Houston Healthcare Initiative's Podcast
Houston Healthcare Initiative's Podcast
Harold Nicoll
The Houston Healthcare Initiative (HHI) is a member owned, non-profit medical co-op. Led by Houston based neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein, the HHI will replace traditional health insurance for qualified individuals and families and provide incentives for members to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. HHI will provide affordable medical coverage through a combination of negotiated rates, low monthly payments, personal accountability and lifestyle incentives. The medical co-op promises to save qualifying individuals and families money on health insurance. At the same time, HHI will help uphold quality care by asking members to bear some responsibility and individual accountability for maintaining their personal health.
Covid 19 Pandemic Stress and Overeating
During the lockdown that was borne of the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans gained weight. How much you may ask? The American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America” poll, conducted in late February 2021 found that 42 percent of people surveyed reported they were heavier than the previous year. Sadly, this is not a new trend, but lockdown and isolation made it much worse. The pandemic and lockdown brought a lot of significant change to our society, our waste lines, and health. To learn more about this and other health related issues, please visit www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Apr 21
9 min
Patient Centered Healthcare
For those who ever tried something that said on the label ‘one size fits all’ there is some shared learning because one size never fits all. This is true for socks, t-shirts and healthcare. Yet in spite of this collective experience, we settle for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies who approach patients with templates designed to treat everything and everyone the same or at least very similarly. Instead of an emphasis on individual care, there is more weight placed on administrative efficiency. A better way to do medical business is the ‘patient centered care.’ On his regular podcast respected, Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein, describes how a patient centered model and cooperative payment method can work to the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. Visit the web site at www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Apr 6
9 min
Healthcare By The Numbers
On this edition of the podcast, Houston based neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein, will step us through the numbers associated with health insurance and hospitalization costs. Additionally, he will describe the profits hospitals and health insurance companies accrue and help us all decide was this a good way for all of us to spend money. Now make no mistake, neither one of us is against making a profit and no one works for free. Instead, Dr. Goldstein will show where the money came from and where it went. Ultimately, did the public purchase more benefits or receive a better value as a result of what they were charged. www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org. 
Mar 22
9 min
Job & Health Insurance Loss Come and Go Together; How To Find Affordable Coverage
In a time when so many lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 Pandemic…. Job & Health Insurance Loss Come and Go Together; How To Find Affordable Coverage  March 2, 2021 -- In December 2020, 66% of Americans who answered a survey said they fear they won’t be able to afford health care this year. Of the 41% of respondents who are very or moderately concerned about health-care costs, 53% are parents with children. The amount of people who were and remain unemployed because of the Covid-19 pandemic remains high. Since most individuals get their health insurance with their jobs, those same folks are also in need of medical coverage. On his regular podcast, Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein has immediate and affordable medical insurance solutions for those who need coverage.
Mar 1
7 min
Hospital Price Transparency
This week respected Houston based neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein will discuss the price’s patients are charged by doctors and hospitals. Specifically, on the new rules about healthcare price transparency. Specifically, on the new rules about healthcare and price transparency. What needed to change on disclosing prices and is anything different as a result? Of course, there are ways that the hospitals are playing around with the information. But there is one shining example of what looks like full compliance. Be sure to visit www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org for more information about this and other issues.
Feb 15
11 min
Why Haven Failed To Fix Healthcare
A healthcare company blessed with lots of money, high tech abilities and really smart people will close up the end of January. Of course, this was Haven, the joint venture between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan-Chase. Its purpose was to use the leverage of its tens of thousands of employees and its expertise in technology to improve the healthcare system. What lessons can we learn from its failure to accomplish its mission. Here to help reset the focus of reforming healthcare is respected Houston neurologist, Dr. Steven Goldstein.
Feb 1
9 min
Why Did Haven Healthcare Fail?
Those with an interest in reforming the healthcare industry will be very interested in the topic of this podcast as respected neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein tells us all about how some very large organizations tried and failed at reforming their employee health insurance. This is a story about an organization that was called Haven. When it was formed, the three companies had a lofty goal: to provide U.S. employees and their families with simplified, high-quality, and transparent health care at a reasonable cost. Haven made one very big mistake, trying to fix the wrong thing. Learn more at www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Jan 19
11 min
The Case for Healthcare Reform in Unsettled Times
That times are unsettled was never truer than in 2020 and 2021 will start out that way. But in an unsettled time with so much of the nation’s attention turned to medical care, could it be the time to really push healthcare reform and what might that reform look like? Americans remain in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. What can we learn from it and how can this influence our thinking when it comes to healthcare reform? Or is it all too big for any of us to do anything meaningful? Here to share his insight with us is respected neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative, Dr. Steven Goldstein.  Visit www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org for more.
Jan 4
11 min
November Health Insurance Selection; Which One Is Best?
Is it possible to get good health insurance coverage in 2021 and save money on treatments, prescription drugs and the policy too? The answer according to Dr. Steven Goldstein, founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative and respected neurologist, is yes. Learn more about this and issues like it at www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Nov 3, 2020
10 min
Vaccine Development Liability Waivers Where Safety & Business Gel
There are currently 120 Coronavirus/Covid-19 vaccines in development and a race to be the first one available for the public. Being first with this vaccine will mean big rewards for the maker in the form of profits and scientific prestige. Along with these developments there is political pressure to not only be first but be first by election day. Regardless, the benefits of a vaccine for this extremely contagious virus will ultimately accrue to the public. But nothing is foolproof and there will be problems with this vaccine because there were with all of them. And when there are problems who is ultimately responsible and how can the public find justice? To know better what the possible risk benefit for a vaccine to the Covid-19 is and help us understand the possible downside and upside is respected Houston neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein.
Oct 12, 2020
12 min
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