Hold Up
Hold Up
Jon, Colin and Brent
The Ring (2002)
50 minutes Posted Oct 25, 2020 at 11:11 am.
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Show notes

In 2002, Gore Verbinski made one of the prettiest remakes ever with the supernatural horror film The Ring. Originally a Japanese film based on a trilogy of novels by Koji Suzuki, The Ring featured legend Bryan Cox and Naomi Watts who was fresh off her first notable film, Mulholland Drive, solidifying her as a leading lady with some box office pull. In The Ring, journalist Rachel investigates the death of her niece and hears about a videotape that causes the death of anyone who watches it 7 days later. Harnessing the power of telemarketers, the videotape knows the phone number wherever you area and confirms your 7-day schedule, which is filled with visions, dreams, bloody noses, flies in/on television screens, and eventually, stretch face. This movie has two creepy kids and was made for a budget of $48M, and walked out with nearly $250M in the box office, and received some positive reviews along with plans for some shitty sequels. But does it hold up?  Listen as Jon, Colin and Brent watch the tape and then decide on whether they will try to save their own lives so they can praise this scary movie, or if they start counting the days to welcome a wet stretchy death from a creepy well girl.