Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast
Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast
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The darkness
I love Kevin’s writing!!! He has a way to bring horror with a little bit of comic relief as well. Always get the fan girl claps from me. Love your voice and your story telling style
In love
I love Jason
billie the nerd
Its all in the delivery
Much like Knifepoint horror, the engaging delivery and effectively minimalist soundtrack make these generally well curated stories as close to a cinematic horror experience without having a full cast. One of the best!
Cut out the intro
Made it to season 2 - dropping from 5 to 4 stars because the ridiculous intro is still in use. The long ramble about “darkness found you” is incredibly terrible. It’s annoying to skip 4-5 mins in just to start an episode. Otherwise season 1 was great if you ignore the season finale. I suffered thru the first two, but 3 was terrible, and I couldn’t make it past Hansel and grettle banging at the beginning of the fourth. It had almost an hour left and that would have been an infuriating waste of data. LOVED Pill Mills though, more of those please.
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Mesmerizing and captivating
3 year listener now - My favorite horror story podcast with a doubt, Jason hill is an excellent narrator and really brings the horror to life. My favorite story beings in season 1, episode 16 - 21. The story is not for the light of heart, but I found it incredibly entertaining. Please show your support!
Greatest Scary Story Teller!
Jason Hill is the best there is with the Spooky Stories! His range with characters and voices makes me feel like I’m in the story not just listening to it. Thanks. Update for fall 2021. Jason Hill is even better!
I love the production put into the stories told. No other narrator captures the story like Jason Hill. This is my new go to!
Moving in To Horror Hill
Jason Hill could read a fairytale and it would scary. Love the story telling, the tales immersive. Favorite horror podcast. Don’t change a thing.
Manic Pixi
Best horror podcast I can find on the Internet
My name is Larry and I have been reading horror stories since I was a kid I'm now 70 years old I just had to tell you you have if not the best one of the best reading voices for this type of story I have ever heard all by the way I have been totally blind practically since birth so I have heard a lot of voices congratulations keep up the great work stay safe LAR
Larry 5050
Highly entertaining!
I’m really liking the stories and the narration. It’s a good mix of horror with a bit of comedy thrown in for the fun of it. In my humble opinion the narration of the HP Lovecraft stories is spot on. I discovered Lovecraft while in the 8th grade and Jason’s narration is nearly what I imagine when I’m reading Lovecraft all these many years later. Keep up the good work.
There are a LOT of things I adore about this podcast. First and foremost I LOVE that you called out the folks who @#$&* about having to listen to commercials. I mean, Geez! There is a very easy way to get rid of them. Spend the couple of dollars it takes to get the commercial free subscription. These things don’t make themselves! ... One of the things that separates this podcast from a lot of others is that there are longer “short stories” available. Things will run for a couple of episodes and I love it. It really gives you the feel of the writers style and thought process. I’ve bought a couple of the books from these up and coming authors for exactly this reason :)
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Deliciously Demented
This has rapidly become one of my favorite podcasts. No matter what time of day, I can listen to a story and become fully absorbed in it, and always find myself right on the edge of fear.
From to scary to I love it!!!
When I first started listening to this show Jason’s voice scared me so bad!!! Lol but the more I listened, the more I loved it!! These stories are great but would be nothing without that voice that I can now dare to listen to with the lights out!!!
stef w.
Ditto on loving Dale and Earl! Amazing storytelling. Thank you & keep up the great work!
A great listen!
Dude’s maniacal laughter is a little too convincing! Excellent storytelling! Also I absolutely love Dale and Earl!
Melodie H
Pretty good, the guy talks too long in the beginning thought
My favorite story podcast
Can’t get enough!!
I think in the last six months since I found these podcasts I have searched out anything Jason Hill has read. I love his voice and tone! Keep up the great work. If I could give more stars I would! Great he is getting more sponsors but ugh I feel like there are more ads. I pay for ad free versions but it wasn’t updated when I checked…
Delicious Darkness
Good, and better by the day. Audio quality far exceeds most. 🖖
This podcast isn’t worth the listen! Guys voice isn’t the one and just sounds monotone. If you’re actually looking for a solid podcast that’s actually scary and gets you thinking definitely check out 1- Monsters amounts us (MUA) 2- The scarecast.
True immersive story teller
I look forward to every episode. I originally got hooked by Knuckle Supper. I have to catch myself when I’m awake because I get so into these stories. Falling to sleep to these gives me the best experience. Jason Hill is the GOAT!
One of the best horror podcasts.
- Superb narrator - New, original & classic stories - One of the few to mix “clean” content with episodes that are truly for mature audiences - Excellent and reliable production quality - If you are looking for a show to hear on the way to some nightmares, this might be for you
Dale and Earl
Fantastic podcast. I especially enjoy the tales of Dale and Earl and look forward to each episode where they appear.
Really great story telling. One of my favorites
Definitely recommend
Having now completed all 3 seasons I want to thank Jason for the sporadic inside jokes throughout the series. This show unapologetically goes for your throat and doesn’t let up. Incredible work.
Love this podcast!
The best in the biz!
Horror hill is my go to podcast. Not every story is a classic but what keeps me coming back is the narrations by Hill. I’m an avid podcast listener and Jason Hill is the best narrator I’ve heard by a mile. Different inflections and accents makes for a smooth transition between characters. And after listening to so many hours of his casts popping in my buds and listening to Jason is like visiting with an old friend! I try and consume any podcast he’s narrated because he just makes the story better. There are a lot of podcasts out there with narrators and production quality that can take you right out of the story and when you hear them you tend to lose interest but not with Jason Hill. He’s got the skills to an art that was lost for a time. Thanks Jason, for the hours of entertainment and escapism that will ensure that I continue to multitask poorly! You’re the best big guy!
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Insomniac here
Absolutely love listening to you, but I got to say your intro music is little long for me; I get on here to listen to stories not so for music. Love your talent anyway. But
The darkness
Jason is a talented story teller. We listen every night . The network is the best . But Jason is the man. The darkness has found him ! Keep it up Jason . ( The pill mill ) wow Jason. The darkness has found us. And we just love it. Thank u Jason
damion blue and wife
Lord of Desert/Contraction story
I believe this is the first five stars I’ve given. It is exactly what folks looking for horror stories want. No gratuitous PC angles, no agenda. Creativity with resolution; not simply imaginative settings/scenarios which are expected to satisfy the reader. Really really good! Only negative I’ll say is: Mr. Hill you have to do some research on some of these pronunciations. “Filleting” is pronounced “fill-laying” -long a sound and “ambergris” is “am-ber-gree.” You’re so good at what you do and… Update: “Dad’s Famous Preserves” A grotesquely unoriginal take on atheism. Seems like a fiction writer could come up with a much more creative, reasoned argument against the existence of The Almighty, than an evangelist who says “God will take care of us” but then is ravaged by a parasite. Never heard that argument. There is a reality and consequences of “free will.“ There is also the reality that our default position is to be defiant and prideful. We have trouble submitting or believing that the human way is not the best way. Our free will carries with it the opportunity to be God‘s presence here. That is our job. Doesn’t mean it’ll be without heartache. Nvermind. One too many ignorant angles taken against God. There are obviously profound and reasoned arguments that the faithless can make against God but this: just weak. Can’t deal with the disrespectfulness or the lack of imagination. Over and out.
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Enthralling and gifted
Anyone can read a story. Some can make them entertaining. Very few can weave a story into a virtual reality for the listener’s mind. Jason Hill is a master storyteller. A large range of voices, accents, emotion, intensity...he manages to put it all into his narrations and bring every story to life. I find myself getting lost in the stories, holding my breath, heart rate increasing. Aside from Jason Hill’s masterful performances, his podcasts also feature other amazingly talented narrators, music and ambience creators, artists...so much talent, it’s amazing it’s available for free. If you want entertainment, an escape, an immersion into tales of horror and chills...you can’t go wrong with any of the podcasts available here. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
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Pray for Sunrise
Absolutely loved this story❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Faithful Jason Hill Fan!
I listen to his stories every night at work... I’m a general cleaner of office floors. During this whole COVID outbreak, I’m pretty much the only person in the building aside from security, and paired with Jason’s podcast it pretty creepy... although it’s the feeling of people following & watching me is only in my head... or is it?? 👀 (only joking.. It’s safe place here and I have nothing to worry about) So, seeing as I’m caught up on all his episodes... I look forward to every Thursday for his next one. Can’t get enough. I wish he had more podcasts... ooh, if you’re seeing this Jason, please do more of the “Knuckle” series 🖤
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Bryon Echols
The BEST!!
JAAAAAASSSSOOOONNNN!!! You are amazing, dude!!! Your characters are unbelievable!! I can’t tell you how much I love Dale and Earl!! They’re truly my favorite. I’M A FAN FOR LIFE!!
He goes deep into the darkness.
I listen to Otis jiry a lot and his scary stories are a little too PG for me. This guy has what I’ve been looking for. Love the disturbing horror.
Evan Vidmich
crappy commercials
Why allow crappy commercials to interrupt the stories??
NOBODY Does It Better
There’s not much more to say than that. Jason Hill is beyond extraordinary, incredible, & simply amazing. If you like narrations a bit on the creepy side? Jason Hill IS YOUR MAN!! Enjoy & you can thank me later! 🇫🇮ႽiႽႮ🇫🇮
Amazing and very well worth the listen
Amazing horror podcast well worth a listen Jason Hill is an amazing narrator thank you so much for many hours of entertainment
jeff hulstrom
So well done!
The Best
Honestly, the best podcast available. Thank you so much for the entertainment, this podcast never seems to last long enough.
Lord Decimiss
Jason is a gift
Jason, You are truly the best narrator I have ever heard!
rockets gram
I started listening to this from the beginning today. I liked the content, but unfortunately the low bass background noise (for ambience I guess?) overpowers the vocal performances when I’m listening in my car.
Thriller stuff
Awesome ghost stories and voice of the narrator is engagingly scary!
My favorite podcast to date
I love what you do thanks for making my days go a little easier
mr black 003
One of the best!
Great podcast with high production quality. I love Jason’s narration so much, creepy, sexy and funny when warranted!
Love this video’s
hvjx Jon
Canadian goose killer
Ok. My first episode to listen to was season 3, episode 8, about the man getting five days in prison for attempting to kill a Canadian goose and I was CRYING laughing. I was hooked the whole 2 hours. I realize this one isn’t like all the episodes but the sarcasm, stereotypes, and firsthand account had me rolling with laughter. What a great storyteller! As a high school English teacher, I APPROVE!!
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Mr. Hill- I know this means a lot to you
What fantastic phantasmagorical fun you’ve provided this evening. Thank you. You have a new avid listener. Great job on the commercials, and overall presentation. Love your voice and it’s tinge of acrimony. Well done!
Good Show
Jason puts everything he has into each episode and all stories
MGP Terps
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