How To Talk To Girls Podcast
How To Talk To Girls Podcast
Tripp Kramer
Tripp Kramer ( has been teaching shy men around the world how to date the girls they truly desire by approaching confidently, using openers that really work, starting conversations that are fun and engaging, and closing with her number and planning a date.
Boundaries & Women Waiting For Sex (Q&A Episode!)
Let's answer some more questions from listeners about dating with tourettes, which photos not to use for dating apps, why some girls never ask about your day, being too accommodating for girls, are your standards too high, and are your assumptions stopping you from taking action? Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 25
53 min
4 Health Habits To Appear More Attractive
I've known Jared a long time and today he's a successful health coach. A big part of attracting women is having optimal health. You'll learn how to look younger and have more energy by using full spectrum lights, airplane mode, and selecting foods from the perimeter of the store. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 21
51 min
Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Flirting! (Without Being Creepy)
Most women tend to understand the subtle language of flirting better than men. And if you don't speak it correctly to the average woman, you might get called a creep or worse. So we'll dive deep into what flirting is, various techniques, some of my best openers, and end with Q&A. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 18
1 hr 30 min
Weekly Wingman: How To Be Funny
You already know girls love funny guys. When you can make girls laugh, your looks and money won't matter anymore. And contrary to popular belief you can learn how to be funny and develop a strong sense of humor. We'll go over how to do this without reading any books or tutorials. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 14
16 min
Weekly Wingman: Easy Hack For Looking Attractive
Your outer appearance says more than you know to women. When you go the extra mile and pay attention to the details of what you wear and how you wear it women instantly assume that you can take care of practically anything. So let's go over how to always look attractive to women. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 7
15 min
What To Do If A Girl Loses Interest
Being stuck on a girl who is not interested prevents you from moving on with your life and meeting other girls who will make you happy. Here is the best thing to do when a girl loses interest so that you don't end up wasting time pining over the one girl who is never coming back. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 4
35 min
Weekly Wingman: Bringing Hot Girls To The Bar
There is one thing you can do when going out that will give you a huge advantage with meeting women. And that is to go out with girls who are just friends. 99% of guys are unable to do this. But when you do this, you will instantly have the attention of new girls wherever you go. Advertising Inquiries:
Feb 1
14 min
How Women Select Men
According to evolutionary psychology, women have evolved to be attracted to men who have resources or the ability to acquire resources. You'll learn how men limit their options by thinking this only means money, what else it means, and how to develop the trait of resourcefulness. Advertising Inquiries:
Jan 31
53 min
Are Modern Women Paying The Bill In 2024?
One of the keys to understanding women is why they say things that contradict each other. One of those is wanting everything to be the same, except when it comes to things that benefit them, such as paying for a date. You'll hear me and my guests debate on who should pay and why. Advertising Inquiries:
Jan 28
2 hr 58 min
Weekly Wingman: FaceTime & Phone Dates
Systematizing the online dating process by mapping out the steps is how you get the results that most guys never see. And one of those steps is using virtual dates to meet more girls and filter them quicker, both of which increase the effectiveness of your online dating efforts. Advertising Inquiries:
Jan 25
17 min
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