How To Talk To Girls Podcast
How To Talk To Girls Podcast
Tripp Kramer
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Great stuff!
All field tested, or backed by science. Tripp’s straight foreword and his advice works if your willing to apply it. Wish he wouldn’t interrupt so much during his interviews though.
Best podcast for the all around relationship advice
Trip and the people who he has brought on his podcast has helped me in ways that I would’ve never imagined until I found this podcast. So grateful and thankful I just couldn’t be happier once again trip you’re the man!! Keep on doing your thing man great work😎
Thanks bruh
Thanks my guy!! Definitely appreciate the advice 😁
Daniel C. Robertson
Thanks a lot chip!
Thanks a lot kip! I accidentally listened to this podcast while driving and I ended up learning so much I cheated on my wife and got caught! Now I’m getting divorced. You should be more responsible.
Appreciate you my dude
Amazon pod, coming from a fellow Chicagoan. Appreciate the knowledge and your willingness to share it which is a rare thing now days.
Good Stuff
Tripp has some really great advice. Very inspiring and helpful to any man who has been having issues trying to get a girl in his life. The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because he will teach you to play games at times with a woman which won’t actually get you a quality woman. You may get her attracted to you but your relationship won’t be healthy. A relationship based on lies and manipulation won’t ever work. But overall I like most of his advice. Really good.
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Discovered the podcast a couple of months ago and have already seen results in my love life. Tripp tells you everything you need to know. It’s up to you to put it into action.
Newage Destroyer
A lot of informations, enjoyable way to deliver, lot of amazing guests, lot to discover Amazing work tripp, yr fan from morocco
I have been listening to your podcast since 2016 great podcast. Keep that great work up.
How to be Thirsty(tm) the Podcast
Title says it
Awesome podcast
This podcast has plenty of useful information. Also great variety and interviews.
Exceptional Podcast more ways than one. To begin with Tripp is easy to listen to. His voice has an incredibly calm effect and it feels at times medicinal. The content provided goes well beyond picking up women and explores all aspects of the masculine and feminine experience in an incredibly enlightened perspective. The depth this goes is unimaginable. I’ve explored a number of talking ‘meat heads’ that attempt to put these topics into a digestible format and none compared. He’s compassionate, balanced, nurturing and full of wisdom. Tripp is one of a kind. I’m excited for my journey. Thanks Tripp!
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How to be a Beta male
Trip calls guests who gives bad advice for men. Its a good podcast for female listeners but for men, its going to make you a nice guy for girls to take advantage of. Guests just portray women as victims and show men as low value inherently.
Is helping me with my approach anxiety. :)
Tripp is amazing!
Thanks for all the wonderful advice! I wish i found you earlier in my life.
Starcraft 1979
The comment boosters are lying
Don’t waste your time with this crap. This guy’s just trying to get you to buy his programs while he blabbers on about common sense concepts. Very boring. Never gets to the real nuts and bolts of relations between man and woman. I guess if you’re a freshman in high school there may be something to take from this podcast. Not trying to knock the guy but this podcast is plain tofu.
How to mak gril hap
Give food Give food Give food 🔵
Tripp is the best coach and expert on dating
Tripp’s material has been so helpful for me to un-learn old ways of thinking and create new tools to become more magnetic and attractive. Love everything this guy produces, buy his courses if you want to make a real difference in your dating life.
So wholesome, love this podcast
Hello! I’m a late 20-something female that happened on your show when you guest starred another podcast. I’m interested in learning about men, their fears and how to bridge the cavernous gap of misunderstanding between men and women. Generally, women don’t trust men. It seems there are fewer and fewer thoughtful role models for men to learn how to be assertive and confident without being offensive and aggressive. I love how you teach from an open, calming, understanding and Very Masculine place. This show teaches about valuing yourself. So, just wanted to say love your work! It’s 100% necessary now more than ever. We need those guys that aren’t shooting their shot, they’re the sweet ones! Lol PS your episode one one-itis helped me out. I was stuck on a crush and opening myself to other dates has really helped loosen the grip. Thanks!
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Great Advice all around
This podcast is a great podcast for men but also for just all around great advice on dating. I’ve been able to implement a lot of Tripp’s advice on dating and they have worked. A lot of great content to learn and out into action. Thank you Tripp!
Great podcast.
I've been picking and choosing through the different podcasts that he posts and have found them to be very helpful. I haven't gone out and tried his methods through cold approaches, however I have been using his methods to help me raise my self esteem, become a better conversationalist, and to know what I am looking for in prospective partners. Keep up the good work Tripp.
Long-time follower
I've been a long-time follower of Tripp's YouTube channel and subscribe to several of his courses. I recently started listening to this podcast again & have been loving the Q&A episodes, as well as interviews with women, especially women coaches. The Q&A episodes have their entertaining stories, but it's also helpful to hear about guys going through similar situations to what I've experienced or one day may experience. The interviews with women offer new perspectives that go farther than plain advice, & it's very helpful to hear a woman's insights on dating. 100% would recommend!
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Good poscast but I’m done.
I enjoyed this podcast and found the advice helpful until they recently interviewed some red-pill, “men’s rights” loser. The guy whined about his divorce the whole episode, called #metoo accusers “illegitimate”, claimed that “feminist” single mothers raise wussies, and more while giving nothing about terrible advice about women. The guy was such a piece of human garbage that I could smell it coming out of my radio every time he spoke and the host is lucky I don’t ask to be reimbursed for need to have the smell of human dumpster fire professionally cleaned from my car. I’ll be peacing out to a new podcast but for everybody else, please don’t take dating from somebody who literally cannot stop talking about his divorce.
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Well done!
Tripp offers great advice and a roster of insightful guests. Tons of practical takeaways in an easy to consume format... highly recommended!
Arlie K
Thank you for making the scientific Meathod sexy again!
Diogenes laertius
Great Advice!
On the recent dating profile pictures episode with the professional photographer that was some approach formula gold...approach a younger woman and ask her to help you out with getting some pictures for your dating profile. Maybe there won’t even be a need to post them if that interaction goes well!
Coaching call episode
Hi Tripp , so I was listening to the episode which you play a coaching call with one of your coaching clients . I think he said he was half Asian and White and live in California. This was one of the best episode I heard from you and it made me want to get coaching which I am going to get next year, it’s Christmas time so that taking a lot of my money lol . Great episode I love hearing you go In Depth with a coaching client.
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Recently started listening November 2020
I recently started listening and this is an awesome podcast ! Recommend a great listen!
El chicano 509
Don’t be afraid to improve your dating skills
I haven’t dated for 13years and have been listening to older episodes and current and this podcast has helped me tremendously. Dating now seems to have a roller coaster of abundance and then down weeks but after applying what I’ve humbly learned from this podcast I’ve had much better consistent luck. This pod also improves your general outlook on life as well. Keep it up Tripp !
Cle Sports Fan
Possible Topic
36 years old 240lbs now, just lost 80 pounds, had a thyroid problem, got it taken care of. I asked a customer (I’m a appliance technician) on a date which I don’t like to do but I like her. I did it kinda lame, I texted her after I left and asked if could use the money she paid me to take her out. She said “thanks for all your help, yeah, keep in touch Maybe when things open up again since everything seems to be closing down again”. I have no idea what to do now, it’s cold in the northeast now. Thanks for the awsome podcast!
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Thank You!
Thank you Tripp for all that you do. I appreciate it and always look forward to your podcasts.
Cannot Recommend Enough!
I sent this message to Tripp over Instagram originally, but I wanted other guys to see this testimonial. I’ve modified it some as a little bit of time as past. First off, just want to say how grateful I am for this podcast. It has been super helpful and I’ve noticed a change building in recent weeks about my confidence and general more positive attitude about dating, my own image as a man, etc. I attribute a big portion of these changes in attitude to Tripp’s and Mark Sing’s podcasts. Both these guys, especially Tripp as I can relate to being a shy guy, feel like I’m sitting down to listen to a friend — it’s very accessible. For the longest time I struggled to get matches on dating apps with even women I don’t find attractive. But over the past few weeks I’ve garnered several matches with moderately to very attractive women (and I’d categorize myself as an average dude), several conversations, a few phone numbers, a couple dates, and all around heightened interest from women on dating apps. Much much more than what I use to get - and I credit Tripp and his podcast for a lot of my growing positive results and dating momentum. I hope to translate this into real life/in person approaches and get better with trying to talk to, flirt with, and ask out women I see in my everyday life and not just on dating apps. If at some point I feel coaching is right for me, I would 100% try Tripp’s services out. This podcast has helped hook me on trying to get better at dating and improving myself as a person in general.
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This is about so much more than girls…
Honestly, this show is therapy, and not the soothing kind, it’s healing. For so many of us, our struggles with women run so much deeper than the surface. I’ve always been someone who could get dates (and second dates). I got girlfriends, sex, and even several long term relationships of multiple years- only something was always wrong, and I could never figure out what. I’ve always felt in distress, insecure, angry, frustrated, and wanting more. On the surface, things could seem great; I was capable of great conversations, great sex, the romance, and I had real fun - my friends actually called me “smooth” haha, but on the inside, I was in turmoil, I was never truly happy or content. Whether I’m in a relationship or single, I still lay awake at night, wounded, waiting for the next girl to provide me with a hit of validation. This is where Tripp comes in, because while this show has lots of great advice for the fun stuff like how to meet women, dating, sex, etc, Tripp comes into his own when the show dives into your most important relationship - the one with yourself. The thing I’ve sort of always known in the back of my head, which is really illuminated here, is that I was *giving away my power*. I let other people, especially love interests, define my self worth. It’s not rare for this show to bring me to tears, because I know this really is a battle for me to understand those deep, insecure parts of myself, and show them compassion and love. Listening to Tripp, I had an epiphany, which is that this is actually much, much harder than say practicing how to be smooth in social situations, this is deep, heavy work. I’m just so grateful I have this show as a resource, honestly couldn’t imagine going without it! (just wish I could afford the coaching!!;))
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This stuff works!
Tripp has an honesty and humility that is very refreshing. His dating advice is psychologically sound and easy to follow. Thanks a million Tripp!
Boston Rocks On
Great podcast.
I have been listening for at least 5 hours a day while I’m at work for the last 2 weeks. I am learning a lot. Great material that is easy to digest. Thank you!!
I really like this podcast and I would like you to put the books mentioned in the episode details. Also would like to listen to a episode talking about the polar opposite energy masculinity and femininity
Noel Tolentino
Great podcast
Awesome, sincere advice
The last episode with sex therapist was great she seems really nice. I mean this in the nicest way possible, everything that woman said sounded sexy ,my goodness. She could read a bank loan contract and it’s be R-rated
Truly Amazing
To be honest I came to this podcast with intentions to become a player and hook up with girls and move on. It took a couple months of listening and practice for everything to really start working for me. And it has been a huge transformation, I’m talking to multiple women and getting laid multiple times a week. But Tripp not only taught me how to talk to them but also helped me understand women. I have been able to become much better at communicating and being in-tune with my own emotions and desires. This has allowed me to be completely transparent with the women that I am talking to and it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in their mouths when I tell them that I am also dating other women. Thanks to Tripp and his guests, I have become extremely confident, secure, and at peace with myself which has allowed me to be my true self with women and it has brought me so much success in the dating field. Thank you, Tripp, for this blessing. I could not have done it without you! I rave about this to all my friends and the best part is that I am a walking example of what this podcast can do for you!
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4-5 mins at the beginning of every podcast is Self promotion.
I unsubscribed just coz I literally cannot listen to every podcast STARTING with the same bs about how great his program is. I think he should look into how to make effective podcasts and put the promo in the middle and make it shorter.
Kind of therapeutic
I’m a guy that hasn’t been on a date for more than a decade. It is pretty psychologically crushing but listening to this podcast helps me not feel so forgotten. It is really solid advice and maybe one day I just might get lucky enough for some girl/woman/lady to smile at me. But until then, I will just keep listening. Kudos for the great content.
Another Justin
This podcast changed my life. It helped me to get back on the horse during one of my darkest times, and Tripp’s one on one coaching then helped me get out of the friend zone - I am now dating the woman of my dreams!!!! I cannot recommend this podcast and his coaching enough.
Decent Guy In A Sea of Sleaze.
UPDATE. I was surprised to hear my review read on air and need to separate my experience with the podcast. Texts seemed generic so I assumed he outsourced, but he said I was wrong (and I believe him). Also my review read pretty dramatic. He created/works hard to get you good info, so 5 stars. This guy has been at this for a while and most of his “coaches” walk a fine line of making a living and being a sleaze bag/professional creep (especially when talking about their students or clients). When he talks about his program and seeing if we’re a good fit, that he means is he’ll have a 3rd party respond to your texts with a pretty generic filter, mainly to see that you’re making at least 6 figures. I make high five and the text back was basically, let us know when your making 6 figures and we can talk. In the meantime, there is definitely good, free material in the podcast. I purchased his book to support the guy, but realized he does well enough and anything in the book is in the podcast.
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Chitown Jamie
Pee is stored in the balls
Hi I’m a short depressed teenager and I got a crush (a tall depressed teenage girl) from school thank u for helping me find out I’m can’t do it but other people can 😭 sorry to end this on a downer but here is a joke Why did the chicken cross the road? Cuz he was luckier than the armadillo Get it?
Best podcast for single men trying to date.
I have only been listening for a couple months and I have learned how to be a better man. This podcast has given me the confidence to approach woman in public. Thank you Tripp. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great job!
Great Show
Love the show. FYI, DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
best advice
i love everything and all the podcast you guys have. after listening to one i had to start from the beginning and love how there is just so much episodes to listen to!
Invaluable information. I particularly gathered a lot of wisdom from his episode titled “The Complete Guide to Losing your Virginity.” However I have one criticism. Why is it called “How to Talk to Girls” and not “How to Talk to Women”? I feel this subconsciously communicates to us men that we must settle for girls and not women. I’ve dated girls (by girls I mean immature and not under age of course) but I am now a man in search of a woman who is confident, understands herself, and puts as much effort into her well being as I do for myself. A girl, by my definition, won’t fulfill that desire in me. However, a woman has the capacity to do just that. I feel by titling the podcast “How to Talk to Girls” it might also insinuate that this podcast is for boys which I am not.
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Most episodes are interesting- from a female perspective
First of all - can you please call us "women" if you are looking to date people over the age of 16? Thank you. Overall, I have listened with interest as a woman who has been happily married to the same amazing man for over 20 years, but I just like to get a sense of conversations that are happening in the culture. I have enjoyed most of your content so far, except for the 2/19/2020 episode with Robbie Kramer which made me sick. Please don't call it being a"playboy" - what he did is called SEX TRAFFICKING!! He may not have been forcing these women into literal slavery, but I found it so ironic that he said the reason he started was that he was looking for a soul mate, and then he only refers to "models" that are "nines and tens" as being worthy of his no dude. If you treat women as a commodity you will NOT find your soul mate. Please, to all of your male listeners - my main tip is that all this work you are doing to improve yourselves is great, but the thing that has been lacking is that you are not seeing the woman as an individual. Forget about yourself for a second and just think of us as people. If you act interested in who we are, we won't be nearly as likely to reject you based on all of the superficial things that you worry about. And talk about being judged - men on this podcast say women have all the choice, but no we don't!! That is because you all go after the same few women whose looks match a certain stereotype. It is way more important that you show a bit of empathy than anything else, if you want a person who loves you for you, and not for your money, status, or looks.
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Great podcast
Best dating podcast. Learned so much from listening this. Helped my relationships with girls.
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