Hold Up
Hold Up
Jon, Colin and Brent
28 Days Later
55 minutes Posted Sep 27, 2020 at 11:00 am.
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Show notes

In 2002, director Danny Boyle dipped his toe into the horror genre and released 28 Days Later, starring Cillian Murphy, Naomi Harris, Christopher Eccleston, and Brendan Gleeson. This zombie but not-zombie flick opens up with some amazing shots as Cillian Murphy (Jim) wakes from his hospital bed with no one in sight and walks through an eerily empty and desolate London. Soon enough, he stumbles upon some infected and is rescued by a couple of survivors, and so Jim and his new friends must now work together to escape the hoards and find a way to survive in this new dangerous world. Made for ~$8 million this flick brought in around $85 million globally, received many accolades, and scared the absolute shit out of a generation. But, does it hold up? Listen in as Jon, Colin, and Brent put up the barricades and determine if this one eats our brains or our time.