How To Talk To Girls Podcast
How To Talk To Girls Podcast
Tripp Kramer
Tripp Kramer ( is a dating coach for men teaching them how to attract and keep the type of girls they truly desire. After coaching thousands of clients for 10 years, Tripp discovered the quickest and most practical way to help men become their most attractive and confident selves. This podcast will show you new strategies, techniques and tips for dating the girls you want, talking to them with ease and becoming super confident.
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This stuff works!
Tripp has an honesty and humility that is very refreshing. His dating advice is psychologically sound and easy to follow. Thanks a million Tripp!
Boston Rocks On
Keep them coming!
Maybe it’s just me, but I found the “where you’re putting it in...”. abrupt ending to the ‘How To Touch A Girl When You First Meet Her’ podcast kinda funny. Not sure if that was intentional or not but well played Tripp!
Great podcast.
I have been listening for at least 5 hours a day while I’m at work for the last 2 weeks. I am learning a lot. Great material that is easy to digest. Thank you!!
I really like this podcast and I would like you to put the books mentioned in the episode details. Also would like to listen to a episode talking about the polar opposite energy masculinity and femininity
Noel Tolentino
Great podcast
Awesome, sincere advice
The last episode with sex therapist was great she seems really nice. I mean this in the nicest way possible, everything that woman said sounded sexy ,my goodness. She could read a bank loan contract and it’s be R-rated
Truly Amazing
To be honest I came to this podcast with intentions to become a player and hook up with girls and move on. It took a couple months of listening and practice for everything to really start working for me. And it has been a huge transformation, I’m talking to multiple women and getting laid multiple times a week. But Tripp not only taught me how to talk to them but also helped me understand women. I have been able to become much better at communicating and being in-tune with my own emotions and desires. This has allowed me to be completely transparent with the women that I am talking to and it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in their mouths when I tell them that I am also dating other women. Thanks to Tripp and his guests, I have become extremely confident, secure, and at peace with myself which has allowed me to be my true self with women and it has brought me so much success in the dating field. Thank you, Tripp, for this blessing. I could not have done it without you! I rave about this to all my friends and the best part is that I am a walking example of what this podcast can do for you!
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4-5 mins at the beginning of every podcast is Self promotion.
I unsubscribed just coz I literally cannot listen to every podcast STARTING with the same bs about how great his program is. I think he should look into how to make effective podcasts and put the promo in the middle and make it shorter.
Kind of therapeutic
I’m a guy that hasn’t been on a date for more than a decade. It is pretty psychologically crushing but listening to this podcast helps me not feel so forgotten. It is really solid advice and maybe one day I just might get lucky enough for some girl/woman/lady to smile at me. But until then, I will just keep listening. Kudos for the great content.
Another Justin
This podcast changed my life. It helped me to get back on the horse during one of my darkest times, and Tripp’s one on one coaching then helped me get out of the friend zone - I am now dating the woman of my dreams!!!! I cannot recommend this podcast and his coaching enough.
Decent Guy In A Sea of Sleaze.
UPDATE. I was surprised to hear my review read on air and need to separate my experience with the podcast. Texts seemed generic so I assumed he outsourced, but he said I was wrong (and I believe him). Also my review read pretty dramatic. He created/works hard to get you good info, so 5 stars. This guy has been at this for a while and most of his “coaches” walk a fine line of making a living and being a sleaze bag/professional creep (especially when talking about their students or clients). When he talks about his program and seeing if we’re a good fit, that he means is he’ll have a 3rd party respond to your texts with a pretty generic filter, mainly to see that you’re making at least 6 figures. I make high five and the text back was basically, let us know when your making 6 figures and we can talk. In the meantime, there is definitely good, free material in the podcast. I purchased his book to support the guy, but realized he does well enough and anything in the book is in the podcast.
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Chitown Jamie
Pee is stored in the balls
Hi I’m a short depressed teenager and I got a crush (a tall depressed teenage girl) from school thank u for helping me find out I’m can’t do it but other people can 😭 sorry to end this on a downer but here is a joke Why did the chicken cross the road? Cuz he was luckier than the armadillo Get it?
Best podcast for single men trying to date.
I have only been listening for a couple months and I have learned how to be a better man. This podcast has given me the confidence to approach woman in public. Thank you Tripp. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great job!
Great Show
Love the show. FYI, DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
best advice
i love everything and all the podcast you guys have. after listening to one i had to start from the beginning and love how there is just so much episodes to listen to!
Invaluable information. I particularly gathered a lot of wisdom from his episode titled “The Complete Guide to Losing your Virginity.” However I have one criticism. Why is it called “How to Talk to Girls” and not “How to Talk to Women”? I feel this subconsciously communicates to us men that we must settle for girls and not women. I’ve dated girls (by girls I mean immature and not under age of course) but I am now a man in search of a woman who is confident, understands herself, and puts as much effort into her well being as I do for myself. A girl, by my definition, won’t fulfill that desire in me. However, a woman has the capacity to do just that. I feel by titling the podcast “How to Talk to Girls” it might also insinuate that this podcast is for boys which I am not.
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Most episodes are interesting- from a female perspective
First of all - can you please call us "women" if you are looking to date people over the age of 16? Thank you. Overall, I have listened with interest as a woman who has been happily married to the same amazing man for over 20 years, but I just like to get a sense of conversations that are happening in the culture. I have enjoyed most of your content so far, except for the 2/19/2020 episode with Robbie Kramer which made me sick. Please don't call it being a"playboy" - what he did is called SEX TRAFFICKING!! He may not have been forcing these women into literal slavery, but I found it so ironic that he said the reason he started was that he was looking for a soul mate, and then he only refers to "models" that are "nines and tens" as being worthy of his no dude. If you treat women as a commodity you will NOT find your soul mate. Please, to all of your male listeners - my main tip is that all this work you are doing to improve yourselves is great, but the thing that has been lacking is that you are not seeing the woman as an individual. Forget about yourself for a second and just think of us as people. If you act interested in who we are, we won't be nearly as likely to reject you based on all of the superficial things that you worry about. And talk about being judged - men on this podcast say women have all the choice, but no we don't!! That is because you all go after the same few women whose looks match a certain stereotype. It is way more important that you show a bit of empathy than anything else, if you want a person who loves you for you, and not for your money, status, or looks.
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Great podcast
Best dating podcast. Learned so much from listening this. Helped my relationships with girls.
bill writes stuff
Keeping us busy with great content during this pandemic!
Using this time of quarantine to better my self and I gotta say Tripp’s episodes are doing just that!
Just email address need
Hello , I have something personal I want to talk to you , can I have your email ?
I’m a girl and this podcast is interesting. Some of it is false but some of it is true. Is there one of these for talking to guys?
Eye Opener
This is a good podcast! I’ve always wanted friends to give me advice, but not all do! This guy gives me good advice without being a douche! He’s friendly and honest! I
The podcast has given me great practical advice that works! It’s also helped boost my confidence 10 fold! Great stuff!
One of the best
Great podcast! Definitely has a lot of golden nuggets to boost confidence, be playful and having fun, while approaching women. Great job Tripp!!
I’m a girl and I don’t like how this podcast is
I may be a girl but this is discussing I rather listen to people talk about nothing but smiling or something I would give this a 0 star but I can’t so 1 star then
young horse wisper
Andrew Tate episode was horrible
This Andrew Tate person was an a-hole and an idiot. This was a horrible episode.
I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few days now and I can already see how it’s improving my confidence and I’m not so lost everytime I’m in a convo. Thanks!
vic 928
Opposition Research!
As a female I realize I’m not the intended audience, but I began listening in order to understand what you men are thinking and to find out what tricks are being used when men hit on women. I don’t feel bad admitting that. But I’ve continued to listen because I’m experienced enough to recognize that Tripp isn’t just giving advice on talking to girls, but pointing out leadership techniques, ways to intrigue others around you and help them relax, and ways to improve small talk and eventually help to develop this introvert into a social and workplace superstar! Keep up the good work!
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The Nice Guy Podcast 8-15-18
This podcast opened my eyes so much. Everything you said was so freaking accurate it was scary. Being a nice guy should be a basic quality NOT the leading quality. And that doesn’t entitle me to dates. Thanks for waking me up on this. I’ll keep listening to see if I can turn my dating life around.
Spot on!!
From a chick: Yes!!! Don’t blow up the phone with messages! We’re probably busy, and will text you back. Don’t lose your mind when you don’t get a message right back, it’s really annoying and we probably won’t communicate anymore. Women are annoyingly needy to. Soooo many woman should listen to this!!
Amazing help
When I first searched “how to talk to girls” on Apple podcasts, I was mainly just looking to get educated. This is exactly what I got from the many podcasts Tripp has made throughout the years. This information has helped greatly with improving this part of my life. Thanks so much Tripp.
it’s awesome
it’s awesome it’s helping me a lot in my conversations with girls and getting over approach anxiety I especially like all the advice for online dating or tinder dating.
Genius human being
Your podcast is so helpful in everyday life to be implemented in different aspect in the us !!
Phenomenal podcast!
Very insightful. Soothing voice, great info. 10/10
Thanks Tripp
Thanks Tripp, Thanks to your advice I’m putting myself out there again. It’s been awhile and getting back into dating seemed a daunting task. With your advice it wasn’t near as challenging as I thought it might be. Thanks again, Mischievous Mortal
Mischivious Mortal
Great Podcast
Helpful. PG rated.
The Best Gabe on the Planet
Great insight into Psychology of depth of Female Psyche
Most recent episode 10.2.19, guest provides great insight into vulnerability of females. Lots of Easter eggs.
Fantastic podcast
The nice guy interview is amazing. I could keep listening to this. I need more interviews with authors.
Awesome content.
Hey Trip. I really enjoy your awesome podcast and YouTube videos. Thanks to your advice and techniques, I have had a successful dating life since high school which is when I started to check out your content. I am in college now and it is going great. Keep up the good work.
Wide variety of Advice
Hey Tripp, I really appreciate your advice and more importantly all of different type of advice you give on so many topics regarding women. I haven’t listened to all of your podcasts but I definitely hear your advice in my head when I deal women....kind of like a 👼🤷🏾‍♂️😈 angel on one shoulder and devil on the other 😂. I just wanted to say thanks for the content and keep it coming.
Amazing podcast
I have learned so much by this podcast and I just started listening to it! I’m super excited to further my dating life!
Great Advice
This is great advice coming from a guy with actual experience. Tripp is a down-to-Earth guy who gives advice to the average guy like you and me and can relate to us... unlike some dating advice guys who were born with the good looks gene and probably never had issues with women. Keep up the good work!!
Nicky Bronze
This is a great podcast on dating, relationships and well-being. It has helped me a lot. Eric
How to talk to girls
This podcast motivated me and answer some of my questions. Thank you.
Great Stuff!!!
Tripp does a great job of giving out information to guys to help them instantly improve their mindset and process for dating. Please keep the content coming Tripp I really appreciate what you’re doing.
Great info!!
Awesome info and fun to listen to!! For sure helps!
Thanks Tripp
I have been looking for podcasts, of any category, to listen to and this is the one that I have been most dedicated to. After listening for a few months, I have learned things that have helped me to be more confident and trust that what I’ve been looking for has been within me this whole time. I recently bought the book Magnetic. Even though, it’s still being shipped I was able to start the sample on Amazon. I look forward to reading the book in its entirety to learn more. Most of my past relationships with women have included multiple abuse situations that has left me jaded, but listening to the podcast I have been able to overcome that thought and go after what I know I deserve; beautiful quality women that are interested in me and having a good time. Thank you Tripp for the advice you give! Keep ‘em coming!
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Truthful. Realistic. Motivative. These are the three best words to describe this podcast. Follow the instructions and your guaranteed to get laid. Keep up the great work Tripp.
arriass T
Game changer!!
The highlight of my week! 💪🏼
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