Horrorble Friends
Horrorble Friends
Kyle Chris Dan Jarvis Mike
Episode 5 - Children Of The Corn (1984)
58 minutes Posted Jul 23, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

It's the KERN! Welcome back to another episode of Horrorble Friends. Following our previous Stephen King episode, we have another Stephen King episode! Join us as we maneuver our way through this maize of a movie - from child actors, OUTLANDERS, deli slicers, and more; we hope you enjoy!

  • Artwork by Connor MacLeod | CMDESIGNZZ - https://www.cmdesignzz.com/
  • Intro/Outro Music by Andrew Kavanagh | https://andrewkavanagh.bandcamp.com/  http://wwww.facebook.com/andrewkavanaghmusic

Trigger Warning

  • Child Injury
  • Child Death
  • "Dead" dog
  • Supernatural "horror"
  • Violence / Gore / Stabbings