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Needs a new host
The guests that come on this show are great but this show needs a new host. The host doesn’t add much to the show.
Zen beginner 33
Unique conversations about books and writing
Alan does a great job of getting to an author’s motivation for writing a book and what they hope to achieve from their work. The non-fiction, true crime perspective that he brings to interviewing fiction authors makes for a unique conversation that highlights the need for research and careful story development in both fiction and non-fiction.
Good Lord
These losers put their politics into every episode but yet they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, so incredibly stupid.
This is a lot more about virtue signalling and idendity politics of the authors. Not worth the time.
Hutch's kid
Great podcast!
I think it’s ironic that all the Trump cultists are leaving negative reviews because you dare not like Trump after all the crap they had to say about Obama. At least nobody on the left has ever compared Obama to God or started a 4chan cult because we’re not children. Or insane. They leave reviews like “I wish I could do more than leave a negative review” because these people are unhinged and are the ones who raise kids who shoot up schools because to them violence is how they solve their problems. Anyways, ignore the loons and keep the episodes coming!
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Jetta J
One the best
Love it! Thank you for putting it in podcast form!!!
Very Enjoyable, but audio quality could be better....
Very good for the most part, and the episodes that focus on the Zodiac killer are exceptional i.e. they have grounded discussions with the most credible experts such as Butterfield, Morford, etc. instead of fringe conspiracy mongering. The audio quality is acceptable but could use an upgrade. There are some complaints about the hosts’ very occasional political dig but come on, man....those moments probably comprise about .005% of the total content.
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The epitome of lame, canned audio tracks, morning drive time corporate radio with terrible audio. Why would the “hosts” bother to do something this lame.
I’m a Louisiana Deplorable!
I will no longer listen to this podcast. I live in Louisiana and they way you are talking about us being backwards is absolutely disrespectful. And to bring our President into the mix is just wrong!
Good guests bad politics
The have some good guests and conduct decent interviews, but they throw in way too many naive “progressive” political views. I usually just skip to the interview when this occurs.
Kayak Fly Fisher
Trump Cult
After just reading the synopsis of this show I am unsubscribing immediately. How dare you spread such insults and misinformation about a sitting president that only wants to drain the swamp from the crooks and extreme leftists. Additionally you insinuate that those of us that support our President cannot think for ourselves. It is us on the right that are willing to work for a living and are not seeking to live in a sea of entitlements. I wish I could do more than give you a one star rating and just unsubscribe from your podcast!
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michaels magic threadworks
Very interesting topics
Great hosts. Interesting topics & top notch guests. All around a top shelf show.
Sound quality is bad
I like the show. I like interviews especially by people that ask intelligent questions. However it is extremely frustrating to listen to. Alan is too low volume, Kevin is too loud and the guests sound like they are in a hole. This is a common complaint in other reviews but I’m hoping another review might persuade them to fix it so I don’t have to unsubscribe to this one. It’s not worth the annoying sound.
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Don’t waste your time.
Disinformation by blabbering idiots.
Interesting topics but production value is lacking. Clean it up a bit and you would have a top notch podcast.
Interesting, but hurts my eats
Topics are super interesting, but the sound quality is the worst! Guests sound like they’re in a metal room. You would think they would get better equipment by now.
Oh my.....
Poorly informed interviewers and atrocious sound quality. I don’t even have time to list all the shortcomings of this podcast. Just stop producing it and delete everything you have. That would be doing prospective listeners a favor before they waste time figuring out how awful it is.
Horrible Sound Quality
Do you listen to your shows afterwards? The sound quality is terrible.
Great Show
Really enjoy this Podcast, I always tune in for its interesting topics and great guest!
The sound quality is terrible. The intro is so weird? The content is okay. I was hoping things would get better, guess not.
Enjoy the show great topics
I enjoy the show and the great topics and guests. But that’s a capital But your guests always sound like they are sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. In other word very hollow sounding. Please fix this.
Great Listen! House of Mystery
Really enjoy the topics and discuss, with many to choose from.
Mantana 907
What is this? Sorry, there's so many good shows out there I don't have time for this.
Had to unsubscribe
Last week was the clincher-some weird political rant that didn't even remotely have to do with the topic of opiate addictions-I don't need offensive personal political opinion shoved down my throat from every corner of my life. Stick to relevant topics and if you must talk politics, keep it on policies instead of personal attacks on politicians' looks or family members.
While both hosts seem pleasant, I am sorry to say that in general they are poor interviewers. Rarely are informed or insightful questions asked. One wonders if the hosts have failed to do their homework beforehand or if they simply are not capable interviewers. Far better content and production value can be found in comparable podcasts.
Somewhat ok
Other shows were decent until having a guest on that claims that Islamic terrorists only exists because they are bullied outcasts and a host that doesn't have the balls to say "what the hell, get off my show with some bs like that" made it hard to listen to. So I gave up on it. Also, if you want to be made to look and feel like and idiot for believing in God, (only the Christian god of course) this might be the show for you.
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Liberal Hack
The guests are terrific and the topics are terrific but....this guy is constantly spouting off about his lefty political ideology and bashing Ted Cruz, southerners by disparaging them and conservatives! Sad the host is such a tiny little narcissistic man and can't stay on topic otherwise his show would get 4 stars! Some of the production is lacking as well w the guests on the phone.
Can't tell if it's good or bad
Seriously, do you even listen to your own podcast? Your sound engineering is ABSOLUTELY horrific.
Wait. What?
The Operation Paperclip episode should have been underway in less than a minute. First the Scorpions and then The Mamas and the Papas?!? Yikes. The music made me feel like I was in a department store trying on slacks for a wedding that I didn't want to go to. Do I even have to click on one star?
Jared the awesome
Townsend interview was awful and I hope not indicative of what your podcast is about.
What a nut and misogynist. He can try all he likes but he can not rewrite history. The man is a nut and if that is the kind of stories your podcast is about I will unsubscribe. Your guest was a misogynist too and I know you stayed quiet while he made some outrageous claims and statements but you also catered to his nonsense. Had I found a fb page or twitter I would have done this there instead. Post-I formation world indeed! This podcast is conspiracy and propaganda at its finest (worst).
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Miss Ginger 58
Really interesting guests and topics
I read the bad reviews, but I'm glad I have this podcast a chance. Great subject matter and the interviewer let's them tell there story with great questions from him. Looking fw to some binge listening.
Misleading, poorly produced
The first thing that I found frustrating about this podcast is that it is clearly not a podcast, it is a recording of a radio show. Given that it is possible to edit it before it is posted, I don't understand why I need to listen to three or four different sound clips at the beginning that have no value except that they are just remnants of the radio show. The second thing that I found frustrating, is that I chose to listen to the episode because of its description, except that after sitting through all the beginning nonsense, there was no indication that the description was truthful. The host introduced a comedian and stated that he would be interviewing her about her life. The episode description was about Luka Magnotta. I fast forwarded a little while to see if it was just a roundabout way of introducing the topic listed in the description, but it didn't seem to be. I don't want to hear about a comedian-turned-psychic, I wanted to listen to what was presented as a true crime podcast! The issues mentioned above might not have been enough each on their own to get me to turn it off before I had listened to ten full minutes, but taken together, this was wholly disappointing and 100% not worth my time.
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