How To Talk To Girls Podcast
How To Talk To Girls Podcast
Tripp Kramer
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Tripp Kramer ( is a dating coach for men teaching them how to attract and keep the type of girls they truly desire. After coaching thousands of clients for 10 years, Tripp discovered the quickest and most practical way to help men become their most attractive and confident selves. This podcast will show you new strategies, techniques and tips for dating the girls you want, talking to them with ease and becoming super confident.
Flirting With Different Types Of Women In Various Settings
You're going to hear from one of my seminars a few years back where I talked about flirting and touching girls in different social situations. Things have changed since then so my views on flirting with co-workers has changed but I left it in anyway if you want to hear that part.
Sep 14
25 min
The Biggest Benefit Of Being In The Friend Zone
Let's talk about real guys with real stories. Starting with a recent client who got out of the friend-zone after 1.5 years. Then how to meet girls at a restaurant, what if you're not getting anywhere with a girl at work, and how to get a girl interested again after being ghosted.
Sep 12
29 min
Destroying Your Poisonous “Limiting Belief System”
Are your self-limiting beliefs holding you back? Well today, Mark Sing (dating coach for ambitious men) is going to share how he uses NLP to remove negative programming from the mind and replace it with new empowering beliefs that create a radical change in thinking and behavior.
Sep 10
33 min
The In’s & Out’s Of Interracial Dating
Damona Hoffman is a dating expert and host of two TV shows. Today we discuss interracial dating, the pros and cons of limiting yourself to dating only a certain race or religion, and the challenge of expanding one's cultural views and ultimately finding the right person for you.
Sep 7
40 min
What Are The Best Dating Sites & Apps To Use In 2020?
Online dating and dating apps are hotter than ever these days. So we'll cover which sites and apps you should join today, the best method for getting girls to reply back and meet up, and exactly how much time you should dedicate each day to make meeting the right girl inevitable.
Sep 4
17 min
Naturally Attracting Women Into Your Life Part 2 [The London Seminar]
I edited an audio from a seminar I did in 2014. It's Q&A where we talked about how to get your confidence back after getting rejected by a girl, the best body language to have for delivering an opener, how to make time to go out and meet girls, and how to turn numbers into dates.
Sep 2
40 min
Naturally Attracting Women Into Your Life Part 1 [The London Seminar]
This is the audio from when I spoke to a group of men at an event in 2014. This was back when I was doing bootcamps and taking guys out. I shared how you don't have to act like a pick up artist to be good at meeting girls. You can learn these skills while being your natural self.
Aug 31
51 min
What To Say To A Girl Who’s Not Responding
Let's answer some questions today: 1. Corey asks "what if I'm on a date and she doesn't ask me anything?" 2. Drew asks "how do I learn all this dating advice quickly?" 3. Anonymous asks "how do I date during Covid?" 4. David asks "how can I date a woman without leading her on?"
Aug 28
28 min
Creating A Powerful Impression In The First 7 Seconds
Kimberly Seltzer is a style expert for men. And she not only helps men with their clothes but also gets to the heart of the matter by starting from the inside and working your way out. On this episode, you will learn how to exude massive confidence and charisma in just 7 seconds.
Aug 24
45 min
Send These Text Messages To Get A Response From A Girl
The 3 biggest challenges when texting a girl are: 1. your first text after meeting her 2. what to text to set up the date and 3. what to text her when she doesn't text back. And today, Matt Artisan (founder of The Attractive Man) and I are going to answer each of these in depth.
Aug 21
54 min
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