Hollywood Cats Podcast
Hollywood Cats Podcast
Holly Meowy & Mark Rollings
We talk cats! Cat stories, cat health, cat grooming and all things cats. Your Hollywood Cats are Holly Meowy (Two and a Half Men, Big Brother, Nip/Tuck) and Cat Daddy, Mark Rollings.
Teaching cats to smuggle drugs.  It happened!  Also, Covid travel with your furry one, and cat of the week, Venus, a beautiful cat with a split color down her face.
Teaching cats can be tricky, but getting them to smuggle contraband into prison, somehow they did it in Sri Lanka.  Also, cats would rather stay home, but if you insist on taking them on vacation, we have some great tips.  Lastly, meet Venus,  she is a Chimera, with two completely different colors going straight down her face.
Aug 11
15 min
Cute, yet deadly carnivorous kittens!  African black-footed kittens hit the zoo.  Also, that flab that hangs from your cat.  What is it?
The African black-footed cat is very unique, but super cute!  Primordial Pouch.  That is what hangs from most older cats, and it's not necessarily fat, but serves a purpose.  Holly explains, and tells us about our featured cat, Atchoum The Cat.  Atchoum has werewolf syndrome and is frankly adorable!
Jul 28
13 min
One dapper, furry fellow, Cornelius Cornbread is the latest feline rage on Instagram.  Holly tells us all about him.  Plus, men with cats in their dating profile.  Not good!
Mr. Cornelius Cornbread is the latest internet cat rage, sporting what appears to be grey eyebrows, but it is really just an illusion.  Regardless, he's pretty darn cute! Also, men with cats in their dating profile, appear to the majority of women as not so masculine.  Holly agrees...and she's a major cat lover!
Jul 11
15 min
This cat, Quincy, loves Danny DeVito, or at least his picture.  Also, remember your dearly departed feline, with clothing made from their fur!
We all know cats love the box the toy comes in, more than the actual toy, but a cut-out of Danny DeVito?  Yep, this cat loves her Danny companion.  Also, clothing knitted from your cat's fur and jewelry made from their remains.  A unique twist on remembering your fur baby, with their fur.
Jun 25
13 min
One way to pass time in this pandemic, marry your cat.  One guy kind of did just that!.  Also, how to properly have a cat conversation.
Show your true feline love, and marry that cat.  A Santa Monica man came up with a quite creative way to raise money for charity and show his true love for his fur ball.  Also, cats make some funny noises and Holly fills us in on, what are they saying to me?!
Jun 11
15 min
One cat body, two cat heads.  The story of this very unique kitten, plus details on dealing with cats in heat, this Hollywood Cats Podcat!
It's very rare, but what a find in your newborn litter; a 2 headed kitten.  One head eats, while the other meows.  Also, springtime is kitten season.  Holly gives some interesting details about detecting cats in heats, what to do when they are, and how to comfort mamma cat.
May 31
17 min
Fred Willard, great actor and cat lover, RIP.  Bored?  Why not teach your cat fetch.  Cat fetch export, Holly Meowy, has step by step instruction!
We lost Fred Willard this month.  Many knew him from Best in Show, Anchorman and many great roles in film and TV.  Not everyone knew that he is a cat lover.  Holly met him and shares her experiences.  Also, teaching cats, tricks.  It's fun and great to kill some time.
May 17
19 min
Cats bond with their humans, better than dogs?  New evidence says, yes!  Attention, crazy cat ladies.  It's ok!  We have proof.
Cat owners know that their cats are, frankly, pretty amazing.  We have an amazing rapport with our fur balls, so step aside dogs!  Also, new evidence applauds the crazy cat lady.  Finally the acknowledgement you deserve!
May 6
13 min
Are you kitten me?!  Spring is kitten season and Covid 19 is to blame for a record number needing homes.  Also, cat breeds that are low allergy.
Among the unexpected fallout from Covid 19, a shortage of people to help reduce the kitten population, hence a LOT OF KITTENS.  Also, attention, those that want a furry friend, but have allergy issues.  We share a list of breeds that are low on the sneeze scale.
Apr 29
19 min
Talking Kitty creator, Steve Cash passes.  He will be missed!  Also, viruses your feline buddy CAN get.  Holly explains what to look out for.
Over 700,000 people have enjoyed Steve Cash's super creative cat videos, featuring his cranky black cat Sylvester.  RIP, Steve!  Also, in the midst of Covid-19, we shine the light on some serious viruses that affect mostly cats.
Apr 18
17 min
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