two do to inspire and motivate me daily...
Andrea Samadi
This is one of my favorite podcasts because it helps me deal with my everyday struggles. Just listening to both Denise and Brendon’s energy as they present meaningful content is inspiring. My favorite episodes are from Trent Shelton, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Episode 19 where Denise and Brendon share their monthly, weekly and daily routines. Honestly, This podcast helps me stay motivated and focused.
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Thank you- brain food
Really enjoying this. I like your routine. I’m a month away from stepping into the job I’ve wanted my entire career- President of a multi-billion $ business. Not the title- the opportunity to lead people, and run a successful business. I’m eating up podcast that are about helping me focus. This is one of my go-to’s. Thank you
Enjoyed the podcast by Chalene and will use it to become better. Great stuff, thank you for the easy and simple to use reminders for accepting helpful feedback!
Fat door
Fake and misleading for profit
While Brendon and Denise have some wisdom, the majority of this podcast is self aggrandizing non-sense. Brendon markets himself as having answers for how to be happier to people who are already privledged enough to have their basic needs met. Brendon encourages people to be happier than is possible or a healthy goal. Worst of all is that Brendon uses this podcast as a platform to make money promoting other con-artists and pseudoscientists such as Tony Robins and Dr. Daniel Amen.
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"ALF" (Gordon Shumway)
Amazing couple... amazing podcast
This is such a great podcast... real life practical advice for high performance seekers
Love! Love! Love!
I can’t think of anything more meaningful than I LOVE this podcast! I want to listen to everyone over and over and over again. The advice is so practical yet deep in meaning and the results I’m getting from taking action have been transformational! Thank you Brendon and Denise for your dedication and commitment to serving this community!
I really appreciate the work that you two are doing. I have been going through the most since graduating college. It didn’t pan out as I expected. I took some major blows and essentially lost myself. I began reading your books Brendon and it refueled my drive. Listening to this and your previous podcast changed my mindset. Thank you both for everything. I listen to this in the morning to start my day. Each I do I literally have a better day!
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A. S. Weathers
You guys ROCK!! I'm already excited! Thank you!
A lot of wisdom in such young bodies!!!
I have followed you for years Brandon and took my daughter with me to High Performance Academy. I think your ideas and suggestions are fantastic. I LOVE the journal! I love how real and open you are and it sounds like Denise is too. I look forward to learning more and we can all use encouragement, positive attitude and steps to becoming the best we can be for the world around us. THANK YOU!!!
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So excited!
Love that they are building this community even more. Great topics and guests! #teamhpx
Bree DeVerger
hpx podcast
i am enjoying the podcast so much and learning a lot from each and every episode!! thank you very much!! for sharing those ideas which are important to everyone in this world!!
International Women’s Day :)
So nice to see you onboard, Denise, especially today, International Women’s Day. Now if we could just get Brendon to stop calling us guys… Thanks for all the great tips, you two!
Trial by air
MUST listen!!
These two are special. They have a consistent incredible message covering many critical areas to improving one’s life. And get this, they TRULY care about you! Go listen for yourself!
HPX will help transform young into a high energy machine!
SL Palmer
Extremely Worthwhile Advice
The selections and topics are right on for my personal growth as a high performer. I am seeing results I feel. Thank you for grooming through all the crap to find the meaningful. It's exactly what i want/need to hear. Would love to attend a live seminar. You may not want to believe this, but giveit a try. It's really good.
Jasiu On Steroids
It’s Time
I’m forever changed because of the the lessons I’ve learned and implemented from these podcasts. I’m sending all my love. Thank you.
Livingstone Photos
On Point...This Podcast is Money!
Since taking Brendon’s suggestion to listen to this podcast, I’ve been inspired, I’ve laughed, tears have streamed from my eyes, I’ve felt the warm fuzzies, and thoughts and ideas of how to live a better live and do more with who I am have come to my mind and heart. Listen to this PodCast and find the strength of the High Performance Experience! #DoIt #HPX
Paul T C
I am in love with this podcast! The guests/speeches have all been amazing & I have even listened to multiple episodes more than once.
Maci's Momma (1)
HPX is Supreme
I am trying to not used the word amazing but, this new channel is AMAZING....supreme AMAZING. I love to hear you speak but the wealth of knowledge delivered by other speakers here is over the top.
Inspiration and Information that Transforms!
Inspiration and Information that transforms! Top notch guests on how to achieve success at a higher level in business and life! Karen Briscoe, author and podcast 5 Minute Success
Karen Briscoe, Author
Great podcast! Excited that Denise is apart of the podcast! HPX and it’s guests are awesome! Definitely subscribe! Enjoyed learning more about the guest and things that were never shared until now. Thank you Denise and Brendan for bringing joy to your followers! Keep up the phenomenal work!
Thank you, Brendon + Denise + #TeamHPX!
I’ve been listening non-stop since I discovered HPX Podcast. How brilliant it is to hear so many genuine and clear voices brought together in one place here at HPX. I was introduced to Brendon by my sister, and for that I thank her. I began listening to his book, High Performance Habits. And introduced it to my husband. Then I got the planner. Then he got the planner. Then I found this podcast. It is inspiring and quite frankly has been the only “thing” that has finally worked for this scatter brain with the best of intentions to get her s@&$ done!! My dreams are becoming reality as I put these plans to action. I love it. And am very grateful for it and this community. Keep bringing the joy, Bouchard’s!!! And I will, too. <3 -Amy Jean
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Power couple extreme!
Pure wisdom oozes from their mouths. I highly recommend you subscribe.
Cesar L. Rodriguez
I am grateful to have found your first show The Brendon Show and when I got the email knowing I missed your first few episodes of you and your wife together in a new podcast; I was like what??? lol Then downloaded new one as fast as I could. Thankfully I did because amazing speakers and new content I haven’t heard! Thank you!
Ann McCleeary
Love It!
Congratulations on this next chapter in your lives!! I’ve visited Puerto Rico. Such a beautiful place! I love Mortality Motivation! I experienced similar several years ago and it’s just amazing how the life changing experience never leaves you and “colors” your life choices from that point forward. I’m so happy to be a part of this the #HPX community.
Thank you.
I am grateful to have started following you since 2014 if I am not mistaken. I came across one of your youtube videos entitled, “What great leaders actually do.” I downloaded it and helped me tremendously during my tenure onboard a destroyer ship in San Diego in making a difference in my own original and authentic way. I watched all of your youtube videos and continue to listen to Brendon show and now HPX podcast. Amazing! and I hope that one day I get to be in one of your HPA. Herwin
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Herwin Malang
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