Hoopin with Hoops:  The College Basketball Betting Show
Hoopin with Hoops: The College Basketball Betting Show
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Hand down best CBB betting breakdown.
Greg is unmatched in coverage, analysis and picks across the board in all of CBB. Unbelievable work in a tireless endeavor to cover every game, every team.
thanks for the fades with your fake lines, annoying loser
Could be great
He’s smart and knowledgeable. I would listen if he slowed down. It’s hard to take in, get into and quite frankly enjoy.
This man is amazing!
To anyone on here writing reviews about him talking too fast.. Have you seen this mans everyday schedule?! Capping every single college basketball game every single day, putting everything into a spreadsheet for his Twitter followers, AND doing a podcast breaking down EVERY single game! Not to mention he finds the time to run like 10 miles a day and keep up with a crazy meal plan. I honestly have no idea how he possibly keeps up with this every day but I guarantee if any of you were in his shoes you'd be talking fast too! This man is clearly someone who makes every second of his day count and I got nothing but praises for him! His picks are fire too, completely changed the game for me betting on college ball. I highly reccomend following his Twitter too
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Great Information!
Nobody gives more info and works harder than this guy. The ultimate podcast for college hoops! Thanks Greg!
Incredible podcast. Greg Peterson IS that dude! An absolute beast! Nobody in the business like this guy. A must listen everyday for any college basketball investor.
Taylor 48577
his picks terrible
his picks are terrible and he talks to fast
Format needs adjustment
Please slowwww down. And post your record
Hoops is the man! Podcast always ready to go first thing in the morning nobody works harder then Greg In the betting space
Great content and information I would love to listen to, but I can’t follow with him speaking so fast.
NCAA dead period and how it will affect recruits/transfer portal
Can you take some time out the podcast to talk about the ncaa dead period and how it is going to affect college basketball recruitment and also how this affects the transfer portal. Is the one time transfer portal thing passed yet and how will that work long term. Can you talk about the COVID delays this past week and how curricly it’s getting to the season ending with games need to be made up up do to delays of weather or covid. And how will the Ncaa tournament work this year.
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Hoopin’ with Hoops
Who exactly by name, if possible, drafts the Las Vegas rotation schedule, 2. How is the order established. 3. When(is it coordinated), where(what casino), is the 1st released copy and I’m asking the same question about the online release(for overseas BOnline seems to be first of overseas accounts) Lastly, does this same process work with write in games, feel free to add any crazy details or stories for entertainment purposes?
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G Unit is the man!
Hey Greg It’s me, George In Vegas. Just continuing to show my appreciation for all the hard work you put in trying to help others. I look forward to seeing if you will replicate this process with baseball and possibly KBO. Let’s have a good weekend bud!
Dj Lee-yo
Only capper to put a number on all games before the lines drop
Podcast should be called “Free Money from Greg Peterson”
Not 31 charachters
Amazing handicapper
Great depth analysis in college hoops, it doesn’t mean you bet every game but get the info you meed before you place your bets. Follow him in Twitter for questions you may have and great info he post as well.
Best in the Biz
The work he does speaks for itself. Up over 200 units this year and if you aren’t comparing your leans to his plays then you’re not doing it right
Great info but...
Greg has a bunch of great information and clearly has a ton to say about college basketball. There is just one problem, the presentation. Every episode seems like one long sentence and it’s as if Greg is rushing to finish the show. I can’t understand what he’s saying sometimes and I feel like there just isn't a ton of effort going into the presentation. If you enjoy this but would like a podcast that is easier to understand, I would recommend the Eye On College Basketball podcast because there is never enough college basketball in our lives😂🏀
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Best hoops podcast
Greg is the man! Nobody better!
Hoops is the best
Get ‘cast Greg... really enjoy it!
Definitely Greatful
I totally appreciate your effort and dedication on your podcast each and every day. I have done significantly better betting since I’ve found your show . Keep up the good work and I will share with anyone who needs your analysis!!!!!
This is the most in depth college basketball podcast out there. You can tell Greg gives everything he has for it and it is amazing!
Jimmy Bob Chitwood
Content Good - Delivery Bad
He obviously knows a ton about CBB and it is good info. However, the presentation needs a significant amount of improvement. The podcast seems like one, long run-on sentence and the monotone delivery is pretty brutal. Needs to slow-down, breathe, and make it sound like he is not reading the entire script. A little media-coaching could really help. If improved, I would consider re-subscribing because his knowledge and info is incredible.
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New Listener
Played 5 of your picks today and went perfect. SEMO had me sweating. Great analysis and organized show. Will be listening daily!
Best podcast out
Appreciate you taking time every single day to make picks on every single college basketball game. Not only do you make picks ATS but you also do totals which I LOVE. Keep on crushing it!
Great Show!!
This guy puts in the work! Thanks for the great show!
Next-level podcast!!
I’ve been listening to Hoops Peterson’s podcast for 3 seasons now. His in-depth knowledge of obscure teams is unparalleled. If you’re a serious college basketball bettor, this podcast is simply a must-listen.
Blueprint Sports Review
Can tell Greg works really hard on his craft and puts a lot of effort into his pod. Breakdowns/Recaps daily! This is huge and highly recommended to NCAAM B-ball enthusiasts and bettors.
Seth Blevins
Great job Hoops!
Congrats on great show.
In depth analysis on every game, not much more you can ask for. Best CBB podcast ive ever encountered
Hoopin Review
I have been listening to Greg -Hoopin with Hoops for app 3years. Don’t get to thermal retime reasons but it is simply incredible that this guy gets this done daily not sure how many people appreciate the level of effort/detail this show takes.in any case much appreciate Greg and all that he does. 5 star plus for sure. Rusty
keeps me ok track
This guy gives amazing, and accurate info on every team. You can build a personal Rolodex on every team!! This pod is a MUST-LISTEN everyday for me!! 5 stars...
The dude is on it
Thank you!
Charlie from Vermont
He does every game every day! He gives you his reason why he likes every bet he makes! Oh yeah I forgot HE DOES IT FOR FREE!
He unfortunately posts stale lines and doesn’t show any character in being honest and open with actual bet plays
Best NCAA College Basketball Podcast
Greg is extremely upbeat and thorough.
The preeminent source for all things College Hoops
The fact that Greg has continued to deliver quality content every day, even in the depths of the off-season speaks to his commitment to this show. This is, by far, the best source for college basketball news and analysis from a betters prospective.
Wow- the dedication!
This guy breaks down every game. Not some, not most... ALL. Pretty good info and a good listen if you need something sports betting related to listen too. Great work man.
Great content!
Great guest interviews from Vegas book keepers. In depth game break downs and analysis 👌🏽thank you Greg I appreciate you helping me catch up on college teams.
J Serna
Really good!
Truly appreciate the help on the Games I can’t decide on!
Garbage picks
The podcast is kind of funny, but the picks are absolute trash. I’ve lost thousands of $ ever since I started listening to this pod cast 3 weeks ago. You’re better off on your own.
Sports dooood
I’ve been waiting for a daily gambling podcast!!! This is awesome, listen everyday !
so time consuming with no winning picks. he doesn’t play action abviously. he must be a former womens mid level high school announcer. Embarrassed I can’t get that time back. how is he associated with VISN????
billy fraser
I listen every day. Great insight.
The man
Nobody works harder. I appreciate it. I listen everyday.!!!💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Very good
I’ll say nobody works harder than this guy
Excellent analysis and it’s free!
Sode Pop 4
This guy
Is brilliant
Greg brings it every single day. While the power schools get all the love, Greg breaks things down and goes in depth on every game every day. Wish more podcasts were this complete.
Most Complete Betting Podcast
Great show
I wish I would have found this show back in November. I love college basketball, and enjoy taking in all the info. Thank you!
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