Holding Court with Geno Auriemma
Holding Court with Geno Auriemma
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Good listen and insightful
More then a coach
Very entertaining and thought provoking episodes with a wide range of guests from many different professions. Shows Geno’s intelligence and sense of humor. Excellent every time
Great diversity of guests and subjects
I'm not sure that there are a ton of coaches who could sound as comfortable and informed talking to John Calipari and Seth Davis, as they would talking to former Natural Security Advisor and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Geno Auriemma has created what I find to be a fascinating podcast, covering a variety of subjects with a wide range of people. I hope he is enjoying doing it, so he keeps it up for a long time! Whether you are a sports fan or just interested in good conversation, I highly recommend adding Holding Court to your list.
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I love this man
After listening to this podcast, I’m a fan for life.
Great listen!!
I enjoy the diversity of guests and topics. Coach Auriemma has an interesting view of the world and asks insightful questions of his guests. Looking forward to hearing more.
Love It!
Geno is the BEST! This podcast is absolutely a must-listen! :)
Fun to listen to! Great guests.
Spider run
Enjoying it very much
Grab a beverage of choice....
Grab a beverage of your choice, find a comfortable chair and enjoy the next 60+ minutes of conversation with Geno and his guests. He has an interesting way of disarming who is talking to and it turns out to enjoyable, stimulating and funny.
NYWF 1939
Needs to Improve Technically
Coach is surprisingly engaging as a podcast host. Really has technical issues and the ads are obnoxious.
Eldrick episode
Great interview with Tiger that was about a lot more than golf. This is on its way to being a great pod.
Script flipped
Coach did a pretty good job on the other end of the mike. Good interview.
So great!! Tiger woods on a podcast!
Wow i subscribed just because I heard Tiger Woods did an interview and i HAD to listen. I dont think i’ve ever heard Tiger do a podcast so this is huge
Good stuff
Geno AKA Luigi is an insightful guy. Interesting conversations.
James Throckmartin 7
Was great on Pardon My Take
The ABC????
D Agosto
Best coach ever
Loved the little I heard!
I wouldn't exect anything less! The best there is...
Connecticut hates you and your ridiculous salary when you run a constant money losing enterprise. You add nothing of value and have ruined connecticuts budget without even being able to get uconn into the abc. U also abused your relationship with espn so pat summit hated u