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Great listening
Always enjoyed the content and music. Gloomy and cheery in a macabre way.
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Great stories,like the podcast, keep it up!
Love love love this podcast!
This podcast has everything; great music, a charming host (I could listen to her all day!) & best of all just about anything you could want that has to do with horror. Also they don't take themselves to seriously, which is great. Who wants to listen to a stuffy old grump talk about what you love best? The fact that they laugh & are silly lets me know the hosts are passionate about their subjects. This is a great podcast.... FACT!!!
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Painful... and not in a good way.
I love love love horror - even bad horror can be awesome. But, when it comes to this podcast, the hosts accent is the deal breaker for me... she sounds as authentic as a 12 year old girl sitting in her bedroom playing with a cassette recorder. I love a good goofy podcast - I mean, You Look Nice Today is one of my all time favorite podcasts, but this is just straight-up pap... and I can't even get to the stories b/c I find the host too difficult to endure, being forced to wade through her stale movie and fiction reviews to reach the other side (i.e, where the stories are presumably found)... the fake accent just ruins it for me. But, most listeners seem to love her, so props to her, but I'm out.
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Horror Addicts
Horror Addicts is a great podcast for those who are a fan of the Macabre and of things horror. Emerian Rich takes her love of horror and allows it to “drip” into your ear drums as you listen to each episode. Her supporting staff shows great in sight and seems to support Emerian with their additions. She has now been able to speak with other Horror writers and this has been a great addition to the podcast. I’ll continue to listen to the podcast, not just because I’m a contributor (HE HE) but because it’s a great podcast. Just wanted to update this review. The show has only gotten better as Emerian has added additional content to the show that has made it by far a great podcast to listen to. It hasn't gotten stale and keeps finding ways to keep it going and exciting.
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Best podcast out there
I love this podcast, it has introduced me to a whole new world. I didn't know there were so many great pod novels out there and this show keeps you informed on all of them. Also Emerian Rich has a great voice.
This is possibly one of the worst podcasts I have listened to. I couldn't make through the first 10 minutes. The only thing worse than the movie review (for movies she hadn't seen) is her (fake?) accent. I don't know if it got better after the first or second podcasts, I doubt it though.
Entertaining and fun while leaving you on the edge of your seat!
Emerian Rich will take your breath away either from laughter or she may scare it out of you. A bunch of useful horror tips await you when you tune in to this very fun and well done pod cast. If you lover horror tehn you need to subscribe to Horror Addicts dot net. Good podcast and the host is also a prolific podnovelest! Each episode is a gift. Thank you!
An Excellent Pairing
Horror Addicts is like an old time radio show gone macbre. What makes it even more interesting is its rare pairing platform each week of a look back at old horror films (often B, cult classic, cheese sandwich kind that are absolutely fabulous on a Sunday afternoon) as well as a look forward to new and upcoming writers of the horror genre via podcast. At first, I thought this old with the new pairing odd. But, just like the first time one samples drinking a dark glass of Guiness beer while tasting a chocolate brownie, the two together are better than seperate in a very interesting way.....an nearly as intoxicating. If you've never tried either, dark beer and brownies or the Horror Addicts show, I suggest you give them a try. In fact, trying all four together has become a staple round this house.....
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Emz does it again
Horror Addicts is more than just horror stories. It's Emz particular take on horror movies, shows, and any other horror related media and event out there. She does it all, touches on everything, and does it with a style and flare that is just plain fun. If you are a fan of horror and of podcasts, this one is a don't miss. Give it a try. Give it a listen, and you won't be disappointed.
This is it!
The one place to get your fix of the darkly fantastic! Keep it up, Emerian!
Great sense of humor
I listen to Horror Addicts for two reasons, I like scary stories and love Emz sense of humor. The movie and book critiques are good, too. AND a big plus are the invited wirters. She tries to have at least one per show, a good display of talent in the field.
Horror Addicts
If you love horror then this is for you! Events going on and short stories , that can be creepy. Emerian does a fantastic job!!! Gives you tips on upcoming horror authors. Horror movie reveiws and more!
This show is just starting but is showing a lot of potential. The movie reviews are well thought out and I am enjoying the short stores at the end of each episode.
Kirk Warrington