Home Team with Sophie Julia
Home Team with Sophie Julia
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Broads should not be broadcasting
Stick to the kitchen instead of podcasts. Btw you stink as bad as your tampons I
Da gameboy89
One of my favorite pods to listen to. It’s super entertaining, easy and fun to listen to and very relatable. It’s like having girl chat with your besties.
Love this pod!!
This is honestly my first download every Thursday morning. Absolutely love this pod! These ladies know what they are talking about!! LISTEN TO THEM!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Enjoyable listen as a dude
As a dude, it’s an enjoyable easy listen on my Thursdays. Definitely enjoy when they bring some people on for interviews a little more because other perspectives are good, but just the two cohosts are still enjoyable on their own.
Dope and Authentic
Love the vibes. It’s authentic and true to their experience. Can’t ask for much more!
Why does anyone want to live through these girls? They live a life you will never know. Very unrelatable
dont drink coffee
Classy Not Toxic CHD
I hope more WAGs interviews are coming, I love those. But I love Sophie and Narod! Gives me wholesome Call Her Daddy vibes with two respectable and sane girls. Neither of which are trying to sabotage one another. Refreshing! 🥰
I subscribed to hear WAG interviews and those are now far and few between confused if the podcast is completely changing directions and if I should just unsubscribe
Ricki Parks
100% real & relatable
i love how the girls keep it real during their one-on-one conversations! the energy is so light & fun 😊 the sports interviews are also so interesting, for anyone just curious about someone’s life, especially that of a sports WAG! thanks for the super fun content ladies!!
So fun!
I love this podcast! It’s clear the girls have a true friendship and are funny and witty. Love episodes with guests and just the two of them.
Q&A No. 3
Another great show. I prefer a PG podcast, leaning a little towards R. I like it when you are “classy & flirty”.
Bob Harriss
Fan Girl AF
I love this Podcast so much! Sophie & Narod are def girls I’d wanna be friends with, everything they say is relatable 👌🏽 they cover a lot of topics for not only women but men too. When I first stumbled upon Home Team, I binged until I was caught up to the most recent episode. I now look forward to this every week. It’s my fav! ❤️ much love from your Central Valley (CA) fan girl.
So entertaining!
Listened to the podcast on a road trip and found it so entertaining! Love Sophie’s radio voice - beautiful inside and out 😘
Screw this chick. Jersey chaser. Just wants attention and acts like a complete idiot on IG all day during a global pandemic.
hdjdnbfjs sksusbffn
Sophie might be the worst podcast host on planet earth.
Amazingly vapid.
I thought this was a parody at first. It’s not. Yikes.
Every time Sophie talks a person losses brain cells. It’s just as cringeworthy as her other 5 attempts at making a relevant podcast in hopes Barstool will bring her back.
Love the synergy bw Narod and Sophie
Great work ladies. enjoyed listening to the episodes
I love this podcast, Narod is my favorite part shes super funny / lit. Great for guys and girls
Love this podcast
The interviews are great and i love Sophie and Narod’s real,relatable, funny conversations!!
Worlds best podcast
Wow! I love this podcast so much! Can’t wait for more episodes 🤗
Not just a pretty face
Sophie and Narod have great vibes, and this show brings you behind the curtain to hear from the unsung heroes of all Pro Sports teams and athletes. The women they love.
Just What I Needed!
I’ve been following Sophie Julia for a long time, and I’m a big fan of her online personality. I listened to her last podcast here and there, but I’m seriously loving the concept of this pod! Being a huge sports fan, it’s fun to hear inside the minds of the wives and girlfriends of the players I admire! Sydney Esiason Martin as the first guest was perf, and I’m looking forward to many more episodes! I feel like Carly Zucker or Molly Bozak would be fun interviews (if possible in the future!) Anyways, keep up the good work! I’m definitely excited for this one!
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Sophie is the best, so entertaining, funny and keeps it 💯!
Queen Nef
Seems like it’s just another way for Sophie to brag about who she knows but I’ll probably still listen.
Love Sophia and was first skeptical about the premise of this podcast but omg I am obsessed. Highly recommend!
So excited
This first ep was amazing! I’m so ready to hear more stories from WAGs. Can’t wait for the next!
fashion gal1234
YESSSSS!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
SOOO GOOD!!!!! Been waiting for this!!!!
Cmon, you didn’t see this coming?
Aaron’s Comp
Love her!
Obsessed with Sophie and love the idea of this pod! She slays!
Liz Rapp
The Content We’ve All Been Waiting For
Can’t wait for this!! Finally, the content we’ve all wanted and NEEDED!
Nicole Antonucci
Sounds amazing can’t wait for this !!!
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