How To Make Money In Stocks with Investor's Business Daily
How To Make Money In Stocks with Investor's Business Daily
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This archived library is great. The info is still relevant and helps newer CAN SLIM traders a lot!
Great podcast with excellent guests and timely guidance based on IBD strategy. Sometimes have audio modulation challenges with different volumes for host vs. guests
Good show but feed is always broken
Great podcast but the feed is always broken.
Good info, poor quality
The horrible audio quality is so bad that it is hard to listen to. Tinny, distorted sound. Time to upgrade those microphones!!
Great market summaries!
No tech issues here... Informative, concise market reviews for busy professionals.
Ali 1987
Much better as a stand-alone audio podcast
The switch to video didn't do the audio podcast any justice. I liked it better back when it was just audio.
Excellent show as always. I look forward to the weekend and being able to listen to the show. IBD excellence as always.
Lame, Scripted, Infomercial
Totally scripted. Even the guests sound like they are reading from notes. Also, the content is mostly a long advertisement for IBD. Not worth my time.
Too much selling. Too little information
I listen to several podcasts each day. This podcasts spends too much time selling its products and not enough time providing valuable financial information. It will never be popular if it continues to be one long commercial. Find the right mix.
Great Shows. Gets me engaged
This is a great show. It gets me engaged in the CANSLIM and helps me to go back and look at areas of the method to get a better/deeper understanding. And it is a helpful recap of the weekly market action.
Great show
Great Show.
CANSLIM Investing
Good focused on the CANSLIM method of investing. Much better when they have guests from outside of IBD.
Rich WD
Excellent compliment to IBD
If you like IBD, this is a must. They provide great coaching on the IBD system.
Great podcast to help you to become a profitable investor.
It's a super show!
Math and Amy really do a great show. Lots of information, fresh ideas, always reminding us CAN SLIM concepts, great guests, and of course excellent personalities. And for those who said they spend much time advertising their books and so.....I bought Amy's book, it's great and I recommend it period.
Felipe Nino de Guzman
Listen Every Weekend
I look forward to the great investment topics and analysis. Both Matt and Amy are generous with investing information. Too many other investment sources make you 100% dependent on them for making trades. They encourage investing independence. I learn something useful each week!
Batchelor Fan
I look forward to it every week
I look forward to this podcast every week from AMY and Mathew. Excellent content, excellent presenter personalities, excellent audio quality and production. Thank you.
Great Podcast!
Excellent review of the market for the week, plus reminders on how to apply the IBD rules to help you invest. I download it on my iPod and listen to it on the way to work - thanks!
Big Dave OC
Has become a book advertisement.
I like the podcast when they are talking about the CANSLIM investing technique, but ever since Amy came out with her book - it sounds more like an advertisement. It will only get worse when Matthews book comes out. People who listen to this particular Podcast don't have reminded every week about they're books. Plus, they need to fix the auto download.
Great show
Like others I wish someone would fix the automatic download feature. Do you get the impression that nobody at Apple reads these reviews!!!
Great show
Great show, but I have to manually download each episode each week. The automatic download feed has not worked for quite some time. No sure why IBD doesn't fix this.
Pink Bunnny
Awesome Program with Technical Difficulties
I give the program a "5", but since the automatic Podcast download hasn't worked for a while, I give it a "1" technically. Overall, I'll give it a 3.
MJ Pragmatist
Great reminder of IBD Teachings
This IBD weekly podcast is a great reminder of the IBD newspaper's teachings. Also, I appreciate how they mention recent highlighted companies for application real-time. This is essential for any investor staying aware of the market.
Unresolved problems with the download
I love this podcast, BUT . . . the problems with the download each week are very unprofessional! I wish they would fix this!
Great show if you can listen to it
As another review wrote, the feed to iTunes hasn't worked since September. If they ever do fix it, this show is great for anyone that invests using the can slim method.
Mike 1979
Great show but they need to fix the feed.
This is a geat show for new and experienced investors. New investors will always come away learning something while experienced investors will always be reminded of important factors in managing their portfolio. I wish IBD or Apple would take the time to fix the podcast link so I would not have to come to the iTunes store each week to download the show.
Todd in PA
Awesome ~ Highly Recommended
Learned alot from the podcast and the article that follows on the website
Listened to several podcasts. Attended my first meet-up and subscribed to IBD with week end hard copy paper.
Hotrod H
Quality show with great market info
I really enjoy this show and the charts on their website. It's great for education on the market and to hear from IBD experts. Thanks for creating it and please keep it going.
Great review each week
A little on the infomercial side but give excellent free info on a great investing system
Love it
Thanks a lot. Great podcast. Never miss one
Pre-med guy
Fantastic! Huge time saver & most of the editorials are right on. Love it.
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