Hospital and Internal Medicine Podcast
Hospital and Internal Medicine Podcast
Gil Porat, M.D., FACP, CPT
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Great doctor. Lousy politician.
I rated you a five. You make a great doctor! But don’t quit your day are a lousy, rambling politician.
Oregon Nurse
Love the humor and smarts! Res iPsa loquitur
Makes Medicine Fun
Great easy fun factual reasonable funny way to polish your knowledge with well read and well researched material. Dr. Porat is a great speaker and if you listen once , you get hooked ! Thank you
Jamshid Mir
Very through and useful information
Especially he comes from the context of actually practicing medicine and shows how often the literature does not support what we do. Very good points to ponder and organized. A nice audio to avoid the news and silly music on the road!
Physician Assistant here- please continue! Love love love
Very informative and entertaining
I am a PA-C in internal medicine rounding on both general and ICU floors. I’m jealous of anyone who has Dr Porat as an attending. I appreciate the guidance. Great resource that I can enjoy even on my off days. Keep the episodes coming.
You should listen too!
I have really enjoyed listening for many reasons, but mostly because he is down to earth and a realist, which I can relate to as a Hospitalist and a human being. It’s nice to learn and laugh. Thanks for doing this podcast!
Great pod cast!
So informative with references and quotes. Thank you so much for making this podcast and sharing your knowledge for free!! Enjoying it very very very very much!!
susu w
Fantastic Podcast for Future Hospitalists
Just started listening this morning and I simply cannot put it down! Thank you for your wisdom, kind doctor, and may I add, great biceps...
Dr. Yorty
Great length for quick reviews on the commute to the hospital in the morning. Relevant topics with helpful pearls.
I like these podcasts.
Very interesting
Very interesting musings, enjoyable and entertaining.
August Consumer
I just found this podcast and I am so impressed! I cannot wait to listen to more of these. Thank you for taking the time to record these podcasts!
I love these podcasts! Very concise and well explained. I just wish there were more!
I love this podcast! Makes me wanna be an IM doc
Great stuff
Interesting and straight to the point
Solid , credible , entertaining information
Really enjoy this podcast. Real-world, pertinent information presented in an easy-to-listen to style
Ted V A
Favorite podcast
Thank you Dr. Parot for our informative podcasts. This is my favorite podcast to listen to. Dr Parot is funny and entertaining and hardcore informative. Looking forward to the rest of the diabetes lectures!!
I nominate Dr. Gil Porat as King of the Nerds. His jokes are so bad they're good. His quotations of historical figures and literature are great. His podcasts are perfect bites of practical knowledge and his medical literature reviews are admirable. Thanks so much for doing these Dr. P. I'm a family doc turned hospitalist and from my perspective, your podcast rocks! I'll soon have listened to them all...! Please keep them coming!
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Educational + Entertainment
Very educational and fun to listen to. I appreciate the podcast and always look forward to new episodes. Thanks.
Amazing podcast!
Just found it today and have already listened to 4 on my way back from work. I practice both hospital and outpatient medicine and this is a great resource. Now would love to find a podcast for outpatient medicine.
Starting as a Nocturnist - Awesome Podcast!
Please keep these Podcasts coming daily if possible. Very informative and helpful. Thank you!
Great for Medical Providers
He is a great educator & he goes into great detail. I'm listening to it to help review for my PCCN exam & I've been learning a lot!
Great information
Acute care np student here, I found this searching for podcasts to listen to while running and driving. Great information and important topics! Thank you for providing these lectures they are a big help while studying!
Great podcast!
Great, informative, evidence-based, concise videos. Keep the videos coming. Thank you for what you do.
Very useful
Very useful on a daily basis
Enjoy the podcast
Second year medical student here. Found your podcast after searching for hospital medicine related podcasts. It’d be great to hear some of your experiences in this career and overall enjoyment/pros and cons about it!
Went from M.D. to philosopher with minor case of psychosis
Dr. Trump used to promote great understandings of medicine but once he delved into religion he took a biased self righteous zionist turn for the worst. A specific talk he has makes completely unfounded trump wagon claims about a certain religion. It is disgusting to say the least, the level these zionists go to, to oppress others.
Excellent Quote Usage
My commute time is now well spent
Quirky, smart, entertaining, thoughtful. Also, free. Thank you.
The content, depth, and pacing is perfect but I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SHOW NOTES! There are often details (citations, etc.) I'd like to file away for later but can't take note of while listening. I imagine that you already have a written outline. I'd love to see it!
Mr. Midnight Von Platt
I'm not in medicine but this is still really interesting. many things go over my head like all the technimal stuff but always was interested in medicine
Great medical podcast. Highly recommend.
Great podcast. Super professional. To the point. Highly knowledgeable and intelligent host. Great sense of humor too. Thank you so much.
thumbs up from a med student
ITP, anemia
Listened to these two lectures on my drive. They were good, informative and concise. I'm thankful to Dr Porat for taking his time and knowledge to make these podcasts. Thank you!! I'm an NP Hospitslist in a busy university tertiary hospital and we see a variety of disease processes so it's nice to refresh and hear more evidence based practice of the medical conditions Dr Porat provides. The quirky medical humor is also a nice distraction.
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Hospitalist NP
Thank You Dr. Porat!
As a newer to the field ICU RN I find these podcasts invaluable! Unfortunately, only a few of the Hospitalists where I work will take the time to discuss a patient’s disease process with nursing and explain the “how and why” behind the treatments and interventions we are using. Marino’s ICU Book and Up To Date are good references for me, but it’s great to have your podcast as well. Your podcast is mobile, so I can listen on the go, and you offer references so I can follow up when I have questions or wish to delve deeper into a subject. You are also do a great job at presenting knowledge in a “real world/practical application” format, with anecdotal examples as well as warnings of why certain treatments/interventions are done (or not done) for particular maladies. Please keep the podcasts coming!
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MK Carroll, RN
Great podcast. Makes my hour drive to work everyday tolerable.
Abcd grrr
Not too shabby
I'm just a RN, but I find the information to be relevant to what I do with my patients every day.
This is like a mix of the first Dr Dre Album and The Wizard of Oz
Or something like that.
A little criticism of the last podcast
I've been listening to your show for years and I find it both educational and entertaining. Just a little criticism of your last show. Your argument is that the world's main problem is overpopulation that we are fighting to use up its resources. This argument would have been true for 99.9% of human history, but a historian, and especially an economic historian, will tell you that this has not been so for about the last 200 years. It used to be that all the world's wealth was one big pie, and that if you wanted a bigger slice of it, you had to attack/kill/enslave some other group of people and take their slice. Fortunately, the scientific revolution, which allowed for the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution, has made the world's wealth an ever increasing pie. There may be more people, but there's a bigger pie. I'm not saying that overpopulation isn't a problem. However, that are developed not only have populations that are much slower growing (or shrinking, in fact), but also have the technologies and economic well being to sustain their population. So, no, the world is not like an ever increasing number of wolves fighting over the same caracass. Anyway, I love your show and will continue to listen. Just had to correct a popular misconception that even smart people believe in.
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zzyzx in CA
Great Review!
This podcast has been perfect to review medicine on my commute. Great refresher before starting intern year in a few months. Thank you!
Great though provoking review
This IM review was exactly what I was looking for- short episodes packed with great, well researched info. Love it!
Great for primary care and hospital based clinicians
Informative and engaging. I really appreciate Dr. Porat's inclusive language recognizing that many providers besides MDs offer hospital and internal medicine (NPs, PAs, etc). Keep up the good work!
Dr Parot delivers excellent evidence based, succinct podcasts that are easily applied to every day hospitalist practice. Great for new providers!
New acute care NP
Great podcast for new hospitalist Nurse Practitioner. Explained in a very easy to follow manner, but very thorough!!
Ms4 and love it
Great for the drive in or home. Keeps me exposed to what I'm not seeing and things stick for rounds. Thanks!!!
Poor med $tudent
LA commute saver!
Your wit/humor keeps me entertained during my commute to work in LA. Thank you for sharing some of your experience with us and for complementing it with excerpts from relevant studies!
The best medicine podcast by far
All on important topics. Evidence based. Short but not lacking in detail. Simply fantastic!
Excellent resource
Really comprehensive and well done. Great to listen to and incredibly informative. Really hope he continues to do more!
Great summaries
Excellent summaries of medical topics, with a little humor mixed in to keep the listener interested. Thanks Dr Porat!
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