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Hollywood Raw Podcast
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Nice Insights!
Thanks guys for always bringing different perspectives on various pop culture topics!
Breck Bella
Incredible Podcast!
You guys are KILLING it! I absolutely love your podcast. You always ask the questions we want to know. I have to say this is the first podcast where I don’t mind listening to the advertisements as you guys are absolutely hilarious. And Dax,,your laugh is infectious. I love it!! Thank you for all of the humor the bring to the podcast as it’s uplifting and brightens our day.
Cheryl Christodoulou
Pop culture binge
I just listened to ten of your episodes, yes you read this correctly, TEN. You guys are killing it! I’ve enjoyed the range of guests, from journalists, bodyguards and of course influencers / pop culture celebs. Everyone has a story to tell and I really enjoy the format. Signed, your newest NJ fan, Norah Loves Makeup on Instagram
Two bros on zoom
Poor sound quality on several episodes. The episode with Kelly Clarkson was incomprehensible. Maybe a podcast interview with a man accused of sexual assault is not for me. I suppose it's easy to look past that if he’s your 'buddy'
Emily Ritter
with the way these hosts talk, you would think they were aliens dropped down on earth and forced to do a podcast about celebrities. everything about the way they make conversation is a bit off. one of the strangest podcasts i’ve encountered.
5 stars
I love Adam
So good!
Love this show. The guys are great interviewers!
NEVVVVER PUT DOWN KUWTK. Y’all should’ve kept this to yourselves.
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So good
Came here for the Larsa interview but left with a Kenny Santucci interview!!!! Great job guys. Love it!
Great podcast with the one and only Bryce Hall! Your has been the best so far with him !
Forever a follower
Don’t skip this pod!
These guys nail it every week! Great commentary! Amazing guests! And even better stories!! They Thanks guys!! Keep up the great work!
Favorite podcast!!
They ask the best questions
Glad I tuned in
I just tuned in and am so happy I did. Hollywood Raw is entertainment with substance!
Golden Oro
Don’t miss the commercials!
Fun and entertaining interviews but don’t fast forward the commercials! I was mowing my lawn- I had to stop- fell to my knees laughing so hard at Dax and Adam talking about man care- shaving down under. Hope you guys keep the entertaining podcast and commercials up!🤣🤣🤣
Ally Brooke Interview
The Ally Brooke interview was the first podcast I could actually sit through out of any podcast ever.Great Interview!!!
Definitely one of the best. Doing research for a school project about life in Hollywood and i’m so glad I found this podcast. You guys are genuinely so funny and always bring on amazing guest. Keep up the good work guys. :)
You’re killing it Adam. Great guests keep it up!
Hollywood Insiders Dream
Hands down the BEST podcast for taking listeners into the raw uncensored world of Hollywood. Dax & Adam’s years of unparalleled professionalism, and passion for Hollywood shines through in each episode.
turning dreams into reailty
Thank you
I drive hundreds of miles a day and podcasts are my best friend. Love, love all your interviews and commentary. So refreshing and fun. I look forward to listening every week. Thanks for doing what you all do!
Sports Queen 24
Love love
Great podcasts I look forward to it every week. Thank you
I love this podcast! Dax and Adam are the perfect duo. It’s fun and informative. Im also obsessed with Dax’s laugh! 🤣❤️ This podcast always puts a smile on my face even during this crazy time in this world. Thank you!!
Thoroughly enjoying the juicy conversations and relaxed vibe of your podcast. Especially loved your chat with Ben Wiidicombe. Can’t wait to read his book now.
Hollywood Raw is EVERYTHING
The addicting podcast you’ve been looking for... the best mix of celeb interviews, experts in the business giving juicy info you can’t read in the tabloids and two paps sharing the craziest interactions (or even friendships) with some of the biggest stars.
Jt stripes
Great Interviews!
Love the interviews every week - especially wtih reality stars!!
The convo flows, the Tea is real, and the banter is great. Easy listening. I love when Wednesday comes and I get to see who the interview is with. Keep up the good work guys 🍻cheers
Love it!
You guys are great! I happen stubble upon you guys recently, and I have loved going back listening to other episodes. I love your ability to speak to your guests in a way that it feels like a conversation, not an interview! Keep up the great job!
Holiday sipper
Binge worthy!!
I LOVE this podcast. What a delicious, delightful discovery, and so many episodes to unravel! It’s binge worthy. I’m looking forward to many many happy hours together. ❤️❤️
This Podcast Spills the Best Tea
You guys get the best guests and the interview is always so juicy but without the awkwardness other hosts seem to create. So happy to listen to a podcast where the controversial guests aren’t being bullied. This makes them divulge so much tea and I live for it!
Saved my Quarantine!!
Guys!! This is exactly what I’ve needed to stay sane! You’re So relatable but fearless. I’m a long time listener of Adam and I love Dax’s positive approach to things. They’re a perfect pair to listen to! You won’t ever be bored, you’ll always be hearing current topics and it’s JUICY!!
Longtime friend of Adam. I absolutely love this podcast and I am so happy to watch your continual success.
Fun listen!
Great interviews with interesting guests. Happy to have found this entertaining content. Thank you Dax and Adam!
Great show!! Thanks so much for entertaining during this hard time. You guys are amazing!
My new Fav- I'm all caught up ☹️
My new favorite podcast! I'm disappointed that I'm all caught up now but I'm looking forward to every episode you bring! Thanks guys!
Great interview with Kristen Doute! Was so happy to hear her voice & know how she/Stassi are handling everything.
Hollywood Tea
Stumbled upon this podcast and it is great. Spills hollywood tea without being gossipy. Loves it!
Enjoying your podcast and the guests you are interviewing. They are actually more in-depth and interesting than I expected. Your questions help bring out tidbits that we may not have known or heard before. Keep up the good work!! Beth - Dayton, Minnesota
Fired Vanderpump People 🙄
I guess it’s possible for a podcast to Jump the Shark......
Enjoying your podcast
Found you from Dean Cain’s twitter page! Enjoy listening to you. Looking forward to listening to more of them.
Great podcast
Great in depth interviews without the drama
Dax & I go wayyyyy back! 😂
Dax & Adam are so fun! Adam has a knack for asking the questions in which everyone wants to know the answer. So “”raw”!!! I loved Dax on the Pat & JT show. I was so excited to hear about this podcast. Thanks for entertaining me while doing my nightly walks. ❤️
Great listen!
Great podcast, both Adam and Dax are very easy to listen to, off the cuff conversations with all types of guest and they keep the flow going and don’t sound scripted . Keep it up guys !
Skeet ⭐️
Thanks Guys!
Thanks for teaming up with Autograph City! Heard about the podcast from their Facebook page! Look forward to more of your podcasts! May the odds be ever in your favor!
Entertainment while driving
I'm a paramedic and while the current events in the world make it not so enjoyable to go into work, this podcast is so entertaining and interesting. I listen to Dax and Adam on my way to work and I find myself every time laughing, learning and entertained. Their Podcast is the best, and not to mention you get all the latest scoop on all the celebs. Thanks for making each week a little better ! Ktallred
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The Bill Engvall interview was my favorite so far!! He’s my fav!!
Good Content But Fix Audio Issues
I just started listening to your podcast recently and enjoy the content, but one of you keeps having audio issues with echoing. I’ve tried stopping and restarting the app but it appears to be on your end. I’ve listened to at least three podcasts that have had this issue. Listening to Larry Ling interview and it happens within first 10 minutes.
OMG... Finally
Dax and Adam just have a fresh new way of talking to these celebs, so tired of all the other shows and their pandering to guests. Keep it up Adam, Stephanie F. From Connecticut Farms
A. Sniterbauer
Soooo gooooooo
I love this podcast so much!! Dax and Adam ask the best questions and get such good info out of their guests. Totally recommend!!
Sooo entertaining!!
Love this podcast!! I am a new listener and I can’t get enough! I already listen to too many things but I find myself trying to binge yours whenever I can! I want to listen to it all
Adam & Dax, baby
Love these guys. Great shows every time out. Read my review on your show please. This old school gamer loves ya!!!!
It's TC, Everybody
Love from Louisiana
I Love You Guys!!!!
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