Hoopin with Hoops:  The College Basketball Betting Show
Hoopin with Hoops: The College Basketball Betting Show
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Breakdown all the lines and match-ups in the College Basketball world with Greg "Hoops" Peterson. From the Power Conferences like the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 to the Horizon, MEAC and other conferences you never heard of, Greg covers it all. Overtime Media; Your Sport. Your Team. On your time. Overtime is a Sports Podcast Network covering Pro and College Sports leagues and teams with entertaining and insightful podcasts.
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NCAA paying the players and college basketball betting
Can you take some time out the podcast to talk about the ncaa paying players or make and entire devoted to it as you said were running low on content. My three questions are how do you feel on it, how do experts feel on it if you can get one to join the podcast and what’s taking the Ncaa so long. And then I need you to talk about sports betting on college this season
The preeminent source for all things College Hoops
The fact that Greg has continued to deliver quality content every day, even in the depths of the off-season speaks to his commitment to this show. This is, by far, the best source for college basketball news and analysis from a betters prospective.
Wow- the dedication!
This guy breaks down every game. Not some, not most... ALL. Pretty good info and a good listen if you need something sports betting related to listen too. Great work man.
Great content!
Great guest interviews from Vegas book keepers. In depth game break downs and analysis 👌🏽thank you Greg I appreciate you helping me catch up on college teams.
J Serna
Really good!
Truly appreciate the help on the Games I can’t decide on!
Garbage picks
The podcast is kind of funny, but the picks are absolute trash. I’ve lost thousands of $ ever since I started listening to this pod cast 3 weeks ago. You’re better off on your own.
Sports dooood
I’ve been waiting for a daily gambling podcast!!! This is awesome, listen everyday !
so time consuming with no winning picks. he doesn’t play action abviously. he must be a former womens mid level high school announcer. Embarrassed I can’t get that time back. how is he associated with VISN????
spartacus jackson
I listen every day. Great insight.
The man
Nobody works harder. I appreciate it. I listen everyday.!!!💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Very good
I’ll say nobody works harder than this guy
Excellent analysis and it’s free!
Sode Pop 4
This guy
Is brilliant
Greg brings it every single day. While the power schools get all the love, Greg breaks things down and goes in depth on every game every day. Wish more podcasts were this complete.
Most Complete Betting Podcast
Love hearing information on all 353 teams
Greg covers every game every day. There are about 15 teams I follow more than others(not power 5 schools, screw them) and I can get good information on them everyday. It is great to hear someone discuss in depth the teams I follow.
Great show
I wish I would have found this show back in November. I love college basketball, and enjoy taking in all the info. Thank you!
Nice podcast
Good podcast with good insight , prolly be way better if he broke down just a few games. Hitting at around 40% on that volume isn’t making money. This Saturday around 30%. Like the effort though.
The Loyola Marymount of podcast
I’m a recent subscriber to the PC Strong effort on every game, every day Greg breaks it down and makes you an expert on even the most obscure teams Great pronunciation on some of the most challenging names A money maker too! I’m taking the point and the under
3.5 hours?
I understand there are a lot of college bball games today but cmon man who in there right mind can spend 3+ hrs on a pod. This guy is good tho.
A wealth of College BB knowledge
Wow! 5 stars with every game on the board daily . Excellent info . Much thanks
My favorite basketball pod
I’m new to betting on college basketball and this is the best, most informative pod I have found. I work overnight so I make sure I download and listen as soon as it comes out
Just looking for info and...
Very impressed. No bias or mindless drivel just info with good, knowledgeable guests regarding teams and games covered...would highly recommend
fastforwarding when RJ talks
Awesome College Basketabll Podcasrt for Bettors
My first time listening to the podcast and I was very impressed by the knowledge that Greg shares. I would recommend all sports bettors who want to bet CBB to listen to this podcast if they want to make money betting CBB
A TON of info with little bias
Greg has been a great listen. His format is not unlike that of radio legend Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton: he presents the games/matchups and then analyzes them based on stats-- all leading to his betting picks... for entertainment purposes only, of course. thank you, Greg
Great info
Goes in depth on every game daily. Really helpful, especially on the mid majors.
I appreciate the time and effort you put in . Your knowledge and breakdowns of the card is priceless and you share it for free. I don’t care if play every game or not . It’s a tool I used to add to my handicapping arsenal. I don’t know any handicappers who are undefeated. At the end of the day I decide what I play . I also like the guest especially my man BMOC. I appreciate your time and efforts. Keep up the great work. Team winning Beat the bookies More info smarter plays
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Jr Duenas
The BEST CBB Gambling Podcast!
This podcast is great! My morning routine consists of Greg doing an AMAZING job of breaking down EVERY SINGLE GAME ON THE BOARD & my coffee. The man is insane when it comes to handicapping! He does is better than anyone else in the business & he should be proud of the work he puts out there! This podcast will be of great help going into March Madness. I really appreciate Greg taking time out of his day to give out free picks & drop straight fire handicaps on every game!
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Coach Sweat
Great Listen!
Greg is awesome. Extremely knowledgeable about college hoops, whether it’s a major conference team, or small school. Very impressed. I recently listened to an episode where he literally went over almost every game on a Saturday board! Unbelievable. Keep doing what you do Greg, and I hope your following continues to grow!
Greg Knows His Stuff
I’ve never heard someone so well versed and knowledgeable about college basketball in my life. This wiz kid knows the starting lineup of like every DI team and has tremendous recall.
Best Radio in America
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