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29. Are You Receiving the Sacrament of Your Marriage?
26 minutes Posted Jun 9, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

The Covid-Quarantined life has given us SO MUCH time to sit around and think deep thoughts. And as we have heard the repeated lament of how difficult it is to be “cut off from the Sacraments” - that got us thinking! As married persons, being stuck at home all the time with our spouse and family, we may not have had the Eucharist or Reconciliation, but there was one Sacrament we could receive every day: the Sacrament of marriage.

So today we’re going to dive into what it means to live and receive the Sacrament of marriage daily!

Reflection Questions:

Here are the questions Tim recommends for diving into how the pandemic has presented challenges to marriage, and how you can overcome those challenges.

  1. What is your ideal of marriage? What is the reality of marriage? And where do those two perspectives differ?
  2. What about the pandemic has made your marriage more stressful? And how can that information help you to strengthen your marriage in the future?
  3. Has this pandemic revealed any weaknesses in your marriage? We all have them. What are you going to do to overcome your own weaknesses, and respond to your spouse’s weaknesses with charity?
  4. Having been locked out of so many things, what do you now realize you can live without? And once you know that, how can you and your spouse redirect resources like time, energy, and money to better serve each other?


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