Horror Tales
Horror Tales
Max Ablitzer narrating scary stories from today's horror authors
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Thank you
Stickymonkeyface thank you so much I took your advice and didn’t regret it at all I love this show it’s creepy but of course I like it make more please I would love to hear more scary stories!
The first podcast with ACTUALLY scary stories
I had been searching for a podcast that told stories that scared me, but all I could find were dry historical documentary-style or overly dramatic and theatrical children’s stories. These are well-written, well-narrated, and truly unsettling stories (with an equally unsettling soundtrack). Do yourself a favor (or maybe not, depending on how scared you want to be), and try a listen. I recommend starting with “Leaking Out.” Anxiously waiting the continuation of the series!!
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Sticky monkey face
Please Return
If you’ll still out there Max …. Bring on more, narrated by you.
P. Lorre
This story was great, the narrator sounded a bit like Peter Lorre. I love any road trip story going west, but he mentioned real roads, and real strange road stops, and most of all the night time road trip radio. Smooth and scary.
music sleuth
I once was a innocent child
Now I am a wheeping Angel
colerderyfance 😁😁😁😁😁🤗
Bad Narration
I give all podcasts a 5-episode chance. It was difficult to get used to the narrator's accent. More importantly, he is so robotic that it was obvious he was reading, so much so, that he pronounced simple English words very incorrectly. The stories had good ideas, but in all, they were just okay. Instead of being scary, they were just unsettling like a Stephen King story.
Corvus Anduril
One of many
This is one of the first horror podcasts I ever listened to..and after a few stories, I was addicted! I really wish the creator would put out new material…but until then, I have Horror Hill, No Sleep, Dark Nights, Creeps McPasta, Creepy Horror, and all of my true crime stories! Till then!
I hope you come back, such a unique style!
I really recommend this podcast if your a horror fan. I personally think it stands out in a good way. Give this a listen, start with the newest episodes first.. if your on the fence about it. I hope the creator will make a come back.
Start up again
I wish there were more
Love these stories !
I love all these stories! What do you stop??? I found the excellent and addicting! I’m so sad there are no more .
coda 362
Meh Boriiiiiing
Has potential, but needs a new narrator. 😩
Amazing horror podcast
I listen to all horror podcasts such as the no sleep podcast and horror hill and chilling tales for dark nights. This podcast is amazing and I rank it among the other greats.
I LOVE this podcast! Great stories, awesome music.
I enjoy horror story podcasts, many of them are obvious and boring, most of the stories in these selections are very well written. Also, i feel the narrator does an awesome job. Refreshing storytelling without all the theatrics, this guy does a great job.
Tries to hard and too little somehow.
Blowfish and the Hooties
Great shoe
I really like this show. The stories are great and some most frightening. Music and sound affects compliment the story. Anyone know if they ended production?
MGP Terps
So satisfied on the level of contact and thrilling behavior very great podcast
sh sh sh sh ha ha ha
Love the stories and the ambiance. The sound editing is perfect, too. I can listen to this at night when I want to get that feeling. The cadence of the narrator carries me away.
I don’t really like the narrating
I don’t want to be mean but I just don’t like the voice. I mean people are made how they are made. Just not a fan
glistening potato1
Max’s voice is not delightful
Good stories, terrible narration. Sounds like it’s being read phonetically.
Max’s voice is delightful. The music & affects are complementary. Was looking for something to fall asleep by instead of the old crime stories, and gave this podcast a try. I always fall asleep in the middle but give another listen in the morn. Only listened to one story; will listen to more...soon
Um..well :)
I think the stories themselves are good. And the music is a great addition that really adds to it! I also like that the sound quality is good and there are background noises in the story really enhance it! The narrator is pretty good, I just struggle with man who speaks at the beginning of the podcast. To be fair though, I haven’t given all of the episodes a chance. It isn’t so bad that I can’t bear to listen to it though. I will probably give the rest of them a listen. The stories are pretty good. :)
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rebecca ribbons
Never going to watch it again
It sucked
I just discovered this podcast recently and I have quite enjoyed it...Sadly there seem to be no new episodes. Hopefully it will come back
Love these stories!
Discovered this podcast while traveling and it quickly became a go-to when traveling, dog walking, and subway riding. The voice of the host is delightful as are many of the narrators. Wished there were more stories to hear on a more frequent schedule.
Need a more regular release schedule
I’m sure it won’t bother most...
But I just can’t listen to a podcast that sounds like it was narrated by Tommy Wiseau
A dirty harvest Moon
This was a very interesting story.
More episodes Please!!!!!!
Love this podcast it is, hands down, one of the scariest podcasts on the internet. No questions asked.
A good podcast for those looking for scary stories
I’ve been looking for a while and this podcast is definitely in the top tier of scary podcasts :)
smittyWarbenGenkermanJensen :-
Helpful and awesome
Thank you for doing this I love it it may be weird but these help me fall asleep
Germany make more episodes😡
Truly Disturbing But I Love It!!!
This is one podcast that ACTUALLY lives up to the warning it has at the beginning of the show!!! All the stories are beautifully and terrifyingly well acted and produced. The music and sound effects are perfectly woven into the stories, enhancing your listening experience, so that you can visualize everything that is going on.
Horror tales
Worthy of the Best of old time radio. Beautifully done.
If I wanted music, I’d play music ! Thank you I’m out !
I enjoyed the tales! “La llorona” should be told here!
So cool that...
...they got Arnold Schwarzenegger’s uncle Max to narrate the Wallpaper Man episode.
One star for making a podcast.
Really Scary
This is just what I was looking for
Keep it coning
Hopeful contestant.
Good creepy stories here. Great sound effects! Narrator's accent is creepy and adds to the mood
This is so creepy.... I like it!!!!
This is so creepy.... I like it!!!!
Good Stuff
I love hearing scary stories and I've liked what I've heard here. Eager for more!
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