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16. Making it Through Mass With Kids
32 minutes Posted Mar 10, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

Today we chat about how to make it through the Mass with kids.

I know that sounds dire, but as parents we all have those days - especially when our kids are little! - when it seems that all that we can do is make. it. through. the Mass.

We want to share our tips to help you get through Mass, and hopefully to help you find more peace and reverence when attending Mass with your kids.

Tim reminds us that it's more important to make it TO MASS than to make it THROUGH MASS. And he has some great advice for adjusting your attitude to bring you more peace as you manage Mass with kids.

Sara has some practical tips and tricks to have up your sleeve when attending Mass with littles.


This episode is sponsored by Annunciation Designs! Check out the shop and the amazing products at AnnunciationDesigns.com. Today, we feature the Future Saint Activity Cards - a perfect thing to bring to Mass for your littles.

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