Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast
Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast
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One of the best!
Great podcast with high production quality. I love Jason’s narration so much, creepy, sexy and funny when warranted!
Love this podcast
The stories are so imaginative and downright creepy. My favorite!
Love this video’s
hvjx Jon
Canadian goose killer
Ok. My first episode to listen to was season 3, episode 8, about the man getting five days in prison for attempting to kill a Canadian goose and I was CRYING laughing. I was hooked the whole 2 hours. I realize this one isn’t like all the episodes but the sarcasm, stereotypes, and firsthand account had me rolling with laughter. What a great storyteller! As a high school English teacher, I APPROVE!!
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Mr. Hill- I know this means a lot to you
What fantastic phantasmagorical fun you’ve provided this evening. Thank you. You have a new avid listener. Great job on the commercials, and overall presentation. Love your voice and it’s tinge of acrimony. Well done!
Jason Hill could read the back of a ketchup bottle aloud and make it sound creepy. ❤️❤️🙌🙌
Good Show
Jason puts everything he has into each episode and all stories
MGP Terps
My favorite cast
I can’t wait for the next week so I can hear the next show
Ballard Trucker
Jason Hill is utterly amazing
I can’t even begin to express how much I adore Jason Hill. Being a rabid listener (misuse of the word is intentional) and dedicated fan, I can confidently say that JH is, by far, one of my favorites. Ol’ Mr. Hill is nestled up there in the lofty echelons of voice acting eminence. He effortlessly stirs the souls and tickles the ears with his outré voice and melodic cadence... and he can make pretty much anything sound entertaining. I would enthralled and overjoyed to hear him read the alphanumeric waiting codes at my next trip to the DMV. Give him a listen. You will not be disappointed.
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Feral Yuppie
Excellent voice, quality, and content
Hill’s voice is perfect for horror. Sometimes he sounds like an educated scholar, other times he sounds like a brute seething through his teeth.
Jason Hill best storyteller EVER!
Thanks for the entertainment. Binging the podcast now.
Awesome! Good job!
It had me the entire 2 hours! Wonderful! Please keep up the excellent work.
Please give Earl his own podcast! He’s a great character! I don’t know where you grew up, but your southern redneck is spot on!
My Burner Phone
Love it!
I’ve been listening to Jason Hill for a year now. Love his voice and podcast! He does an AMAZING reading of Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek check it out! I ended up buying both his books on Amazon!
this is real talent on a high end scale
My my this is high end stories on a grand scale. Mature writing, holds your attention from beginning to end. This is not for those sensitive people who are offended by intense sexual and down and dirty language. it’s critical to create the atmosphere in such master pieces as knuckle supper. Jason Hill puts you right in the the life of these characters. It’s very shocking, it covers a lot of stuff that’s part real life with that extra special surprise of horror mixed in. Grit your teeth and go for it. I prefer Long stories podcasts, and Jason Hill delivers. Couldn't wait to devour another one the chapters, Bravo!!
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Best Story Teller
I listen to a lot of the older episodes and the simply scary podcast daily as I lay down. I wait eagerly each week for a new horror hill. You can’t ask for a better story teller then Jason Hill his readings make my day. Keep up the great job Jason you’re awesome bro.
Luv it!
Jason Hill is like the grand master of story telling! I can’t get enough (I may have a problem 😳).. it keeps me always wanting more. Keep up the great work! 🖤🤍🖤❤️
The best
I listen to this podcast almost everyday, for 2-3 episodes a day. I listened to many other podcast that say their “suspenseful, scary, creepy” but this one is the best in my opinion. I LOVE the story telling and I just feel a lot more submerged into the stories of this podcast than I do in any other. This podcast is so good my girlfriend even said we should listen to it leading up to Halloween (of course I’ve been listening to it all year).
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So talented
Jason Hill has to be one of the most underrated voice actors that I have ever seen! He is so incredibly talented and makes listening to every story so enjoyable. I can’t get enough!
Purple monkey butt
Horror Hill is a True Gem
The talented and engaging narration from Mr.Hill covers a variety of short (but not too short) well written/produced horror stories from various notable authors. Nicely curated selection with consistent, memorable - and overall high quality tales of terror with every listen. Jason is a great host, and shares other equally accomplished podcasts and authors with the audience. Knifepoint is mentioned frequently, and it’s author has some of my personal favorite stories in this podcast. 10/10 all around. The story about the knights and armies preparing for battle with the unknown - and the one with “The Honeyman” are particularly fantastic. From a true horror fan, this one can’t be missed.
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Nicholas Chiodo
Could you possibly fit in any more swearing?!?!
Could not get through the first story; it was tedious & the amount of swearing being read was just way overdone & so unnecessary. No thanks.
Edie Darlene
Inked in blood
So far best one yet !!!! Alter
Gary Jaurique
One of my favs
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Jason is a great narrator and the stories are always intriguing and entertaining. Highly recommended!! -Mel O-host of “Finances the Other ‘F’ Word” Podcast
Season 3 Episode 1
Fun episode with moments of great hilarity.
Kia Cam
The Only Place
This is the only place I can talk
Season 2 ep 24 is awesome
Wwooowww...look at the SIZE of ‘em!!! 😲
I just listened to episode #23 of season 2 “The Definition of Insanity”, and I must admit to admiring the sheer size of the pairo’ them BIG OL’...SHINY...BRASS BALLS you’ve been blessed with Mr. Hill! Given the current state of social and political unrest all around us, I am sincerely amused at your decision to bring us “The Good, The Bad, And The Maladjusted”. To be clear - I enjoyed your narration of the story! You’re no Milquetoast and that is part of what makes this podcast so good.
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Greatest Scary Story Teller!
Jason Hill is the best there is with the Spooky Stories! His range with characters and voices makes me feel like I’m in the story not just listening to it. Thanks.
19 chestnut Street
Absolutely loved this story❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Very good
Love it
Love the narrative
Found you on Chilling Tales for dark nights!!
Jason Hill review
Jason hill is my favorite horror story teller! Even above the no sleep podcast! Thanks
Can’t wait to start it!
I can listen to Jason Hill tell me stories all day.
I love this podcaster
So Soothing
I love Jason Hills voice acting. After a long day at work or in general I love laying in bed and just closing my eyes and listening to his voice. It carries me away and I get lost in the story
Jason Hill is fabulous
Extremely talented voice actor! In addition-the choice of material is outstanding. An absolute favorite ... 5 stars+
The best!
This is one of, if not, the best creepypasta podcast i have found. The voice acting is amazing. One of my favorite voice actors. I get lost in the stories he tells. I highly recommend this podcast if you love creepy pasta.
Wonderful voice acting
Scary stories come alive with excellent voice acting by Hill and co.
The Best Narration
Absolutely the best stories and narration! Jason Hill represents so well, it’s like watching a movie.....
Simply the best!!!
Stories are so good and original..
The darkness
I love Kevin’s writing!!! He has a way to bring horror with a little bit of comic relief as well
Really good
Heard him on chilling tales for dark nights. I really like this one as well
Chilling Tales best podcast referral
Love Mr Hills readings - love the stories!! 5 star show for sure
Aggressive perfecter
A must have for horror podcast
Great podcast, I wait for this one.
michael !!
Eerily Enjoyable!
Well curated tales, effective music and SFX, and strong voice acting give this podcast just the right amount of punch to churn your guts and turn your bones to jelly. Since shelter in place for COVID-19 began, I’ve begun listening to fiction podcasts while doing chores around the house. This podcast is the first one I’ve binged through for hours at a time. The stories are a good mix with horror/weird tales as the core, but can have elements of other genres like speculative fiction, noir, fantasy, and humor. The sound quality is great, and with headphones on, you may find yourself so immersed in the reading that real life interruptions can cause a fright of their own. Hill’s voice acting is excellent, with enough variation in tone to clearly identify individual characters yet subtle enough to avoid sounding like caricature. His normal tone is reminiscent of classic Rod Sterling, with a sardonic heft to give menace as appropriate. Highly recommended!
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Jason is the best!
This man is such a talented storyteller with a voice and delivery to match. You can’t go wrong here. Good stuff. Good stuff!!!!
A great listen
Dude’s maniacal laughter is a little too convincing! Excellent storytelling!
Melodie H
You ever think you have a cool voice? You’ve done radio and still record things professionally? Then Jason Hill comes along and you realize you’re trash? This is is probably what Christopher Lee sounded like when he was 20. If you translated Wes Bentley, covered in blood and holding a knife, into sound then you’d get Jason Hill narrating this podcast. Seriously though, while looking for things to listen to at night I turned up a lot of people who do not have a knack for narration/performance. I found Chilling Tales for Dark Nights was easily the best and Jason Hill is the best of the best. The stories are great, the mood is immersive, and when Hill switches voices between characters, especially female characters l, which is usually very noticeable to me, it’s done so well it does not distract from the story. Great stuff.
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Very passionate narration of very good stories. Jason is one of the best!
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